175 Cutest Small Best Friend Tattoos This Year

Small Best Friend Tattoo History

The great historical figure Julius Caesar once described the art of tattooing in the fifth book of his Gallic Wars series. But nevertheless, these might have been mistaken as paint markings instead of tattoos.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan once wrote about an encounter with the Rus’ tribe from Scandinavia back in the early 10th century, having described the individuals he saw as bearing tattoos from the neck to the fingers. The tattoos that they wore were comprised of dark blue figures, and tree-shaped patterns. But again, this might have been mistaken for paint too – As during that era, both tattoos and paints carried a similar meaning. During the Christianization of Europe, a tattoo was thought to be one of the last few links to paganism, and was eventually considered taboo.

The popularity of tattooing in Europe became open to plenty of European interpretations. And during the mid-19th century, Baron Haussman, while having an argument regarding painting the interior of a Parisian church, mentioned that the practice did remind him of tattoos used to replace clothes by natives to hide away their nudity.

The British people, along with other pilgrims towards the Holy Land during the 17th century also managed to give each other tattoos as a souvenir for their voyage. This included William Lithgow, who got his back in 1612. And in 1691, William Dampier brought a native from the western part of New Guinea to London. This native, who bore tattoos all over his body became a native in his own right and was known as ‘The painted prince’.

From 1766 to 1779, the British explorer Captain James Cook completed three voyages across the southern pacific, with the last one ending up in Hawaii, where he died. When Captain Cook, along with the rest of his men, came back home to Europe from their travels to Polynesia, they told everyone tales of ‘savages’ wearing these tattoos. In fact, the word ‘tattoo’ itself came from the Tahitian word ‘tatau’. It was introduced into the English language thanks to Captain Cook’s expedition. It was also in Tahiti, back in 1769, that Captain Cook first made some observations regarding the natives’ body modification and referred to the word ‘tattoo’ as a description for the natives’ permanently painted skin. Inside the ship’s official logbook, an entry described the process as something painful.

Doctor Joseph Banks, a companion of Captain Cook and an expedition botanist and science officer, came back to his native England wearing a tattoo. This was rather unusual since Doctor Banks was known to be a member of high society and had managed to acquire a good position with Captain Cook by paying him a hefty sum of ten thousand pounds to join him in his travels. And in exchange for that, Captain Cook came back home with a tattooed native named Omai, whom he introduced to King George and the rest of the English court.


Types Of Best Friend Tattoos

  • Heart best friend tattoos – A heart is a popular type of image in regards to best friend tattoos. Certain pairs or groups of best friends will acquire matching tattoos which sometimes incorporate loving quotes. For instance, a thumb print on a heart tattoo placed on the wrist or ankles is the best kind of spot for these types of tattoos.
  • Matching elephant tattoos – These matching elephant BFF tattoos are composed of different elements, especially involving animals. An elephant can be used as the main theme of the design. That’s because an elephant is mostly associated with strength and a female bond, thus becoming a representation of your friendship.
  • Best friend quote tattoo – You can place this tattoo in some additional imagery while matching the quote of your choice, which includes hearts, puzzle pieces, or even somebody reciting these quotes. And apart from that, you can also choose to sport at least half of one quote on one person, while the other half will be worn by the other, placed on the same part of the body. And putting these two halves together will complete a finished piece which tells anyone who sees it that the two of you are inseparable BFFs.
  • Best friend pinky promise tattoo – In this tattoo design, the ink is placed on top of the tiny finger of each wearer. The main design of each tattoo is comprised of the words ‘promise’, in which the letter O is replaced by an adorable heart symbol. In plenty of other cases, friends will often use this to remind themselves about the promise that they have made to their friends.
  • Peanut butter and jelly tattoo – In real life, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches always go together perfectly. It’s never better if one isn’t present. This tattoo inspired by the sandwich is a fun and adorable way to represent your friendship.
  • Completing the picture best friend tattoo – As mentioned in the famous 90s film ‘Jerry Maguire’: You complete me. This is a best friend tattoo idea which depends on the other half for it to work. This means the tattoo is pretty much meaningless if it’s not joined with its partner. The only way for it to work would be to place it side by side, like an actual friendship. This wouldn’t even be considered a friendship tattoo if there’s only one on board. The only way for this friendship to really work is for both of its parties to be fully committed to their relationship. Anything involved that is less will be equivalent to a failure.


Meaning Of Best Friend Tattoos

A best friend tattoo, also known as a BFF tattoo, is a cool and sometimes funny way to showcase your close friendship and relationship with someone dear to you. There are plenty of ways for you two to represent your own friendship – And there’s just nothing more meaningful than acquiring a matching tattoo with a close buddy, so the two of you can prove to everyone that your friendship will last for a long time.

A BFF tattoo can be fun. That’s because these tattoos are highly symbolic and getting them together can be memorable. And what’s important here is that they can show the world that you and your bestie have a long-lasting friendship. Being best friends forever isn’t just something that you would say, but something that you have to show off as well – By acquiring a tattoo that’ll last forever.

Even though this idea might seem a tad bit cliché, opposites do attract, and this idea does bring in more meaning and weight when you show it off using a tattoo. In this way, not only will you both be linked by ink, but you’ll be bound together by blood as well. This idea is nice, meaningful, and very simple enough to be done in a single sitting – Especially if it’s a matching best friend tattoo for two people always on the go. So go right ahead, immortalize your friendship on your body using permanent ink – Because genuine best friends, much like tattoos, are precious and exceedingly rare.

Small Best Friend Tattoo Placement

Does size really matter when it comes to tattoo placement? When you take a look at the finer details, then – Yes, it does. If you choose to get a large and elaborate back piece, this means your tattoo has to be big enough to handle all of these fine lines along with the demands it asks for the details and its fine lines.

Tattoos with fine leathering on them are a perfect example of detail which could use a bit more room. A verse or a script tattoo design, no matter how small the idea may be, has to be adjusted so that everything is completely legible once the tattoo is finished. And for a smaller design, fewer details will produce a much better result. Your artist can help you figure out what the best size of your tattoo really is, without having to sacrifice their own design when it comes to the piece.

A tiny tattoo does provide the best kind of flexibility in regards to placement. A little one does go a long way depending on the place, in case you want to create a surprise effect. Some of the unexpected tattoo spots to consider here include the outside of the rim, or the tragus of the ear, the back of the ankle, inside the lip, the tongue, surrounding a finger, or the back of the neck.

One of the fun things about acquiring a tattoo is the process of picking and creating a design for it, and figuring out all of the other aspects of the piece itself, like the placement and the color. Work together with your artist from beginning towards the end, and always be open to their advice. Not only will this ensure that you’re happy and content with the design itself, but you’ll also be sporting a tattoo design which you can wear with utmost pride. That’s so much better than having to live with regrets that come with an impulsive tattoo design choice.

A lot of tattoo artists believe that the right tattoo placement not only accommodates the wearer, but also the people surrounding you who can see what your tattoo looks like. If you plan on placing the design so that the orientation can be seen from your vantage point but not coming from the rest. Be warned – There will be instances when you could find yourself engaged in a heated debate with an artist. But in the end, the decision is really up to you. In case you are certain that you want to place the tattoo in a visible spot, you might have to go find a tattoo artist who respects your wishes for the design and the placement. You’re also going to have to deal with people taking a good look at your new ink. But nevertheless, always remember that in the end, it’s your body whether you want to place the tattoo sideways, backwards, or in a right-side up position.

Small Best Friend Tattoo Preparation Tips

Be sure to eat a well-balanced meal before you visit the shop for your upcoming session. It isn’t really uncommon for people to end up losing their appetites from sheer nervousness and anxiety, then eventually pass out from tiredness on the chair. And even though it might seem as if your body is simply lying down and being idle as the process happens, it’s actually exerting a huge deal of energy while it is ongoing. And besides, when you’re feeling a bit famished, handling pain becomes much more difficult, and this can make the whole tattooing experience unpleasant – Not just for you, but for the artist as well. You have to be especially mindful to eat a big meal before a tattoo session happens, as mentioned.

If you’re about to go through a lengthy tattoo session, then bringing in a snack might help. Larger pieces will always equate to a longer session at the chair, so make sure to bring a light snack with you. These snacks will come in handy in case you get hungry halfway through, or will want a way for you to distract yourself from a rather painful and uncomfortable portion of the entire process. Pick a snack that isn’t messy and can be eaten with one hand.

Depending on the shop where you get your tattoo from, you may be allowed to take a short break, especially if it’s a lengthy tattoo session. Breaks such as this one aren’t actually that long enough to give you enough time to go out and grab a bite to eat. But regardless of that, you’re still not allowed to leave the shop while the session is still happening, to prevent your tattoo from getting infected.

Don’t come to your appointment if you have an injury. In case you manage to sustain any kind of injury right before the session, contact the artist right away and tell them about the extent of your injury. The artist will then suggest that you reschedule your session, so your body will get enough time to heal up before you push through with the session itself.

A tattoo isn’t going to heal up nicely on freshly-damaged skin. So whatever causes it damage or could potentially cause damage must be avoided at all costs. This actually includes things like getting a real tan, a fake tan, a sunburn, any cuts, scrapes or bruises, or even a chemical peel.

Performing strenuous exercises and lifting weights must also be avoided for at least two days before the session happens. Placing too much strain on the muscles can create swelling and soreness, which could increase the painful sensation of the tattoo and even prolong the healing time. Too much exercising can also cause the skin to stretch lightly, making your tattoo look rather distorted when it returns back to its normal shape. On the day of the session itself, you have to come alone.


Are Small Best Friend Tattoos Painful?

Perhaps the most painful spots to get a tattoo on are those areas where there isn’t too much fat in between the muscles and the bones. Extremely loose and fleshy spots will also hurt a bit more compared to the ones that don’t have them. These include the ribs, the inner or outer elbows, the back of the knees, the hips, the stomach, the neck, the ankle, toes, fingers, and the shin, to name a couple.

Before getting a tattoo done, it’s always great to know what you’re about to go into. And sometimes, you could even end up doing the right thing by learning how to figure out about what and where to get your dream tattoo before you go ahead and take the plunge.best-friend-tattoo

Yes, your tattoo will hurt, no doubt about that. And sadly, no it’s not going to be a very comfortable experience for you, for the most part. However, just keep in mind that the reason why you have to go through so much pain is for you to obtain an amazing piece of art on your body for the rest of your life.

A tattoo is definitely not meant for everyone. But if you want to get one so bad, always be sure that you know what you’re getting into. This is a pain chart which highlights certain areas of the body that can hurt the most when the needle hits your skin.

Acquiring a tattoo does hurt – No doubt about that. but there are still some portions of the body that’s extremely sensitive to pain, and only the bravest souls will even think about getting tattoos done in these areas. It’s not exactly surprising that the most painful spots to get tattoos on are also known to be the most sensitive parts of the body.

As a general rule, in case you’re very ticklish in the same area, it’ll definitely hurt getting a tattoo done in the same area. But an important thing to consider here is that each individual has their own threshold for pain. So when you finally get a tattoo done, be sure to pick a design and a placement that you really love, or else you could end up covering it up all the time.

When it comes to getting a tattoo done, the classic motto of ‘no pain, no gain’ is actually quite accurate. Every tattoo that you get will hurt, to some extent. But if you head on over to your appointment holding the proper knowledge and by using a few techniques to fight the pain, then a lot of the tattoo pain involved can be managed pretty well. In fact, you may be surprised at how easy it is to survive getting a tattoo.

If it’s your first time getting a tattoo done, you can chat with an expert who can help you ease your mind. For first-timers, the best way to mentally prepare yourself in getting a tattoo is to shake off the mystery surrounding it. Of course, you’ll want to step inside that tattoo shop of your choice without feeling any form of anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Friend Tattoos

  • How can you be sure if the design of your tattoo will stand out on its own?
  • … Especially when you’re not holding out both of your arms and placing them right next to each other, like what BFFs do. This has to be something that carries a much better meaning for the two of you as friends, and as individuals. Be sure that everything translates nicely to the body part where you want to place it on, too. Just because the design looks incredible on paper doesn’t necessarily mean that it also looks fantastic on your ankle or hip bones. And remember that while for you a particular design is meant to represent one half of an anchor or bird, there are others who won’t see your tattoo in the same way as you do. And because of that, they will feel entitled to ask you questions regarding your tattoo’s design.
  • How long does it take for a tattoo to heal up?
  • Your artist has to be able to expertly answer this question. On the average, it’ll take at least up to three weeks before you can finally hit the beach or pool again, take long baths, or soak in a hot tub. The time it takes to heal will also depend on how well you care for your tattoo, as well as the skin surrounding it. The location and the skin around it will also matter – But the average healing process takes half a year.
  • Do you have your doctor’s approval?
  • Sometimes you might get excited over picking a good tattoo design that you end up forgetting to check with your doctor or physician to ensure that your skin will be able to handle the procedure. Expert dermatologists also say that patients who have skin conditions such as eczema must refrain from getting a tattoo. Going through complications including an infection or an allergic reaction can happen. It’s also important that any of your medications or medical conditions won’t affect the tattoo as it heals. In case you have concerns or doubts, dermatologists will encourage their patients to see the doctor first. Getting an allergic reaction to the pigment or dye is still possible even after the tattoo is finished, and you have to find proper medical attention, should you run into any unexpected complication.
  • What should I do if my tattoo gets an infection?
  • Please check your tattoo first to see any signs of infection as it heals. If your tattoo is placed on a part of the body that you can’t see, get someone to inspect it for any signs of tenderness, rashes, redness, swelling, or pus oozing out from the tattoo. And if any of these signs are indeed present, please contact your HCP (health care provider) immediately. Do not call the tattoo artist. This is a sure sign that you have an infection and must take an antibiotic right away. Follow your HCP’s instructions on how to cure the infection. If this doesn’t get treated, it can spread across your body, causing fatal blood poisoning among other complications.
  • Can I have my tattoo removed?
  • The ADS, or the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, has advised that even though there are plenty of options out there for getting rid of a tattoo, some of the newer forms of inks and pastel-colored pigments can be tough to remove. The removal processes include laser surgery, surgical excision, and dermabrasion, and will be finished similarly to an outpatient procedure. And despite the fact that these tattoos might disappear after the removal process is finished, it’ll still leave some scars and may still be impossible to get rid of. If you want to fully get rid of a tattoo, go visit a trusted dermatologist you’re comfortable with, and talk about the costs of the procedure, and what else you can expect afterwards.

The Cost Of A Small Best Friend Tattoo

Acquiring a great and high-quality tattoo will all depend on which kind of shop you go to, especially if you’re still wondering how you can get your first tattoo. One may decide to visit an obscure shop just because the prices there are more cheap. But before you can do that, you still need to consider as to whether the health risks that come with a cheap tattoo are more expensive as compared to a shop with a stellar reputation.

The location of the shop will also determine just how much the tattoo’s final price will cost. A tattoo shop in a highly-urbanized city will have a bigger price compared to the ones in smaller cities. The same applies if the shop is found in a vocational spot. For instance, getting a tattoo done in LA could cost up to $300 compared to a tiny shop in Arkansas which can go for $150.

Small Best Friend Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Why does tattoo maintenance matter? A tattoo isn’t just a simple piece of art on your body. It’s also more than a way to show off your own personal style. A tattoo is a medical procedure as well, since the artist uses a needle to place in the ink and pigmentation beneath the top layer of the skin. Each time your skin is opened up, you could be vulnerable to infections and lasting scars.

Taking care of your tattoo can help stop these complications and make sure that everything heals up nicely. Both the artist and you can play an equally important role in this whole process. Together with going to a licensed and highly professional artist with a stellar reputation, you must take good care of the tattoo at home.

Learning how to care for a new tattoo can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. A lot of states usually don’t require their own artists to give off correct aftercare instructions to their clients. And with the thirty states who do, the artist is the one who decides which steps are important and which ones aren’t. Here is the proper way to care for your tattoo and some tips on how to use the right products and so much more.

The aftercare process begins as soon as you leave the shop. The artist has to apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on top of the tattoo, then cover up the whole thing using a plastic wrap or a gauze. The bandage will stop the bacteria from getting inside the tattoo, which is technically an open wound. It also keeps the tattoo safe from rubbing onto your clothes and getting irritated. Leave the bandage on for a few hours. It’ll end up absorbing any extra ink or fluid that seeps from the tattoo.

After a couple of hours, it is now safe to remove the bandage. Clean your hands first by rinsing them under lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial non-scented liquid soap. The next step is to gently wash the tattoo using the same liquid soap and lukewarm water.

Then pat your skin dry using a clean paper towel. Rub in a tiny amount of petroleum ointment or aftercare lotion on the tattoo. Do not apply a fresh bandage onto it so your tattoo can breathe.

As your new ink is healing up, you must do the following: Wear sunblock or any other sun-protective clothing when you have to leave the house.

Contact the artist or a doctor in case you spot the first few signs of an infected tattoo or any other problem related to it. Never cover up a tattoo with sunblock until it has completely healed. Do not pick on the scabs, or on the tattoo itself while it heals. Wear loose clothes on top of the tattoo. Do not swim in pools or beaches or even immerse your tattoo in any body of water. Take a shower instead to clean yourself up.

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