155 Cool Anchor Tattoo Designs And Its Meanings

Anchor Tattoo History

Back in the day, the anchor was a thing with Christian or Catholic concepts, acting as a symbol of reliance, hope, and a strong, unshakable faith in the hopes that their souls will be saved when they die and go to heaven. Anchors were meant to be a secret replacement for the Christian cross, and to be a connection between huge bodies of water and Jesus, who did plenty of his miracles while voyaging through the sea with his apostles. Later on, the anchor becomes a well-known sign of the Christian people, and eventually to seafarers, navy personnel and sailors whose main job deals with them crossing through the ocean.

But it wasn’t until the 1900s when the anchor tattoos concept became popular. Obviously, sailors and marines were the first people to get them, as a tribute to their love of the sea and ocean. A sailor that successfully navigates through the Atlantic Ocean’s treacherous depths will often get an anchor tattoo to represent this huge accomplishment, so those who wore anchor tattoos meant that they were savvy seafarers. Then eventually, the Marines and the Navy started to wear the same tattoo designs as well, due to their association with the sea. Oftentimes they would pair up an image of a boat or ship or their outfits with an anchor tattoo on their body. And these men put their tattoos with a sense of pride and nationalism.anchor-tattoos




Types Of Anchor Tattoo Designs

Anchor tattoos grew in popularity not just with men, but with the ladies as well. In fact, it is a highly common tattoo design even until now, and it’s not really surprising that this is so. One of the reasons why it has become so popular is because of the fact that its design is both stylish and simple to look at. A lot of women acquire anchor tattoos because it’s both classy and chic at the same time.

  • Infinity anchor tattoo – Because of this tattoo design, each one carries a duo meaning. An anchor represents passion, strength, and determination, among all of the other positive traits. Meanwhile, the infinity symbol represents something that is endless, or goes on an eternal loop. And because of this, this tattoo idea can depict how the person who wears this always stays strong no matter what the circumstances are, and will stay rigid no matter the obstacle they encounter. This combination is very common amongst anchor tattoo ideas, and one can also use it to depict love.
  • Pocket watch anchor tattoo – Sometimes life can just be challenging and too much to bear for you. An anchor tattoo can give you lots of sunshine and positive vibes all around. This tattoo can serve as a reminder that you have to hold on tight through both the good times and the bad ones.
  • Anchor tattoo with flowers on the arm – Take a closer look at this particular tattoo design. This tattoo is the best for ladies, since it’s classy, gentle, but still bears a downright impressive look and feel. And what’s more, this is a lovely combination of both power and masculinity symbolized by the anchor, and femininity or being gentle and refined, which is what the flowers represent.
  • Globe, eagle, and anchor tattoo combo – This design is actually a variant of the US Marine Corps logo. You can find three varying symbols in this particular tattoo design – The first one is the globe, which symbolizes North and South America. However, it also means that the wearer is willing to serve their country. The eagle is the second emblem of this tattoo. As everyone knows, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. Finally, the anchor itself is a sign of the honor of being a part of the US Marine Corps.
  • Little hope anchor tattoo – An anchor tattoo serves as a beacon of hope for the soul. This is an adorable tattoo that comes with a scroll ribbon, which serves as a great example of staying simple, but carrying a strong and meaningful design. This design is perfect for both men and women.
  • Heart anchor tattoos – This is a tattoo design that shows off a loving side of the person who wears it. Getting this tattoo means that you are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the people you love. It also represents compassion towards anyone or anything. Oftentimes, the image of a heart bore into by an anchor in the middle can show off your determination to sacrifice and give up anything for love.
  • Modern rustic anchor tattoo – This doesn’t fit in the same category as a ‘cute’ tattoo, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. Even though the outlines here look very sharp, the rope, which forms in the shape of a heart represents love and kindness hidden deep inside that strong character.



Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Sailors and seafarers are usually the ones who do anchor tattoos on their bodies. But during the ancient periods, the humble anchor was a dominant secret symbol of Christianity and Catholicism. Early Christians made the most of the anchor symbol to prevent themselves from persecution and being grab hold of by the Roman empire. As a whole, the anchor purpose is to symbolize salvation, hope, serenity, composure, and having a steadfast attitude. Lately, it has come to mean many different things: Members of the US Navy, for instance, will sometimes acquire this tattoo design after they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. For seafarers, an anchor represents having a strong foundation and stability. Anchor tattoos can carry all sorts of different meanings for all sorts of different people.

Acquiring a tattoo is a genuine form of art and self-expression. Even though there are plenty of people out there who cannot appreciate the aesthetic and purpose of tattoos, plenty of artists do know that getting one is a lovely experience, especially since you’re placing a design on your body that tells your own life story.

Not only have these anchor tattoos got so much popularity amongst men, but in women as well. These tattoos have become a commonly-used design by professional tattoo artists, and this isn’t really a surprise. One of the reasons why anchor tattoos are so popular is because the design is both stylish yet simple. A lot of ladies actually like getting anchor tattoos on their bodies, just because it bears a chic and sassy look and feel.

An anchor tattoo design is one that has completely stood the test of time, and is still one of the most recognizable maritime symbols around. Anchor tattoos have always been loved by both sailors and seafarers, male or female. Members of the Navy, along with the Marines, are two of the most common groups who love to get or don anchor tattoos or any marine or seafaring-related tattoo on their bodies. However, anchors do have a history that go way beyond tattoos. In fact, this is a symbol that has been there for so many centuries.

Even though an anchor is often thought with seafaring and sea voyages, it is also connected with Christianity. Early Christians have made use of the anchor as a replacement for the Christian cross, especially when hunted down and persecuted by Roman soldiers. During the Roman empire, Christians spent most of their lives living in hidden parts of the city to prevent from being captured. They used secret symbols – Including the anchor – To represent the cross, so there won’t be any symbolism of the religion, and only other Christians may be able to recognize it.


Ideal Placement Of An Anchor Tattoo

There’s a whole assortment of anchor art tattoo designs for you to pick from. Some of them are large, some of them are small, some of them come in black and white, some come in different colours, some are simple, while others are comprehensive and detailed. An anchor tattoo design can show off the artist’s creativity, especially if they themselves have built this look. You can put these tattoos on several other body parts, and what’s great is that they fit both men and women. The positioning of your tattoo depends on how large or small the size is, as well as the details.

An anchor tattoo in itself can already catch people’s attention, but placing it above the right spot can fully emphasize the design and even allows it to stand out twice as much. Women love getting anchor tattoos on the side of their neck, just right below their ears. This is also the best idea for young people who are about to get their very first tattoos. And even though it’s not really that important to hide away your tattoo (unless you work in a career that requires formality) it would still be a good idea to place it in an area where you can cover it up if necessary.

Some of the most common areas to put an anchor tattoo in are the chest area, the back, the arms, the wrists, the ankles, the fingers, the shoulders, and the back of your hand. There are no limitations in regards to the area of placement. And yet a second good spot in which you can place an anchor or any other Navy-inspired tattoo is at the back, right below the shoulders. This area of the body is perhaps the best place for those who enjoy wearing sleeveless shirts or tank tops. It looks very stylish and lovely when you place your anchor tattoo there. And you can further emphasize the beauty of the design when you happen to have really good shoulders.

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How To Prepare for an Anchor Tattoo Session

Check to see if your skin is in great condition before you head on over to the shop of your choice. Keeping your skin supple for at least one week or two before the appointment can ensure that your skin stays smooth and supple, making it easy for your artist to work.

Never drink any alcohol on the night before your appointment. Getting a tattoo while nursing a hangover not only will make you feel terrible, but the amount of alcohol inside your blood will still be on an elevated level from the previous night’s activities. These additional levels inside your bloodstream can thin it out, causing twice the amount of bleeding during the tattooing session itself – And obviously, this is never a good thing. And what’s more, it’s against the law for a professional artist to give a tattoo to someone who they believe is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Keep yourself hydrated. Guzzling down loads and loads of water on the weeks or days before the appointment happens not only helps keep your skin nourished and moisturized, but it also helps you feel more energetic and alert.

Get lots of sleep on the night before your appointment. Just imagine how horrible it must feel to sit still through four or five hours of getting a tattoo, while your body only runs on a few hours of sleep. Get at least a full eight hours of rest before the session. And what’s more, stepping inside a tattoo shop feeling lethargic can result in you feeling fidgety and grumpy throughout the whole thing, which can actually affect your artist’s performance and the final look of the tattoo.


Are Anchor Tattoos Painful?

Apart from the usual spots, the two other places which are most likely to hurt to get a tattoo on are the forehead and your fingertips. That’s because these two areas are the same spots where you can find some very sensitive pain neurons. Even getting a very detailed tattoo can feel uncomfortable when the artist does them in spots like the stomach or the back.

A lot of tattoo shops will set up a minimum pricing for their clients and will mostly base the final price of the tattoo depending on how big or small it is, or the amount of time it takes to finish it. Some artists will set up a time limit during the session to stop the clients from feeling too much discomfort. The maximum time for a tattoo session can go up to three or four hours. The artist can split it into different sessions in case the design is way too big or required great attention.

After the tattooing session is over, the pain could last for a couple of hours, with bruises forming around your tattoo. And if you continue to experience pain over the next few days, and if your tattoo starts to look swollen and feels warm to the touch, then see the doctor right away because it can be a sign of an infection.


Frequently Asked Questions About Anchor Tattoos

  • Is getting a tattoo painful?

Yes it is! No matter where you place it, getting a tattoo done is downright painful. This is because tattooing will require the application of a type of pigment located beneath the very first layer of your skin. So the bigger your tattoo is, the longer it’s going to take to complete. This also means that smaller tattoos can hurt more in comparison to bigger ones. However, you must also keep in mind that people won’t get themselves a second or third tattoo if the first one didn’t hurt as much.

  • How much does a tattoo really cost?

Everything will all depend on so many factors, including the complexity of the design, the size of your tattoo, and where you place it on your body. The standard price for a medium-sized tattoo begins at thirty bucks, and only goes up from there. Keep in mind though that you will get whatever it is you paid for, and you only have one chance to get that ink done. So do the right thing and visit a professional artist who knows how to do their job.

  • Will your tattoo fade right away?

Plenty of professional artists only use the finest pigments and inks for their tattoos. These tattoo pigments and inks are very expensive and difficult to find in ordinary stores. If you get a tattoo using the best quality inks, then your tattoo is guaranteed to stay bright and visible for the longest time.

  • Can I bring in my own tattoo design?

You can bring in any image that you want in the shop as an inspiration, and your artist will do the rest. You may also get the option to pick from a tattoo flash that the artist has made previously. But if you have already deciding beforehand on the design you want, its always an excellent idea. Just be sure to include as many details as possible when talking to your artist about a customized design.

anchor tattoo design

Average Service Cost For Getting An Anchor Tattoo

Any other questions regarding the price of your tattoo are actually very difficult to answer. Those whose answers leads to it depends on. Nevertheless tattoo artist, since they know exactly what their client wants for the tattoo design, and provide cost per session or hourly basis. And even then, it’s still very hard to provide their clients with the correct answer regarding the price of their tattoo, until everything is put on the table.

An anchor tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to carry a comprehensive and detailed design. But it still requires plenty of time to complete, especially if you’re going for a complex look. In case you want to get an anchor tattoo with loads of different colors, then your artist could end up charging you for more than just the standard service fee. Oftentimes, a customized anchor tattoo measuring 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width can carry a price of at least fifty to one hundred bucks. But this all depends on your current location.

The cost of an anchor tattoo all depends on the time and size. So a tinier anchor tattoo can only cost several hundred bucks. A smaller tattoo looks great on a woman’s body. In fact, girls will often get smaller tattoo than larger ones. Small tattoos are cute, but the beauty of the design also depends on where you place it on the body.

An artist will usually charge their clients around an hour worth of cash just for the planning alone. So if they ask you to pay $100 per hour for a tattoo, then this could potentially be what the final design will cost you, in case you ask your artist to build a custom. But of course, the tattoo rates do vary in between the shops and artists of your choice. But be careful – If your artist keeps creating custom designs for you and you keep asking them to make changes to your design, then they could ask you for some additional cash to cover up the extra costs.

Anchor Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Caring for a brand new tattoo right after you get it done allows it to heal as fast as possible and keep it looking vibrant even decades later. Do not touch the gauze or bandage that your artist has placed on top of your new ink for up to a full day, before you can gently remove it. Once that’s over, wash your tattoo using a mild, unscented antibacterial soap and lukewarm water, then lightly pat the skin dry using a paper towel. When you keep your skin all cleaned up and moisturized, protect it from the harsh sunlight and resist picking on the scabs as it heals up, your tattoo will come out looking very lovely in the end.

Make sure to listen to your artist’s advice on how to maintain your tattoo. They will tell you how to properly take care of a brand new tattoo as soon as you get it, so listen to their instructions carefully. The way that they bandage your new tattoo might just be different from how the other artists do it, so follow their advice so your tattoo can heal correctly.


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