155+ Cute and Meaningful Angel Tattoos for Men and Women

Origin Of Angel Tattoos

The term ‘angel’ originates from the Latin word ‘angelus’, which literally means ‘messenger of god’. The standard angel figure in most cases connects to a person’s own spirituality and religion. However, the same tattoo design can also symbolize earthly sentiments, such as anger, romance, or even negative thoughts like doubt. An angel works as a envoy between the earth and the heavens, and holds an important spot in plenty of religions. And even before they became the subject of body art, you could find angels in hundreds of sculptures and paintings, decorating homes, churches, as well as museums from around the globe.

Plenty of early Christian books have actually described angels in full details, even theorizing that there are various types of them in heaven. Each hierarchy of angels is in charge of a particular task. All in all, the entire hierarchy of angels referred to as The Angelic Choir, is the popular one. But contrary to their depictions in art, they look vastly different from the beings who continuously sing praises and possess an otherworldly beauty. The ancient texts mention that The Angelic Choir has the following hierarchies: The Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Ophanim, the Virtues, and lastly, the Archangels.

So many angels have made countless appearances in the Bible – Some of them have names, while most of them don’t. Angels feature in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Thanks to this, a lot of the art and illustrations about angels were often based after how many books decribe them. Meanwhile, in regards to tattoo depictions, you could draw these angels with ethereal features, or as innocent babies with an accompanying symbol.

Angels in art are always so wonderful to look at, no matter if they are an Archangel, a Cherubim, or even a fallen angel. The idea of drawing angels as tattoo designs are so popular, and well-loved by so many people.


Types Of Angel Tattoo Ideas

Floating angel with an accompanying diamond chain – This is a lovely female angel drawn rising up to the heavens while her wings spread out wide and open, a trail of sparkling diamonds following her. Having to draw diamonds underneath the angel’s wings, as well as above her head, provides the viewer with a lovely symbolism about the power and pure energy that these supernatural beings hold.

  • Angel wing with heart tattoo – Angel wings come in so many depictions. Some of the more popular designs for an angel wing tattoo include encircling a certain person’s name with an accompanying heart right in the center of the wings, which represents their own persona. You can draw it with a material item meant to describe the wearer’s traits while they were still living on earth, placed right in the middle of the wings. For example, you might want to pick an angel wing tattoo in a particular style which symbolizes your own ancestral history, or the ancestral history of the person in the tattoo. These include angel wings as they are common in photos and images coming from a gallery or a native country.
  • Cupid tattoo, baby angel tattoo, and cherub tattoo – Even though the Bible states that the usual role of the Cherubim is to protect and guard humans, a lot of them are as baby angels, symbolizing innocence. People who wear cherub tattoos will utilize this image as a way to pay tribute to a child or baby that has passed away too soon.
  • Angel wings tattoo – This angel tattoo design can change whoever wears it into an angel themselves, thanks to the highly detailed wings drawn on the back. These tattoos are usually large and come in a curved shape, whose purpose is to emphasize a female’s curves. Artists will always use a gradient utilized at the tattoo’s roots, which gives the illusion that the wings are actually a part of the wearer’s own body.
  • Fallen angel tattoo – A tattoo that symbolizes loss and doubt. Technically placing this design on your body will mean that you have recently lost or let go of someone special, thanks to your own doing. Lucifer is perhaps the most famous of all fallen angels. He was once a high-ranking archangel who lost his ranking after his pride got the better of him and led the rebellion against God. As a result, God cast him out of heaven, and straight into hell. In tattoo art, you can show fallen angels with a broken or missing wing, accompanying it with a look of regret, sadness, or shame. Sometimes people will draw a fallen angel tattoo in a gothic style, because you can interchange the two of them.
  • Simple angel tattoo – This is another example of a fallen angel tattoo, this time with the angel’s own head tucked underneath its own knees while sitting down. Its purpose is to depict a shameful pose. Why shame? It’s because it is commonly believed that a fallen angel has either got banished from heaven, or never made it back up there.
  • Angel head tattoo – Yet another classic angel tattoo design. This shows off an angel’s face, displaying nothing but holiness, innocence, goodness, and purity. This is a truly charming tattoo to have on your own body. Feel free to pick from the various types of angels if you want this design. Seraphim, the highest members of the angelic hierarchy, are the most common characters depicted in this tattoo, along with Cupid’s own face.
  • Angel of death tattoo – One more type of angel tattoo which the main subject features either with wings or not. Not a lot of people get this tattoo, since the meaning is usually a negative one.


Angel Tattoo Meaning

It’s not surprising that an angel makes for an amazing tattoo. There are a handful of great designs out there which are truly befitting of the real meaning and timeless beauty of the angel tattoo. These tattoos will often carry a significant meaning to the person who wears them. And with that, there are loads of reasons why people will get an angel tattoo, because these tattoos can serve a lot of various purposes. The angel is popular across all religions, playing significant roles in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic beliefs. This is the reason why angel tattoos are very popular with so many people.

There’s no need to guess what an angel’s main purpose is to be: Many people know angels as God’s messengers. In fact, the word ‘angel’ itself literally translates to that. In some tales, angels can carry plenty of skills, powers, and talents, including being able to travel from earth to the heavens and back again. The angel encompasses everything that is good, and works diligently as a servant of God. Angels also protect the realms between earth and the heavens.

Some angels here on earth to protect people from evil, and to watch over us and keep us safe from danger. There are people who believe that guardian angels really do exist, keeping an eye out for us from the day that we were born, and until we die. After that, they will guide our spirits towards the afterlife.

There are also stories of angels falling out of heaven thanks to their acts of rebellion or defiance. They served God during the beginning, but eventually cast out thanks to doing plenty of evil deeds. These fallen angels can symbolize sadness, pain, and suffering.

Whenever one takes a closer look at an angel tattoo, they are either met with two popular choices: Fallen angels, or guardian angels. However, you can choose from plenty of other designs as well. Some people will often pick a tattoo of Cupid, the winged Roman god of love. Women prefer getting cherubs, or baby angels as a tattoo design. Meanwhile, others will opt for a ‘devilish angel’ design.

The angel tattoo’s depiction could also change its meaning, depending on who wears it. For instance, women who get angel tattoos seem to have a tranquil and serene personality. Meanwhile, men who get the same tattoo design will mean that they have a close connection to God or represent a higher sense of self. No matter what the real meaning of your ink is, it can symbolize whatever it is you want it to.

Ideal Placement Of Angel Tattoos

A lot of the angels shown in angel tattoos come with wings or a halo. Oftentimes, you can show of wings, without the body or head of the angel itself. Back in the day, people would usually get a large pair of angel wings on their back, as if they themselves were to be an angel. Despite the popularity of this back tattoo design, you can pretty much get angel tattoos on any part of the body. If you want a large tattoo, then the aforementioned angel wings back tattoo is the best choice. Because your back is nearly a flat surface, this will make the tattoo’s design much clearer – Not to mention that a person’s back is much wider compared to other body parts, so feel free to place a finely-detailed tattoo on that area too.

For tinier tattoos, you can put it on the hands, the arms, or the shoulders if you wish. Those body parts are the best for medium-sized tattoos that only go up to a maximum height of five inches. These parts are also great for people who are willing to display their angel tattoos, because they are oftentimes exposed.


Preparation Tips For An Angel Tattoo

Don’t hesitate to ask your artist with some questions about the tattooing process. You obviously would want to feel confident and comfortable regarding the entire activity, so never hesitate to discuss these things with either the staff or the artist.

If you are curious to know about the type of procedures that they have in place in your chosen shop so they can be certain that their machines and equipment are well-maintained and sterilized, then don’t be afraid to ask them to give you with a quick run-through. Not only will this help you calm your nerves, but it’s also the best way to ensure that you will be receiving your tattoo using only the best equipment.

You must also be able to raise some concerns regarding the tattoo that you’re about to get. For instance, you still aren’t sure about the shade that your tattoo will come in and if it’ll look amazing with your skin tone, then ask your tattoo artist about it. You shouldn’t just cross your fingers and hope that everything looks good in the end.

Certain artists will provide you with a free touch-up session, given that you follow the maintenance and aftercare method that they recommended you after you got your tattoo. But never assume that all artists do this. You must ask about touch-up possibilities before you can even start with the session.


Are Angel Tattoos Painful?

When getting a tattoo, make sure that you feel as comfy as you possibly can. Depending on the amount of detail that goes into your tattoo, as well as its size, you could end up staying inside the shop for several hours. And even though you will still have some breaks so you can relax for a bit and move around the shop, just a tiny bit of preparation will make the entire experience so much more comfortable. Here are several things you may want to consider first:

Eat a decent meal before you come to your appointment. Drink at least two glasses of water to stop feeling dehydrated, and to prevent the possibility of fainting. It helps to wear some loose and comfortable clothes when the session seems lengthy and you have to sit or lie down perfectly still for a long period of time.

Make sure to bring something that you can entertain yourself with while the appointment is going on – Either an MP3 player, a book or magazine, etc. You may also want to head on over to the bathroom before the appointment can begin.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Angel Tattoos

1.) Is it okay if I bring in my own artwork to so that it the artist can use it as a tattoo design?

  • It is actually highly recommended that you bring in your own customized tattoo art (if you can), or as many references or ideas as possible for your tattoo. Your artist can take these ideas together and combine them to create a tattoo that uniquely suits you. These tattoos should suit your own tastes along with the shape of your body. A professional tattoo artist is aware that your tattoo should only belong to you, and they won’t apply the same exact design on another person. Some artists might end up having to tweak your own customized art depending on the ‘tattooability’ of the design. Keep in mind, however, that customized tattoos can be quite pricey, and it’ll take more time for the artist to create a design that suits you well.

2.) How long will it take for the artist to create my customized tattoo?

  • The amount of time needed to build a customized tattoo all depends on how detailed your piece is, as well as the availability of the artist. After the artist has created your customized tattoo, they will end up making a couple of changes to it, if deemed necessary, until the both of you are completely content with the design. The deposit that you handed over to your artist during the consultation will have an impact towards the final pricing of the tattoo, during the final appointment (if there are multiple ones). But if you decide that you don’t really want a tattoo or end up cancelling your appointment without telling the artist beforehand, your deposit will could serve as a drawing fee.

3.) How big does a tattoo go?

  • The main size of your tattoo will all depend on how comprehensive the text or image is, as well as the placement of the tattoo on the wearer’s own body. All in all, tattoos that look huge when drawn on a sheet of paper actually look smaller when placed on the wearer’s own body. Your artist will be more than happy to consult with you regarding which placement or design suits your needs, so you can get a tattoo that’ll surely survive the test of time.

4.) Can a professional artist fix or cover-up a badly drawn tattoo?

  • It depends. Not all tattoos are the perfect candidate for a cover-up job. And what’s more, these cover-up tattoos will require a particular set of skills from the artists, which not a lot will possess. Consulting with an artist is very important in this situation, so you can discuss and figure out what kind of image is important to cover up the previous work. These consultations are free and will only take up to thirty minutes.

Angel Tattoos

Average Service Cost & Standard Price Of Angel Tattoos

Oftentimes, a tattoo artist will place so much detail in regards to crafting angel tattoos for their clients. And because angels are often shown to have faces similar to humans, it would be twice as hard to draw one in comparison to tattoos which are only comprised of patterns and geometric shapes. Because of the aforementioned factors, the average service cost for an angel tattoo could go from a minimum of $150 to a maximum of $300. However, this only applies to local tattoo artists. If you travel to another country and decide to get a tattoo there, then prepare yourself to shell out twice the amount of cash than necessary.

Meanwhile, getting a tattoo at a top-notch shop can charge you depending on the design of your angel tattoo. The minimum amount could start at over sixty bucks for the first inch, with an additional twenty bucks for the remaining inches.

And keep in mind that even though it’s a standard rule that a professional tattoo artist or getting a tattoo done in an established shop will be much more expensive, this isn’t really the case for some. And oftentimes, it’s the location where you plan on getting a tattoo which greatly affects the price of the shop and the artist.

Angel Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Do not scratch your tattoo while it’s still healing up. This is one of the most important steps in regards to tattoo aftercare. Simply put, so many horrible things could happen to your tattoo if you end up scratching it. First off, when you relieve your tattoo’s itchiness through scratching it, you can prematurely pull off scabs and flakes and lots of peeling skin in one go. And in turn, this will remove a huge amount of ink, resulting in a patchy and discolored tattoo. It is certain that you will have to return to the shop for a touchup with your artist on top of the damaged area, some time in the future.

Too much scratching can also end up creating pits to form in the healing areas of your tattooed skin. Not only will this prolong the healing process of your tattoo, it can also lead to permanent scars as well. Sometimes your fingernails could house some nasty gross bacteria coming from all sorts of places, and this can enter your tattoo.

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