125 Symbolic Heart Tattoos For Men And Women

Heart Tattoo History

In Buddhism, the heart to serves as a connection to the Dharmachakra, which, translates to ‘the wheel of the law’. And because of this, heart tattoos in Buddhism symbolizes everything that’s perfect in the universe. And apart from that, it also relates to mindfulness, compassion, and devotion.

This art form was popular during the start of the twentieth century, when tattooing started gaining fame in Western countries. The crying heart tattoo, in particular, was a very famous design which has definitely stood the test of time. This specific design was supposedly created by Bert Grimm, a legendary tattoo artist. The crying heart tattoo eventually had a resurgence over the past few decades, and now, it manages to stand as a timeless classic, used by plenty of tattoo fans and artists alike. A crying heart tattoo is bold and expressive at the same time.  It is a symbol of a person’s broken heart, and a past relationship that has faded away. However, this tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to carry an emotional and sad meaning.

During certain periods, heart tattoos will bear the name of someone dear to the wearer, or a message. Heart tattoos were mostly associated with mothers and wives, and sailors often wore them as a sort of tribute to the ladies in their life. This tattoo became a hit for a long period of time. Nowadays, a crying heart tattoo was frequently associated with somebody near and dear to their own heart.

According to legend, the first person to get a heart tattoo bearing the name of his mother was an Irish sailor. He decorated his new ink with a saber sword and a heart, along with a line from a popular sea chantey: “Kissed me darling mother”. This classic tattoo design perhaps became the inspiration for today’s modern heart tattoo.

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Types of Heart Tattoos

  • Broken heart tattoos – This tattoo can serve as a painful reminder of a failed relationship, or a lost love. And the wearer can also get this to symbolize a broken heart. In certain instances, a broken heart tattoo can acts as a representation of a long-distance relationship, because it could remind the wearer of how special the relationship is for both parties.
  • Interlocking heart tattoos – This type of heart tattoo carries simple outlines, instead of filling it with color. You can also include elaborate patterns right at the bottom of the design, so that it looks twice as beautiful. You can include a few shades of pink, blue, or red to add in a pop of color. Maybe you could even get this design done on the chest area, so that you will always think of your beloved. The inside of your wrists is also a good spot for this design, since it can act as a reminder of your love.
  • Heart and rose tattoos – Roses and hearts are the perfect match for both men and women. Individually, these two symbols are popular across the globe. Meanwhile combining these two can lead in a whole variety of designs. And even though plenty of these designs are in red, people will often pick an unconventional color and go for purple, black, white, yellow, or pink.
  • Black heart tattoo – When you choose to get a tattoo of an anatomical heart and fill it up with jet-black ink, this can represent a person having a cold demeanor. Or maybe it represents a certain dark memory in the wearer’s own life, like the loss of a loved one. It can also work as a tribute to a horrible event that had an effect on the wearer.
  • Anatomical heart tattoo – Getting a tattoo of an anatomical heart can work as a good representation of a human heart, so it has to have the right color too, for some added accuracy. You could even place the tattoo on top of your own heart and have it done in the right size as well. Since this tattoo looks so realistic, a lot of doctors, cardiologists, and other medical professionals will often get this tattoo for themselves. Oftentimes, the anatomical heart tattoo will be pair up with a human hand holding it. Meanwhile, when it comes to symbolism, it could show that you are holding somebody’s heart in your own hand, and this means that you love and cherish them very much.
  • Sacred heart tattoo – A sacred heart tattoo can also be a highly popular design. Sacred hearts themselves are a popular design. This is because they carry a lengthy history that dates back to thousands of years ago. The history of the sacred heart actually goes all the way back to 17th century France. You can pair up the sacred heart tattoo with another design with strong symbolism, including pierced swords or daggers, an angel, a standard crown, or a crown of thorns. Many tattoo artists draw these as burning symbols surrounding the tattoo’s design. This kind of pattern has been there for the longest time, and is popular by Catholics.
  • Lion heart tattoo – Choosing a lion heart tattoo for your design is one of the best ways to show off your own desire and strength to protect your loved ones. One more popular option for this design is to have the lion’s head facing towards the viewer, and to fashion its mane to the shape of a heart. There’s a second option for these tattoos: Getting a red heart done in the lion’s chest, while the regal animal looks off into the distance. You can also opt to have two lion’s heads facing in opposite sides with an anatomical heart in between them. This is proof that you truly have a courageous heart.

Heart Tattoo Meaning

A heart tattoo can represent a whole multitude of things. In regards to religious themes, a heart tattoo can symbolize the sacred heart. Sacred hearts, in Catholicism, means that you are fully committed to worshipping the divine heart of Jesus. The sacred heart is a representation of Jesus’ love for us.

Heart tattoos can also have plenty of other meanings aside from that – It shows courage, strength, compassion, and true love. And at the same time, it can serve as a tribute to the deceased, or as a symbol of loss, or grief.

A heart tattoo can come in so many styles, shapes, shades, and designs. You can pretty much place them just about anywhere on your body, or incorporate it into your current tattoo design. Plenty of people enjoy getting heart tattoos done on the wrists, the feet, the forearms, and the hips. But in the case of realistic tattoos, additional skin might be a necessity.

Since heart tattoos can represent so many things, they allow your creativity to shine through, along with the artist’s flexibility.

The heart is perhaps the most recognized symbol of love and passion. Even though the heart tattoo can carry loads of meanings, each of them will mean something very different, depending on the person. Hearts have feature in most tattoo designs, because these designs first gained plenty of popularity amongst sailors and navy-themed looks. Your tattoo artist can come up with A heart tattoo in any way you like, with different colors, shapes, and looks. Couples will often get the names of their other halves inked into the design itself. Heart tattoos can also showcase a person’s love for a family member, or even a pet. Many people had the ideal of the heart to be the source of all knowledge, apart from the brain. And what’s more, heart tattoos can help these artists flex their creativity, since they can craft their own designs and meanings. These tattoos can mean so many things, depending on who wears them.

A heart tattoo can come in so many designs, each carrying their own unique meaning. No matter if you intend to celebrate an important milestone with a special someone, or if you want to have a reminder of your interests and passions, a heart tattoo can make the best kind of design which will surely resonate with everyone. Many people for long time consider hearts as a representation of one’s own feelings of passion and love, and has continuously been one of the most popular tattoo art designs, ever since the early days of tattooing. The heart represents both the mind and the soul for so many times now, that it has since become an important aspect of human existence as well as a reflection of their feelings.

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Ideal Placement for Heart Tattoos

Similar to star tattoos, a heart tattoo can come in dozens of sizes, colors, and looks. But normally, the ones who acquire these tattoos will want a medium-sized heart or a tiny heart to put on their own bodies. These tattoo designs are to be very versatile as well to many people, since you can pretty much place them on any portion of the body.

Nowadays, it is very common for people to draw heart tattoos on their wrists. The wrists are a very popular placement for ladies who want tattoos, since getting a tattoo here isn’t that painful in comparison to the rest. The wrists are the perfect place for smaller or medium-sized heart tattoos. The same area also heals really quickly compared to other parts of the body. But you have to make sure that you keep your tattoo well-maintained, putting it far away from sun or water exposure until it has healed up.

Another good option is the forearm. Wearing a tattoo on the forearms is a great way for you to fully enhance your own features, as well as for the tattoo to look amazing on your skin. A heart tattoo on the forearms can look really adorable, which is why it’s such a good spot.

If you want people to take a closer look at your thigh tattoo, then allow it to peek a bit beneath skirts or shorts, or completely go all out and show it off when you’re at the beach or by the pool. Thighs and legs are a great canvas to work with in regards to tattoos, so they’re a good spot for larger designs. The upper thigh is also a good spot to apply pressure on, so the tattoo has the potential to look crisp and dark, like new.

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Heart Tattoo Preparation Tips

Stay completely still while your artist draws your tattoo. It’s pretty much unavoidable that during a lengthy tattoo session, you’ll feel the urge to move a bit in order to stop yourself from shaking as you hold a certain position, or to stop your feet or legs from feeling numb. If this is the case, then tell your artist right away so they can switch off the tattoo gun for a while to prevent any accidents from happening. The same applies if you feel the need to sneeze or cough.

Acquiring the tattoo is just the beginning of the journey. In order for your tattoo session to turn out just as great as you had planned, you still have to go through so many steps to make sure that your tattoo finishes up and looks just the way as you want it to be.

Leaving tips may not be customary in certain locations, but tattoo shops still fall under the services industry. This is why you have to leave a generous tip to your artist, paying pretty much the same amount of cash as you would a waiter or a bartender.


Are Heart Tattoos Painful?

Perhaps one of the most popular questions anyone can ask in regards to getting tattoos is this: Is it really as painful as people expect it to be? So many individuals will avoid getting tattoos thanks to the pain. Those who have gotten tattoos plenty of times are pretty much used to it, while others will still look for anything they can to ease it, especially if their tattoos happen to be large and detailed ones. But there isn’t really an appropriate response to this question. This will all depend on the person’s tolerance for pain, along with their immune system. Oftentimes, the placement of your tattoo will also be a factor for pain, as some areas will be more painful compared to the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heart Tattoos

1.) What do tattoos really mean?

  • There’s always a different and unique story behind every tattoo design – It all depends on who wears them. And these stories vary – They can either be something shallow and funny, or meaningful, introspective, personal, and deep. So if you ask this question to a tattoo wearer, this means you are actually willing to listen to the person’s interests and passions, and the reason why they got the tattoo. Asking this also means you have to be fully open to the idea that a particular event or person spoke to them in a way that it made a profound impact on them and changed their lives for the better, even though the story will leave you feeling completely unfazed. This is similar to forcing yourself to react appropriately when someone shows you a video that they think is hilarious or cute. Simply put, this person will tell you a personal anecdote about them with you, so be sure to treat this piece of knowledge with nothing but respect.

2.) How much did you pay for your tattoo?

  • This is a question you have to be careful with when asking, because it all depends on the words that you use. If you even place a small hint of ‘… why spend your money on a tattoo, when you could buy other things that are important?’, then the price won’t matter and the wearer would think that you’re being too nosy. Tattoos are ussualy an investment piece to many people to be an investment piece, and it’s great that people spend their cash on something that’ll last them the entire lifetime. If you have this gut feeling that you can create a bargain with your artist and convince them to give you an affordable tattoo for free, then there’s a huge possibility that you’ll end up sporting a cheap tattoo as well. If the content of your tattoo matters to you, then you’re going to have to save up for your new tattoo. And if you’re still thinking twice about spending some cash on your tattoo, then there’s a high possibility that you might not even want a tattoo yet.

3.) What do parents think of tattoos?

  • Many parents will always have a positive reaction towards anything that their kids will do – But this is not the case for tattoos, as most parents will either hate them, or freak out with their kids’ decisions, unless they themselves have tattoos. You shouldn’t really have to worry about what your parents really think when you get your tattoos done, because it’s your body that’s going under that tattoo gun, and not theirs. Keep in mind that your body is still your body, and you can do whatever you want with it.

4.) Would you remove a tattoo?

  • Remember that tattoo removal is expensive, and it takes plenty of time for the process to be over. Sometimes, the removal process isn’t even successful and you will still have a few remnants of your old tattoo. When you decide to get a tattoo, you must be completely aware that this is a very final and permanent decision.


How Much Does A Heart Tattoo Cost?

A great thing you need to think about when you choose to get a heart tattoo is the price. The final cost of your tattoo will all depend on your artist’s experience. A lot of these professional tattoo artists will charge you by the hour. And in case this happens, then you can guarantee that your tattoo will look amazing, because it’s done by a professional. But these heart tattoos are also downright expensive, and can cost you up to 300 bucks per hour. If you decide to go for a big design, then you could end up spending plenty of cash. The same applies for a customized tattoo design – If the artist charges you by the hour, then get ready to pay over 300 bucks as well. Plenty of these professional tattoos will have a minimum price of 100 dollars. So yes, even a small heart tattoo can be heavy on the wallet.

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Heart Tattoo Maintenance Tips

To keep your tattoo looking just as good as the day that you got it, be sure to clean it up regularly. You may already know that a tattoo is technically an open wound. This means you need to clean it regularly in order to stop infections from happening. According to experts, tattoos can create plenty of tiny holes inside the skin, so the tattoo ink and pigments can enter. In addition, when this is over, the skin will open up little bit and can welcome a handful of infections, such as bacterial infections and germs. One of the best things to remember is to check if the tattoo site is clean. You can wash it with a combination of lukewarm water and mild, non-scented antibacterial soap. In addition, be sure your hands are completely clean when performing this task, to prevent any scabs from prematurely forming.

Water can also lead to a potential infection for your new tattoo, so do not submerge it in water – Including baths, hot tubs, pools, and seas or lakes until it your tattoo heals up.

You never have to wait that long before you take a shower using a new tattoo. But for the first few days after getting a tattoo, wrap it with some clean clingwrap so the water stays out.

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