155 Top Mandala Tattoo Choices For This Season

The mandala’s design actually goes way back to the prehistoric era. Back in the day, there was a time in which this sacred symbol was only important to a small group of people. This was originally a piece of art, which was popular by ancient tribes, to symbolize the Earth or the entire universe. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it also came to represent the spiritual aspect of the two religions. However, not long after that, mandala tattoos transformed themselves into one of the best-known tattoo designs from across the globe. Despite the fact that the mandala’s design came from ancient art, plenty of people love how amazingly it looks as a tattoo on a person’s body. The reason why mandalas are so popular because it’s beautiful and simple at the same time, and it carries loads of various meanings as well. However, an advantage of a mandala tattoo over other designs is that you can combine different shapes together with nearly every other tattoo design.
Coming from a Sanskrit term, mandala literally means ‘whole’ or ‘circular’. Even though a mandala tattoo features not just circles but multiple shapes, the circle is always there and carries the deepest meaning out of all of them. Usually, a mandala tattoo has an in-depth and intricate design. In real life, mandalas are in use while performing or singing a religious chant. The person who creates the mandala starts right at the middle while gradually moving outwards, all the while talking to a higher being.
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Types Of Mandala Tattoo Designs

• Tribal mandala tattoo – Plenty of tribal tattoo designs do carry the same kind of spiritual meaning as the mandala designs, especially the ones that came from Native Americans. What’s common between these two is that they have a close link with circles, all of which portray a vital role in tradition and rituals done by these tribes. Sometimes, Native Americans would even utilize circles when creating jewelry, or incorporate circular designs when weaving fabric. For mandalas, you can see them being prominently featured in several tribal tattoo designs, including Maori-based tattoos.
• Flower mandala tattoo – The design of this mandala tattoo features circles, which, when formed together, complete the look of the mandala. But apart from that, the patterns and the colors used here will form together to make a flower shape in the middle. You can place this tattoo on the upper arms. Ladies are fans of this particular design more than the gents. The reason why this tattoo is so popular is because the center of the design manages to catch the attention of so many viewers. And what’s more, the lovely flower shape will surely provide the tattoo with a special meaning, which symbolise the beginning of life, or starting a new life. Similar to how a flower blooms with enough care, your life will become better too. This tattoo design will surely inspire you.
• Celestial bodies mandala tattoo – The moon, the sun, the Earth, and even the stars all have the perfect shape for a mandala tattoo. You can decide to get a moon or sun tattoo, or just go for the traditional mandala design. If you prefer the sun, then use the standard mandala design and get your artist to draw rays on it, which go upwards to symbolize sunlight or sunshine. Depending on how the artist creates the design, the celestial bodies mandala tattoo can symbolize hope, living a new life, or enlightenment through meditating.
• Arrow mandala tattoo – Yet another mandala tattoo design that looks amazing when it comes to both simplicity and beauty. This design carries the shape of the traditional mandala, while two arrows are crossing paths in the center. This tattoo is just amazing, and looks good on your body. All of the tattoos that involve mandalas have a deeper spiritual meaning to it, so when you decide to get yourself a design, it’s always important to think about what it really means. And the mandala’s geometric patterns can also mean that placement does matter when it comes to this tattoo. If done correctly, the tattoo can carry a look that is both classic and captures attention.
• Elephant mandala tattoo – Or you can opt for a mandala tattoo in the shape of an animal instead, thanks to their symbolism, or simply because you happen to love that animal so much. You and your artist can come up with so many creative ways to incorporate an animal into a mandala tattoo, or vice-verse.
• Colorful mandala tattoo – For those who feel a connection to large bodies of water, or are huge fans of tattoo designs with brilliant color schemes, then you may want to consider obtaining a colorful mandala tattoo, or a mandala tattoo with a pretty watercolor background.
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Ideal Placement Of Mandala Tattoo

A mandala comes in a huge, circular shape – So maybe the back or the chest area works as the best parts of the body to place them on. The reason why this is so is because these two areas are both flat and wide, thus it cannot distort the overall look of the mandala. Meanwhile, placing your mandala tattoo on a curvier part of the body can change the shape, which is this specific tattoo’s most important aspect. You can place a bigger mandala tattoo on bigger parts of the body, like the shoulders, the spine, the chest, the stomach, and the ribs. You can place smaller tattoos on the thighs, the legs, the spine, the wrists, and the ankles.
If you want to flaunt your new ink, then place it on the back or side of the neck – But it’s advisable to talk to an expert first regarding the sustainability of the design. When you decide to go for a smaller tattoo design, be sure to limit the details, since the amount of space on your body isn’t going to allow you to position larger tattoo designs on those areas.
Placing a mandala tattoo design on your legs or thighs can look gorgeous and even create a three-dimensional effect. However, not a lot of people will be able to see it thanks to its placement. Mandala tattoos on those two aforementioned areas are the best for those who aren’t too keen on gaining attention for their ink, but still want to enjoy the spiritual and religious meaning of these tattoos. And what’s more, a tattoo design such as this one can carry the best kind of shading and the wearer’s skin tone, creating loads of depth. This mandala tattoo is perfect for those who are love what the universe has to offer them.
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How Much Is A Mandala Tattoo?

There are actually loads of reasons as to why two tattoos bearing the exact same design can carry vastly different prices. Some of the stated reasons here might be obvious to some, but there are also plenty of other unknown reasons as to why these mandala tattoos can be pricier in comparison to the rest.
Several tattoo shops will often charge varying prices for their clients, even though they asked for the same design. The reason for this is because the final cost will all depend on how complex or detailed your mandala tattoo will be, as well as the experience and professionalism of the artist who will be doing the job. In case your artist uses top-quality pigments and inks for your tattoo, sterilized or brand new needles, as well as creams and soaps for moisturizing your new tattoo, then there’s a possibility that they will demand a much larger final price, especially in comparison to a shop that uses products of a lesser quality, or worse, not sanitized properly.
For mandala tattoos, the standard price could go for $100 up to $300, depending on how big or small it is. Because a mandala tattoo can feature in a whole range of shades and hues, a colored tattoo can be twice as expensive than a regular black-ink tattoo. Apart from that, mandala tattoos will take twice as long to complete versus a simple tattoo. This can completely justify the extra price that comes with each tattoo. That aside, however, you can still be able to acquire only the best service from a professional shop, and your tattoo will look amazing as well.

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Tattooing is one of the best ways for a person to adorn their body with art. That is because there really is something that captivates people with these brilliant, beautiful designs – Which become a part of the person’s body forever, after you get it done at the tattoo shop. The main beauty of your new ink will all rely, to a large extent, on your own chosen design. And when it comes to tattoo designs, the options are endless – You can choose from a whole myriad of natural objects like celestial bodies, animals, flowers, insects, etc. along with tribal markings, futuristic, quotation tattoos, or even three-dimensional looks. And when it comes to spiritual tattoos, there’s nothing more beautiful than a mandala. Mandalas have a deep meaning to it, and this is the reason why they’re different from other tattoo designs, even spiritual ones. A mandala tattoo looks similar to a floral tattoo at first glance, but they’re actually vastly different in regards to the meaning. And what’s more, a mandala tattoo design looks both alluring and stunning when done by a professional tattoo artist. Most tattoo artists do have a penchant for bringing out any tattoo design’s depth, especially when they focus on drawing the tiniest details of your tattoo.
The word ‘mandala’ emancipates from the Sanskrit term meaning ‘circle’. And similar to a circle or any round shape, a mandala can mean eternity, or being complete. Circles can also symbolize being whole, balance, as well as perfection, since the distance coming from the middle of the shape going to all of its points will stay the same, no matter where you choose to measure it. Mandalas are not just popular in Hinduism – Other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and even Paganism have used it too.
And what’s more, circles, like the shape of the mandala, tend to occupy a significant spot in human existence, because it takes on the form of most of the things that we see in the sky, like the moon and the sun. Our Earth, like all other planets, has a circular shape. For mandala tattoos, the main design could be either a circle or a square with a mandala design placed in the centre. However, much of the viewer’s focus will still be on the mandala, since this is the biggest and most visible part of the tattoo.
In art, mandalas are comprised of simple geometric shapes, such as triangles and squares. But when you take a closer look at it, it actually shows a circle instead of triangles and squares. That is because a mandala contains a balance of geometric shapes, all which make up a beautiful singular pattern.




Frequently Asked Questions About Mandala Tattoos

1.) Is getting a tattoo painful?
Absolutely. Acquiring a tattoo can hurt a lot. That’s because tattooing will require applying inks beneath the person’s first epidermal layer, right beneath the skin. So the bigger the design you want for a tattoo, the longer or more sessions it’ll take for it to finish. Obviously, smaller tattoos won’t hurt that much in comparison to a large, detailed one. But you still need to keep in mind that people wouldn’t even think about obtaining a second (or a third, a fourth, a fifth, etc…) if the first tattoo was unbearable.
2.) How much does it cost to get a tattoo done?
• The final price of your tattoo will usually depend on the size, how complex or detailed the design is, and where you decide to place it on your body. In most tattoo shops, the average price will begin at around thirty bucks, and will start going up from there. Most tattoos are not cheap. Keep in mind that paying only a handful of bucks will result in a poorly-made tattoo, and you only get one chance to obtain your dream tattoo, on the spot where you want it the most. So go right ahead and get it done on a professional tattoo shop.
3.) How do I take care of a new tattoo?
• Artists will place your new tattoo under a strict sanitary condition. Be sure to moisturize it and keep it away from dirt or sun and water exposure. Leave your bandage on for up to six hours, or how long your artist advises you to. Then take it off (don’t rebandage!), wash your new ink with lukewarm water and a non-scented antibacterial soap, and pat it dry gently. Apply moisturizer or tattoo aftercare creams at least up to four times a day, before the scabs start forming.
4.) Will my tattoo fade?
• Plenty of professional tattoo shops only utilize the best inks found in the industry. It’s not easy to find these inks and pigments, and oftentimes, pigment factory ship these themselves to the tattoo centre to prevent contamination. Tattoo inks are expensive. But when you use the best ink, you can be certain that your tattoo will stay as good as new.
5.) Can I bring in my own tattoo design?
• Of course! Pretty much you can make any beautiful design out there to look gorgeous in the hands of a professional. On the other hand, you can also choose from previous designs lined up in the walls on most tattoo shops, or from a Flash tattoo art booklet. But if you have brought in a custom design or already know the kind of design that you prefer, then that’s okay too, since this makes it much simpler to talk about your dream tattoo to the artist.
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Are Mandala Tattoos Painful?
In regards to acquiring a tattoo, there’s an classic phrase which is, unfortunately, quite an accurate description of the experience: No pain, no gain. A tattoo will hurt, even for just a tiny bit. But when you come to your appointment armed with the correct mindset, and using a couple of tips and tricks to handle pain, then you can handle this pretty well. In fact, in the end, you may just be surprised at how you were able to handle the whole thing!
It helps to talk with an expert or a professional regarding your upcoming tattoo session, so you can get a peace of mind. If you haven’t had a tattoo yet, perhaps one good way to prepare yourself mentally is to learn more about the process itself. The best mindset to have when you step inside your chosen tattoo shop is one that’s not filled with any stress or anxiety – So the calmer and more relaxed you’re feeling, the better the process will turn out.

Mandala Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you have picked the tattoo design of your choice and have managed to get it done in a reputable studio with a professional artist, maintenance and aftercare now becomes the main priority of your new tattoo. This is an important step that you have to take seriously, no matter if it’s your first tattoo or your fourth – You must learn how to properly maintain a tattoo as good as possible.
Why is tattoo aftercare even important, anyway? Throughout history, the healing process of a person’s tattoo wasn’t even thought about, even by professional artists. However, as time went on, they started educating themselves about just how important this part of the tattooing journey actually is.
Taking care of a brand new tattoo is a matter of utmost importance, which immediately begins as soon as you jump out of the artist’s chair and leave the studio – And throughout the rest of your life. It’s actually very important that you properly care for your new tattoo, so that the ink and pigmentation injected into your skin will look sharp, crisp, and bright for the rest of your life.

Tattoo Preparation Tips

If you browse through nearly every tattoo-centered blog or website out there, or look at a tattoo shop’s social media profile, there’s a pretty huge chance that you’ll learn tons of brand new info regarding what you need to do after you get a tattoo. These sites can have their own set of important resources, which can serve as a guide for both new and experienced tattoo fans on how to go through maintenance and aftercare. Naturally, learning more about these things is great because you can get some serious health issues when you don’t take care of your tattoo. But what about tattoo preparation? Are there also some pieces of important advice which you need to follow?
Yes, there is. And even though tattoo preparation isn’t exactly as important as aftercare of maintenance, getting ready for a tattoo still makes a huge difference for you and your artist. The overall health of your skin can affect how it accepts the ink and pigments. This means that you have to take all measures to make sure that your skin is healthy before you get the tattoo done.

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