155 Regal Crown Tattoo Designs Fit for Men This Year

Origin Of Crown Tattoos

In all civilizations throughout history, the crown is the number one attribute of royalty, especially kings and queens. In ancient Egypt, the tattoo designs sported by pharaohs usually had double crown motifs on them, which comprises of a white mitre accompanied with the symbol of Upper Egypt, found inside the red crown of the Delta.

Meanwhile, during the time of Jesus and ancient Christians, the crown was a sign associated with gods. The reason for this was because of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head during his crucifixion. Plenty of people will choose a king crown tattoo because of its connections with Christianity. This crown tattoo is often accompanied by a Christian symbol, like a cross, an olive branch, or a dove. Crown tattoos are best fit for those religious people , because they are a sign of achievements or overcoming personal struggles, sacrificing something big in order to gain success, or if you’re still going through a personal struggle and are doing your best to stay strong and push through.

A crown comprises of stars is also similar to a halo. In all Roman Catholic artworks, they depict Virgin Mary wearing a halo of stars, due to her status as ‘The Queen of Heaven and Earth’. And all throughout history, crowns have been as a symbol of this land’s leader or ruler by hundreds upon hundreds of civilizations and countries. In some of these ancient cultures, many people declare the crown as a symbol of the gods and deities. Meanwhile, in Europe, crowns are often connected to crosses and is a very popular tattoo design as well. The cross represents Christianity, while the crown beneath it is a sign of victory.

Whenever a crowning of a new mornach takes place, the main centerpiece and highlight of the event is the crown placed on top of the new king, emperor, or queen’s head.

In places like ancient Rome or Greece, a crown tattoo could mean that the wearer is ready to concentrate themselves to the gods. When they die, they get crowns were to call the attention to the gods. Other symbols for a crown tattoo are identification and being unique as a person. The person who wears the tattoo will assimilate them to ancient gods who donned tattoos.


Types Of Crown Tattoo Ideas

  • King of the forest crown tattoo – Even though it’s frequently utilized as a small piece to a rather comprehensive and bigger tattoo design, you can also wear the the crown tattoo by itself. This tattoo design features differently by those who wear and see it, because the crowns are all created in various manners ranging from small stamps in a singular color, to the quirky yet detailed crown tattoos affixed with tiny details such as flowers, jewels, and heart-shaped gems. You can also see some important visuals in this tattoo, which are most likely significant to the wearer. When it comes to crown tattoos, the most unusual meanings are all based after signs of royalty. This is when a person sees themselves as somebody special or unique, or maybe they just want to strive towards a bigger goal.
  • Crown tattoo with name – This is a very popular trend with crown tattoos. You get the usual crown tattoo but you place your name beneath it, or somebody else’s name beneath it.  A tattoo artists can either create this ink alone or do it with a ribbon.  It will be okay if the tattoo can feature a pair of wings. Another great feature here is to give it some sparkles or glitter, or add a special quote which means a lot to the wearer

  • Large crown tattoo with stones – You can create a gorgeous tattoo design here, which deals with it looking very detailed and large. Royals will wear crown tattoos on their heads, which range from the simplest designs going towards large ones adorned with precious gems and rare jewels. Feel free to pick a crown tattoo design depending on your own style and taste.
  • Halo crown – As mentioned earlier, religious icons in Christianity are often drawn with halos, ands it serves to be a substitute to the crown. Halos are another type of crowns associated with religion, a popular theme among devout Christians. Certain religious tattoo designs will often combine the crown tattoo and a cross tattoo together in one design.
  • King and queen crown tattoo – This crown tattoo will surely be a hit with couples. The crown is a renowned symbol of royalty and pure splendor. And when it comes to couples, these designs symbolizes a never-ending love and being faithful to each other. When they get a crown tattoo, this means that they have quietly sealed their love for each other, which is a completely reassuring and motivational thought if they want to make their relationship last. Each half of the couple will have a crown tattoo on a visible spot such as the arms, or the legs. It seems like they want to make an announcement that they love one another.
  • Embellished crown tattoo with flowers – Throw in some other elements in this design such as flowers, letters, etc. inside this crown tattoo design. Not a lot of people will choose to get a crown tattoo by itself. They, instead, will prefer to acquire a lot of attractive tattoo designs to decorate their body. So a crown embellished with jewels and flowers looks so much better.
  • Tribal crown tattoo – These tattoos are popular amongst Polynesians and Maori people of New Zealand. Wearing a tribal tattoo represents power and prestige, as well as the personality of the tattoo’s wearer. These tattoos will include geometric patterns as well as thick linings. Crown tattoos symbolizes authority, leadership, and power.


Where To Place Your Crown Tattoo

A crown carries so many meanings, as expected of its stunning design – Which means this tattoo has to be as big as your entire back or just a tiny speck to leave a mark on your ankles or wrists. The right tattoo artist will be able to create both larger and smaller tattoos in an efficient manner. A crown tattoo can also come in so many different sizes and positioned correctly. Similar to other tattoos out there, perhaps the most important aspect out of all of this is the positioning, since your crown tattoo must be in a way that the positioning will add twice the amount of charm inside the overall design, making it look attractive to everybody else. The positioning will all depend on how big or small the tattoo really is. So if you get a larger one, it’ll take full advantage of your back’s bigger surface area, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, a small tattoo is set at the back of the neck, the wrists, the ankles, as well as other significant or suggestive parts of the person’s body. Oftentimes, a crown tattoo matches well with another design. For instance, a couple could end up getting a matching crown tattoo, one masculine, and one feminine. Feel free to place a crown tattoo on the chest, the finger, the foot, the shoulders, the thighs, the hands, and the back of your ear.

The overall size of your crown tattoo really doesn’t matter when it comes to king and queen tattoos. The reason why this holds an advantage for the wearer is because of the tattoo’s placement.


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Average Standard Cost & Standard Prices For Getting Crown Tattoos

Depending on the amount of details that your artist will place onto the upcoming tattoo sketch, the amount of colors involved in the tattoo, along with your artist, and the city where the shop is, could fetch a final price of roughly $75 to $250 for your new ink – Or perhaps even more if your artist has an established reputation or has a lengthy waiting list. The final price of a tattoo is quite difficult to answer, since everything will all depend on the rate that your artist will end up using, as well as the amount of detailing that goes into the tattoo.

There are also particular factors that can fully have an effect on the final cost of your tattoo. It could be hard for certain people to know how much time you would be spending before the session starts.

Crown Tattoo Meaning

Do you have enough confidence in yourself to feel like a king or a queen? Then the crown tattoo is the best option for you. Crowns have incorporated themselves inside tattoo designs for so many years now, and is popular ink in both men and women. Crowns are an emblem of royalty, but at the same time it can also symbolize the ideals of two different people.

Nowadays, people will put on a crown symbol because you can create loads of variations when it comes to the design. You can create a crown tattoo in a simple way, or add some more details to it to make it more regal. Crown tattoos designs can be in either a masculine or feminine way, which is the reason why it’s such a hit with tattoo fans. A crown purpose is to represent might and supreme power.

You can show off your crown tattoos in so many different ways. Embellish it with diamonds, gems, crystals, jewels, pearls, and other symbols of luxury and power. Crowns themselves connect to power and having a strong authoritative rule, and they have been for so many years now. Crowns are a symbol of royalty, like kings and queens. A lot of ancient civilizations used the crown as a way to show who the leader was. In certain cultures, crowns links up with gods and deities.

Although crowns might not be a popular tattoo to wear by itself, and is often go together with another royal symbol, when that happens, it could add some oomph into your array of other tattoos. Crowns themselves are a highly symbolic image which carries plenty of meanings to loads of people. Of course, the most common significance that a crown has is royalty. Royal families would wear crowns when attending public events, and this is the reason why it symbolizes wealth, power, and supremacy. And when you think about these factors, a lot of people will choose to get designs like crown tattoos, since this gives them the opportunity to get to the goals that they want to achieve.

Another reason why people like getting crown tattoos is because of the endless amount of design possibilities available. There are loads of designs when it comes to crown tattoo types, and you can also choose to decorate them with jewels or just keep things simple. You can make a crown tattoo to look either feminine or masculine, depending on whoever wears the tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Tattoos

1.) What advice would you give me regarding my tattoos?

  • Your artist will tell you all of the possible things they can do to your tattoo, and all the ones that aren’t. Before booking an appointment, you could already have a vivid picture in your head about what your dream tattoo really looks like. However, please remember that it will not be plausible to tattoo anything that comes to your mind. So if your artist tells you not to get lettering tattoos on your back that only measures five millimeters tall, then there’s a very good reason for that.

2.) Can I bring pictures on my phone?

  • When you come and visit a tattoo shop for consultation or for the session itself, make sure to bring any reference material which will help your tattoo artists to have a gist of the design that you want. This looks so much easier in comparison to talking about photos that you may have already saved on your phone.

3.) Can I book an appointment with a certain artist?

  • If you’re looking for a specific artist to draw your tattoo because you enjoy their art or if they fit your own aesthetic, then you may want to know that the best results here will always come from letting that artist do whatever they want for your design, and giving them a sense of creative freedom. Let them do what they’re good at. It’s definitely all worth it in the end, perhaps.

4.) How do I book an appointment?

  • After you and your artist have agreed on a lovely tattoo design, then feel free to book an appointment with them. During this stage, they will normally ask you to pay them a deposit in order to book a future tattooing session with them. The deposit could go up to fifty percent of whatever the final cost of your session may be. This deposit will not feature from the final cost of the first tattooing session (if there are multiple sessions involved). In some shops, your tattoo artists will forfeit your deposit in case you abruptly cancel your appointment less than two days before the session begins, or if you end up changing your mind after the artist has already finished working on the stencils.

5.) Do tattoos really hurt as bad?

  • In regards to picking the right body part for you and your artist to place your new tattoo on, it’s important to remember that there are certain areas of the body which are much more painful in comparison to the rest. The ribs and the top of the foot are perhaps the worst places to get a tattoo on, since you can find bones directly underneath the skin. Of course, everything will still depend on the person’s own tolerance for pain.

But as always, you can place in your very own interpretation to the crown tattoo you’re getting. It’s a known symbol of plenty of cultures and backgrounds. Popular crown tattoo meanings include leadership, authority, and power. Others include justice, divine inspiration, confidence, and legitimacy, as well as self-control, justice, and luck.

Are Crown Tattoos Painful?

After getting your tattoo, make sure to listen carefully to your artist’s instructions. It’s quite normal for a brand new tattoo to feel sore and for your skin to swell a couple of days. And after the tattooing session is through, your artist will be giving you a set of instructions on how to properly care for a brand new tattoo. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully and the amount of pain that comes after getting a tattoo will be minimal.

Each tattoo artist has their own set of instructions about caring for a tattoo, so aftercare steps are very varied. But the main objective here is to take care of your new tattoo and keep it well-protected, make sure it isn’t exposed directly to sunlight or not submerged in water. Keep applying tattoo aftercare creams or a scent-free moisturizer until it completely heals up.

Crown Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Do not touch your brand new tattoo with dirty hands or rub it with a dirty cloth or paper towel – Just about anything that isn’t sterilized. But if you touch it by accident, wash it right away using lukewarm water and non-scented mild antibacterial soap. If you end up transferring different germs and bacteria towards your tattoo, which is technically an open wound, you could end up sustaining a painful infection – And the final outcome of your tattoo will look damaged as well.

When you clean your new tattoo, do it by rubbing lukewarm water and soap onto it with your fingers, in a slow, gentle circular motion. Do not use a fluffy towel or cloth to clean up your tattoo. These kinds of cloths will prematurely remove the ink and skin, completely damaging the final outcome of your new ink. Not to mention bits of fluff coming from the towel will stick to the scabs or pull them off, prolonging the healing.

Don’t forget to blot the area dry using a dried and clean piece of paper towel, or leave it out to dry naturally. Do not scratch or rub the area to clean up the tattoo.

You might want to wear loose clothes for a while as your tattoo heals, too.

Crown Tattoo Preparation Tips

Do not compromise your tattoo’s design for the sake of paying cheap. Unless you really know somebody who has gotten an affordable tattoo in a reputable tattoo shop, if a good tattoo comes at a cheap price, then it might just seem too good to be true – And it most likely is. Getting a tattoo means you will change the way your body looks for the rest of your life. If this isn’t worth saving up plenty of cash for, then what else is?

It is a great idea that you do a bit of research on your chosen shop or artist. This is a person you will trust your body with. Pick an artist at least a few weeks ahead of the session, and check out their portfolio before booking an appointment. Be sure that you’re content and happy with their designs and tattoo artwork, and that their designs will fit your own personal aesthetic. You can find photos of their works inside the shop or on the internet, or read reviews from past clients. This will help you figure out if they’re the one for you.

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