155+ Delicate Ankle Tattoos Trending This Year

Origin Of Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos have always been popular with both men and women. In fact, people from ancient tribes civilizations have long been getting these even before tattoos went mainstream. These tattoos usually include a huge part of the wearer’s body, and covers the entire person in tattoos, from the shoulders all the way down to the feet.

An ankle tattoo, meanwhile, has its own set of meanings and could also represent various things. Perhaps one of the best ways to learn about the meaning of an ankle tattoo is to take a closer look at its origin, along with the background of the design. A tribal ankle design, such as a Celtic tattoo, is commonly associated with the traditions, beliefs, as well as the rituals performed by the tribe where the tattoos originally came from. Getting to know the real meaning of a tattoo can allow you and your artist to come up with another design based after this, which has a generally accepted meaning. Nowadays, ankle tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Celebrities usually like to sport their ankle tattoos by wearing lovely shoes when they’re stepping out on the red carpet, or even during their daily lives.


Types Of Ankle Tattoos

  • The rosary ankle tattoo – A very popular type of ankle tattoo design. A lot of religious people enjoy getting this design, especially if they’re Catholics or Christians. This is a tattoo that showcases a rosary wrapped around the entirety of the ankle, while the cross is dangling along the foot near the toes. This tattoo is both meaningful yet carries an amazing design as well. Some people who get this design will also have an engraving of the Virgin Mary in the center bead, which attaches the cross along with the remainder of the rosary. Meanwhile, others will choose to leave it blank. Women and girls will usually get this tattoo design, since many people take beads to be traditionally feminine. So they wouldn’t look great on a men’s ankle.
  • Vine ankle tattoo – The vine tattoo is also another popular type of ankle tattoo. If you want to find a great design which looks good on your ankle at the same time, then the vine tattoo is perhaps the best choice for you. This is a type of tattoo which is clearly feminine, because a vine often goes together with flowers. The shading utilized in this tattoo is meant to give your tattoo an unlikely contrast between the wearer’s skin and the tattoo itself, leading towards an amazing finish which makes your ankle look twice as great.
  • Lotus flower ankle tattoos – These tattoos are highly popular all across Asian culture. The lotus is meant to symbolize purity and resilience. Lotuses are unique because no matter how dirty the pond can get, they still end up blossoming and looking beautiful. In religions like Buddhism, a blue lotus is supposed to be a sign of intelligence and wisdom.
  • Wings ankle tattoo – This tattoo takes its inspiration from the Greek messenger god Hermes. Hermes had wings on his feet which allowed him to travel at various speeds to wherever he wants to go, sending messages from one god to another. So this is why people will get wing tattoos on their ankles. These designs mostly feature on the outside part of the ankle, and comes in a smaller size. Like most wing tattoos, this design looks great in standard black ink. But you can still apply just a teensy bit of color on it – Such as white for the wing’s feathers, or gold on the hinges in between the wings and your ankle.
  • Small animal ankle tattoo – If you want to find a nice ankle tattoo which can possibly reflect your own traits as a person, then look no further than a small animal ankle tattoo. The only thing you need to do here is to figure out which animal suits the side of you that you want to display to the world. Each animal can represent a certain trait. For instance, a fox tattoo can showcase a cunning, wily personality. Meanwhile, rabbits can represent humility. And if you want a broader spectrum of choices, then take a look at the alternative meaning that some of these animals may have in a different culture.
  • Sun and moon ankle tattoo – Feel free to get both designs of this stunning tattoo, or one on each ankle. In folklore, the sun represents masculinity and the moon represents femininity. Many people consider the sun to be the ‘king’ because it symbolizes vitality, strength, warmth, and power. Meanwhile, the graceful moon links up to a woman’s cycle, her fertility, growth, and creativity.
  • Symbol ankle tattoos – This is another type of ankle tattoo that you can get, which shows off a symbol. You can get any symbol that you want. Popular examples include a national emblem, a Greek or Roman symbol, the fleur-de-lis, or a cross. Many people get this ink on the wearer’s inner ankle at the back of the ankle bone. These tattoos are small, and come in one solid color.


Ankle Tattoo Meaning

When the idea of gender-specific tattoo designs come to mind, specifically tattoos meant for the ladies, delicate images come to mind – Such as butterflies, flowers, stars, etc. The placement for these tattoos, meanwhile, are perfect on the bust, the bikini line, the lower back, the wrists, and finally, the ankles. There is a good reason why people get a lot of ankle tattoos – Ankles are to be a delicate part of the body, which kind of gives it a sexy vibe, especially for women. No matter what kind of design you choose for your ankle tattoo (as long as it’s a tiny one) the ankle is one of the most popular and best places to get a tattoo on.

A concrete proof that ankle tattoos are popular links up with the countless amount of actresses, singers, and models who have worn tattoos on that particular spot. If you’re an ordinary lady who isn’t too keen on losing a potential job or career thanks to a tattoo that you can’t cover up, or maybe you just don’t want to upset some conservative parents or relatives, then the ankle tattoo is perfect for you since they’re so easy to hide away.


Some girls will think that getting a tattoo gives them some sort of sensuality – Which some of them will consider to be a hidden power. If this is the case, then the ankles are a perfect option to place a tattoo on. Since ankles are thin and small, it’s only fitting that you get a tattoo that is also small or at least medium-sized, if you plan to put it there. Perfect designs include Kanji (Chinese characters), hearts, flowers, shooting stars and dolphins. Many people regard this as symbols of friendship, beauty, love, and living your best life. For people who own these tattoos, no explanation is necessary. Other medium-sized tattoos that suit your ankles the most include flowing vines, fairies, often circling the ankle similar to a band or a bracelet. Monograms, tattoos depicting a singular word or two words (in any language of your choosing) or even a tribal symbol accentuate what is perhaps one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body – Her legs.

The reason why ankle tattoos look amazing is that you can choose to flaunt them or hide if you want. Wearing a lovely pair of shoes – Such as sandals, sneakers, or a pair of stunning high heels, gives you tattoo a completely graphic and clean look. Shoes can draw plenty of attention to your ankle tattoo, and the same applies the other way around. This can create a wonderfully sexy fashion statement that so many people will love an envy.


Ideal Placement Of Ankle Tattoos

Since a person’s ankles are small, you can say the same for an ankle tattoo. And for those who want to wear tinier ankle tattoos on their bodies, you could get it placed on the talus, also known as the joint which connects the ankle to the midfoot. Pick a design that is both tiny and flexible which works nicely together with the contours of your feet, so that it won’t sport a deformed look to it when you start flexing your feet upwards and downwards. Hearts, flowers, stars and dolphins are highly popular designs, and with good reason too. They’re supposed to be symbols of friendship, beauty, love, and life. There is simply no other explanation needed.

The right placement of your ankle tattoo will all depend on which part of the ankle you intend to bring a highlight to, as well as the design that you want to use for your tattoo. Both factors are the main things you should consider when choosing the best placement for your new tattoo.

The most popular way to design an ankle tattoo is by wrapping the design around the ankle itself. Tribal patterns and geometric styles are the best look for an ankle armband tattoo. That’s because they’re so much easier to extend around the ankles without having to change the way the tattoo looks like. Acquiring a quote tattoo, for instance, which surrounds the entire ankle like a band is also the best choice. But if longer tattoo designs are your thing, then perhaps the right spot for that is on the side edge of the feet. Place floral designs, flowers, and swirls around that area.


Ankle Tattoo Preparation Tips

Sometimes people will feel more relaxed during a tattoo session when they bring their phone or any other handy gadget with them. But once you sit or lie down on that chair, it’s probably not a good idea to keep using your phone constantly. For example, receiving calls, notifications, and the continuous buzzing of your phone will surely prove as a distraction to you and your artist – And nobody wants to get a tattoo from somebody keeps getting distracted or bothered by something. When you keep looking at your phone to check your notifications, messages, or calls, this can also pose as a problem because it means that your body is continuously moving, when in fact you need to stay perfectly still when grabbing a tattoo.

If it helps with numbing the pain or keeping you busy throughout the remainder of the session, you can use your phone to listen to some music. But just to be polite, you may want to ask your artist if they’re fine with hearing your tunes. If they aren’t, bring some earbuds or headphones with you so it won’t bother them too much.


Are Ankle Tattoos Painful?

Sometimes ankle tattoos are a way to subtly flirt with anyone who sees them, compared to making a statement unlike other areas of the body. As mentioned, this is probably the reason why ankle tattoos are more of a hit with the ladies than the guys – Even though there are still a lot of styles out there which work for both genders.

One of the first things that people will ask about ankle tattoos – Or tattoos in general, really – Is the pain. Are ankle tattoos really more painful compared to the ones done on the legs, thighs, etc. How much will it hurt? It is a known fact that tattoos done on bony areas or the ones that lack muscle and fat are more painful, than the ones done on other portions of the body. So this means an ankle tattoo will actually be more painful, but will make a huge difference when it comes to placement.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ankle Tattoos

Do I need to book an appointment for my tattoo?

  • Tattoo shops can both accept walk-ins and appointments. However, an appointment isn’t really that necessary, but it’s still the best way to go. Some shops will reserve a certain day specifically for walk-in clients (usually on the weekends) but if the artists’ schedule allows it, they can accept other walk-ins during the weekdays too. Usually, clients who simply walk in the shop for an appointment are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, you cannot guarantee that there will be enough availability. There are tattoo artists out there who will book clients up to two months or more in advance, so make sure you plan accordingly. An appointment, meanwhile, requires a placement which you need to make in person. These placements cannot be refunded, and will be applied to the final pricing of your tattoo – In case you either cancel or come to your appointment right on schedule. If you arrive at least an hour late for your appointment or cancel less than a day before the session, the placement will be forfeited.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

  • In some states like Oregon, you cannot get a tattoo if you’re under eighteen. Aside from the fact that this is the minimum age for tattooing as required by state laws, the artist and staff of the shop has every right to refuse to give tattoos to anyone. Tattoos done in visible parts of the body, also known as ‘job-busters’ in tattooist lingo, are regularly done on a daily basis. However, most of these artists have become witness to the frustration and sheer pain caused by these tattoos for their wearers, for them to want to simply agree to give tattoos to other clients. So if an artist tells you that they cannot give you a tattoo for whatever reason, please understand them – This will stem from decades of experience as well as a genuine need for your well-being and happiness. It’s not that they don’t like you or won’t accept your cash.

Can I get a parent or guardian to sign for me?

  • No. You must be over eighteen to get a tattoo and give a valid federal or state ID.

Can I drink some alcohol before I get my tattoo?

  • It is also not advisable to get yourself a tattoo while you’re drunk or high. Although it may seem like alcohol will numb the pain, it won’t make your experience any better – In fact, it may make it worse. Not only that, it could also further complicate the entire tattooing process. The same goes for recreational drugs like marijuana, which can have a negative impact on the whole session.

Can I get a tattoo while I’m breastfeeding my child?

  • Absolutely not. This is because your body will be going through a major amount of stress during a tattoo session. If you get one done when you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, it could further complicate your own health and put your baby’s health at risk.

Average Cost and Standard Pricing For Ankle Tattoos

An ankle tattoo’s final pricing will be ultimately determined according to the detailing, the size, as well as the color and complexity of the overall look. More factors which can affect the final price of your tattoo include the design’s placement, as well as the level of experience your artist has. Keep in mind that you’re only paying a lesser amount of cash for a simple ankle tattoo. And because a standard ankle tattoo comes in a relatively tiny size, your artist won’t take an hour to finish it, so it won’t cost as much as a back tattoo. This makes it suitable as a person’s first tattoo.

A tattoo shop will charge their clients in two ways: The first one is per hour, and the other one is per piece. According to the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a standard professional tattoo artist will charge their clients for a minimum of $75 to a maximum of $150 every hour for a smaller or medium-sized tattoo. Tattoo shops or artists do have the tendency to charge their clients at a much bigger hourly rating, depending on how complex the design is.

A tattoo artist who works in the US could request their client for a maximum of $150 per hour. For ankle tattoos, it could take up to an hour to finish up, leading to a final price of $200. Keep in mind to include an extra 10 to 25% service tip for the artist.


Ankle Tattoo Maintenance Tips

When cleaning up your tattoo, make sure to repeat the process at least twice a day before it has completely healed up. Keep in mind that tattoos aren’t safe from infection until all of the peeling and the scabbing has stopped. This will take up to a month. And at the same time, you must never pull or pick on the scabs and flakes when they start forming. If you do so, they can peel off prematurely, which further prolongs the healing, increases the chances of an infection, and causes it to fade away faster.

Do not expose your healing tattoo to the sun. And at the same time, you shouldn’t apply sunblock onto your tattoo either until it has healed up. Keep your tattoo away from bodies of water, including bathtubs and Jacuzzis. These can be home to nasty bacteria which could end up ruining the quality of your tattoo, especially when you’re not careful. Take a shower if you want to wash up, until your skin has healed up. Stay away from pools, lakes, and beaches for a while.

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