155 Loveable Matching Tattoos For New Couples

Matching Tattoos History

A lot of people are aware that the origins of tattooing do start deep inside the chronicles of history. And for matching couple tattoos, it’s not much different either. Those people who lived inside ancient tribes are pretty much famous for their love of receiving and giving tattoos – And even though several scientists are fully aware that these tattoos were thought of as talismans to get rid of evil spirits or cure illnesses, plenty of these tribes started creating these tattoos as a form of sacred ritual.

Matching tattoos aren’t exactly a brand new concept here. In fact, the idea of getting matching tattoo goes back to the ancient Roman era, in which soldiers would acquire matching tattoos as an official marking after they have been chosen to join the military. However, Americans are acquiring tattoos even more than ever, and it’s very possible that they could get a matching tattoo with either a close friend, a family member, or a sweetheart.

The concept of matching tattoos does span across various cultures nowadays, and it’s not really surprising why. Getting matching ink with a pal or a loved one can serve as a symbol of loyalty and adoration the two of you feel for each other. And what’s more, getting these matching tattoos can serve as a permanent method of paying tribute to the love you feel for each other. And getting these matching tattoos can also serve as a way to honor the loyalty you feel for a certain individual. It may sound like a sappy idea, but it’s still wonderful to think about.matching couple tattoos

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Types Of Matching Tattoos

  • Heart matching tattoos – A heart tattoo is often the most common concept when it comes to matching tattoos. That’s because these tattoo ideas have always been well-liked by so many individuals, and as a standard rule, the heart tattoo is often associated with the heart symbol. It doesn’t really matter if it’s an anatomical heart, a realistic heart, an old-school heart, a love heart, or even a sacred heart. The heart serves as a symbol of kindness, love, and loyalty. It also covers plenty of senses too.
  • Fingerprint heart matching tattoos – This tattoo idea is perfect for those couples who want to find something simple, which could leave a permanent imprint of their love for one another. The fingerprint heart tattoo looks great on the wearer’s ankles, or the wrists, or pretty much any part of the body where both you and your partner will be able to see.
  • Design connection matching tattoos – This is a design that is truly special and unique for the couple who wears it. It helps to pick a design which you can divide into two parts, and you can also acquire a tattoo that only means a lot for the both of you. This tattoo will not be complete if you aren’t together.
  • Colored circle matching tattoos – This is an amazing design for a new couple. The dark circle belongs to the men, while their other half will get the circle that’s bright and filled with colors.
  • Yin-yang matching tattoos – In Chinese culture, the Yin-Yang symbol is a representation of a perfect balance inside a union of two direct opposites. The female Yin side represents the Earth, darker energy, cold weather, and the moon. The Yang is its opposite, symbolizing the sky, masculinity, warmer weather, and the sun.
  • Matching tattoos in another language – You and your loved one can show off your love for one another by getting a tattoo written in another language. This is a personal thing that the two of you can share with one another. It would be a very romantic idea if you and your partner can get a shared expression of love tattooed on your bodies, but have it done in a language that the two of you like hearing as well.

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Matching Tattoos Meaning

A couple tattoo can be downright cute, not to mention it carries plenty of meaning as well. Perhaps one of the best types of couple tattoos out there involves a quote tattoo that is placed on a matching part of the couple’s body, like their wrists or the hands. Go right ahead and use your favorite quotations or words and get them done on separate parts of your bodies. This showcases how nice the both of you look when the two of you are together.

After you manage to get yourself into a new relationship, it’s only natural that you want to tell everybody about your undying love for your new partner. Through the years, there have been plenty of ways for couples to subtly (and not-so-subtly) show off their love for each other. These options include wearing couple accessories, couple shirts, couple shoes, or even buying matching bags. But what if the two of you are into one another and want something to last forever? Then getting a couple tattoo is one of the best options available. Most people understand that tattoos are to be permanent, and will stay on your skin even as you grow old.

If you want to place a bit of permanent ink onto your skin, then one of the best things to do here would be to get a tattoo as a sign of your unquenchable loyalty towards your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only will this feel like a link, but it can also carry a much bigger meaning between the two of you. And what’s more, a good tattoo always makes for a wonderful fashion statement.

Sometimes, a couple will take the famous phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” a bit literally, through acquiring a tattoo that will surely remind them of their loved one. Practically every couple in love out there will get the courage to say ‘I do’ once the time is right, but getting a permanent marking on their skin that is a testimonial to a loved one does take plenty of courage – Especially when the two of you are still in the dating stage. This is the reason why acquiring a matching couple tattoo will mean that you have found the person that you wanna stay with for the rest of your life. A tattoo stays with you for life. So it doesn’t really matter if you want to get one done, or not – Just the idea of wanting to get one with a person who means a lot to you is already a sweet gesture in itself. Technically a couple tattoo doesn’t carry any important meaning, apart from the fact that it’s a romantic way to show off your love for one another.

matching couple tattoos

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Ideal Placement Of Matching Tattoos

A relationship tattoo or a matching tattoo is perhaps one of the best options for couples everywhere. These matching tattoos are actually the type of tattoos that fits on their bodies, similar to how a regular tattoo works. But perhaps the only difference between these two is that they purposely come unfinished. Just like any other couple tattoo, a matching tattoo will be unfinished, or they will only come with a singular character – Either the male half, or the female half. You or your partner will wear the other half of the tattoo, so the tattoo will only be understood by those who see it when the two of you are together.

There’s nothing quite like a matching tattoo that serves as a sign of love for one another. And of course, you will be able to place this kind of tattoo on any part of the body. Perhaps the most popular spot here has got to be the biceps, similar to an old-school tattoo. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot step outside the box and come up with a one-of-a-kind placement for your tattoo.

Think about placing a couple of hearts on the inner wrist as a tattoo idea. One more option is a couple heart tattoo. If matching tattoos are your thing and if your partner is willing to get one too, then go for a unique idea which doesn’t just involve tattooing your partner’s name on your own body. You can go for the famous half-heart tattoo on each of your bodies, and this can form into a whole heart when the two of you are together. This idea works nicely on the arms and the wrists as well.

If you really want a matching tattoo with your loved one, then go for a tiny design. A matching tattoo, in general has to be both simple and small – So in case things don’t work out between the two of you, it’ll be much easier for the artist to cover it up, or remove it. And of course it helps if you ask them about their opinion, so they can suggest cover-up tattoo designs or ideas, along with the placement of the tattoo and how big or small it should be. One of the best ways for you to acquire an excellent matching tattoo with a partner is to get a design that works as a stand-alone tattoo, but benefits as a matching tattoo as well.

The placement of your chosen tattoo will also depend on where the couple wants to put it on. It also depends on the design of the tattoo that they want to get. A smaller tattoo placed on a smaller part of the body won’t bear too much detailing, so it’s perfect on that spot. One of the more interesting advantages in regards to these tattoos is that they require full commitment between the two of you, since a tattoo is a permanent marking after all. So a couple who chooses to get matching tattoos has to be loyal to each other, and likely to stay together forever.

Matching Tattoos Preparation Tips

Make sure you already know how much cash you’re willing to give out for your new tattoo, so you can be certain that you already have enough money to give to your artist once they’re done. It also helps to learn beforehand about whether your new ink comes at a fixed price as a whole, or if your artist will charge you by the hour. If it’s the latter, then expect to bring in a bit more money than what you plan on spending on, so you can easily handle the payment in case you and your artist go overtime, and they’ll ask you to pay for twice the amount of cash.

And when you’re about to get yourself a tattoo, you must never forget about the other additional costs you could pay for on that day. This includes car parking, drinks, food, tattoo maintenance products, and a tip for the staff and artist. Perhaps one of the worst things you can do here is to miss or forget your appointment.matching couple tattoos

Are Matching Tattoos Painful?

Nowadays, riding a motorcycle and wearing a sleek leather jacket isn’t enough to convey a ‘tough’ image. In fact, these two elements have fallen off woefully short in just showing how much of a baddie you can really be. And this just won’t do for some individuals. It means that everyone has to see you in your full glory, and the world, in turn has to know as well. So you put on a pair of boots, step inside your nearest reputable tattoo shop, choose a design that conveys a tough image, sit down on the chair, and… Feel the excruciating pain. Why do tattoos hurt a lot?

If  tattoo pain scares you too much , then by all means start out small. Experts will tell tattoo novices to get a tiny one, since this only takes an hour or two to complete. Tattoo pain is actually a subjective thing and even though the pain might not seem like a huge deal for certain people, others might not be able to handle the sensation and give up right away. So it’s a good idea to try out how exactly will your body react to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Matching Tattoos

  • How do I take care of a brand new tattoo?
  • Make sure your artist places your new tattoo under a strict sanitary condition. After you leave the shop, keep your tattoo clean and follow your artist’s maintenance instructions, especially if this is your first tattoo. Keep your bandage on for at least up to six hours. Take it off, and rinse it with a mild antibacterial unscented soap, and lukewarm water. Do not place a fresh bandage on top of it. As your tattoo heals up, make sure to stay away from pools, beaches, baths, and hot tubs. Do not expose your tattoo to the sunlight. Never pick on the scabs either.
  • Can I bring in my own design for a custom tattoo?
  • Perhaps the best way to do so is through a photograph. It doesn’t really matter where the picture is put on (in your phone, on a shirt, on a mug, an actual photograph, etc.) even if your drawing skills aren’t that great, your artist will still be willing to do that task for you and create a custom design. All you have to do is to describe your dream tattoo to them as detailed as you can, or even bring in a stick drawing. Your artist will hopefully get a sense of what you really want for a tattoo design, and create it on paper right before your own eyes.
  • Can you do touch-ups on a faded tattoo?
  • Your artist can do a touch-up on a faded tattoo, and rework it into a beautiful piece of art that looks as good as new. You can add in some extra color to liven up a faded or old tattoo. And if your artist is creative enough, they can even change it into a brand new (but bigger) tattoo design. For couple tattoos, there’s just no use in having to go through life when you have a previous flame’s name tattooed on your left bicep, when you have split up years ago and are ready to move on to another boyfriend or girlfriend. But thanks to the advent of modern technology, removing a tattoo is so much easier than before.
  • Is it safe to get a tattoo?
  • A lot of professional tattoo shop owners and artists will put their workplace under strict sanitary conditions. Most of these shops use nothing but a disposable type of tattoo system for their clients. Each instrument in use for making tattoos is most of the time new, before they can go through a high pressure and high temperature autoclave machine. This sanitizing process takes over an hour to finish. The artist will dispose the tools used for your tattoo, and clean the tattoo shop

How Much Does A Matching Tattoo Cost?

A tattoo in itself can cost plenty of cash – Going for a hundred dollars, or even more. If you want a tattoo filled with loads of detai

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