155 Loveliest Mother Daughter Tattoos This Year

Ever since the 1970s, tattoos in the UK have since become socially acceptable, and fashionable, especially among public figures and celebrities. These tattoos, however, are not really as prominently seen on authoritative figures, and the practice of getting tattoos by the elderly is still considered as a remarkable thing.
In North America, meanwhile, the Jesuit Relations from 1652 have described the idea of tattooing among the Neutrals and Petun. They claimed that those individuals who have permanently painted themselves have done so with extreme pain, since they used tools like sharp awls, needles, or piercing thorns, which they will perforate into the skin. These markings will form of the person’s face, the chest, the neck, or any other part of the body. Designs included were any drawing of a monster or an animal, like a dragon, an eagle, or a serpent or whatever creature that the wearer prefers. Then, they will trace over the freshly cut and bloody design with a type of powdered charcoal or any other black coloring material. This material will mix with the wearer’s blood, and seep inside the perforations. They will then imprint indelibly on the skin. In certain parts of the world, this practice is very common that tobacco was also used as a paint on a person’s body.
During the time after the American Revolution, to avoid any impressment coming from the British Navy Ships, a sailor will utilize a type of government-issued protection paper to build a future American citizenship. But a lot of these inscriptions of the person as described in the seamen’s own protection certificates were very broad, making it easy for others to abuse the system. Because of this, a lot of the impressment officers coming from the Royal Navy didn’t pay any particular attention to them, or stopped paying attention.
A great way to make things more specific and effective was to write a description about a tattoo, which is very personal for both the location and the subject. This eventually became the description used to correctly identify the seaman. Because of this, a lot of certificates also described the person’s tattoos and scars, as well as other types of specific identifying info. This may have also led to an increase and proliferation regarding the tattoos of certain American seafarers, who wanted to avoid any form of impressment. In the same period, tattoos weren’t exactly popular with the rest of the country. Oftentimes, the protection papers made a reference to the person’s tattoos. This served as evidence that the wearer was a seafarer, since during this time, tattoos were unheard of with the general public.

During the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, a tattoos were considered as a form of self-expression, as they became a way to identify a sailor’s body, in case impressed by the British army or ended up lost at sea.

mother daughter tattoos

Types Of Mother Daughter Tattoo

· Key and lock tattoo – This is yet another symbol of an unbreakable bond between the mother and their child. A mom can get the key tattoo, while the daughter has the lock tattoo. Getting this type of tattoo means that the mother is the literal key to helping all of their child’s issues.
· Matching clover tattoos – Clovers, especially four-leaf clovers, represent luck. Acquiring a matching clover tattoo with your mom means that you want the both of you to have the best luck imaginable and lead great lives. There’s just nothing more amazing than a child wanting their mom to have a great life possible. Because after what your mom went through, you should only want nothing but the best with their friends and family. A clover tattoo means you want to make more great memories with your mom or your parents.
· Infinity heart tattoo – You can get matching infinity heart tattoos with your mom, because this means there’s a never-ending bond between the two of you. This is actually a common tattoo design which a lot of moms and kids get. This represents a mutual and long-lasting respect between the two of you.
· Mother and child tattoo – Mother and child tattoos are a common subject not just in tattooing, but in art as a whole. That’s because it’s a highly touching design in which a mother is holding her baby lovingly, or is spending good quality time together. This displays the love and affection that a mom has towards their child. There’s just no better tattoo design compared to this one – For a mom, their child will always be their precious angel, no matter if their offspring has reached past the teen stage. And as a symbol of your mom’s undying love, you can acquire this tattoo design on your body.
· Yin-yang tattoo designs – This is a truly classy tattoo design which used by moms and their kids. One of the great things about them is that these tattoos do sport a rather elegant style. And not only that, they also represent the completeness of the two wearers, and serve to complement each other.
mother daughter tattoos

Mother Daughter Tattoo Meaning

A mother daughter tattoo doesn’t really carry any other meaning apart from showing how close the two of them are. A mother will show nothing but pure dedication in supporting their kids’ endeavors. Meanwhile, the daughter – Or daughters – Will show their mom that they’ll do anything to make them proud. A mom and their kids will always have a strong connection and their lives are also linked tightly. The bond between a mom and their daughter is powerful, because these two women will have a mutual understanding for one another.
And contrary to any other tattoo designs out there, a mother daughter tattoo contains a deeper meaning. This is a thing that a mother and their child – Or in some cases, children – Can both share. A mother daughter tattoo can represent the unseen yet strong connection between the two of you. And no matter what design the two of you choose to get, it’ll show off a message of love from both the mom and daughter’s side.
As you grow up, your mother will do so many things to make you happy and content. Sometimes this will include things that can sacrifice their own happiness. For plenty of people a mom is the only person in the world who will be there to support them from beginning to the end. This is why you can find so many ways for you to show off your gratitude for all that they have done for you through the years. A great way of giving back the favor is by doing all you can to help create a bond between the two of you, or further strengthen that bond. A great way of returning this favor is by getting a matching tattoo that will remind you of one another, even as you go on your separate ways.
A tattoo can show that your mother and you are willing to share each other’s dreams, successes, happiness, anger, and pain. And apart from that, a matching tattoo is often used by people who have a very close relationship with each other. You can use these tattoos to appreciate the mom in everything that she has done in her daughter’s own life. mother daughter tattoos

The Right Placement Of A Mother And Daughter Tattoo

Put in some huge and detailed tattoo segments into bigger pieces of the body. A nicely detailed design is practically impossible to finish up in just a short span of time. And in case you prefer a detailed design, this means you’re going to have to pick a much bigger area of the body to make it work.
For tattoos with larger designs, like characters or portrait tattoos, pick an area on the skin which can be easy for the artist to gain access to, without having to contort your body too much. This includes the upper arms, the thighs, and the back.
Place a smaller design on a small part of the body. For designs like symbols, go for a much smaller area, like the inner wrists, or on the hands. You might even go for a much more whimsical positioning. This includes the back of the ears, on a finger, or at the back of your ankle’s joints. The helix of your ear or even the inside of your lip is a great place too.
Pick a location depending on the tattoo’s shape. Take a good look at the design of your tattoo. Is it thin or long? Is it a rounded tattoo? Is the shape oval or rectangular? Your tattoo’s shape is actually important since various shapes will look great on certain parts of the body. Long and thin tattoos look great on the spine or on the bicep. You can place some designs surrounding the limbs too, like a tribal band or a rosary tattoo. Pick a spot where the artist allows you to finish up the design evenly like an upper forearm, or at a spot right above the ankles.
Do not take up a huge spacing for such a tiny tattoo. A lot of people do end up regretting occupying a huge portion of their tattooable space, with such a small tattoo found right in the middle. You could also want to acquire a tattoo in the same spot later on, or a giant tattoo design that occupies the entire thing.
For example, in case you acquire a small tattoo in between your shoulder blades, you won’t be able to get a bigger tattoo there later on, unless you manage to incorporate that small tattoo inside the bigger one’s design.
Choose a location for your mother and daughter tattoo that you’ll still end up liking as you get older. When finding a spot to put your tattoo on, consider what might happen to it as you get older. Are you always going to like looking at that tattoo in the same spot? It could be fine when you’re in your teens or twenties but think about how that tattoo is going to look like when you reach your thirties, forties, or even your fifties. You might want to put the tattoo on an area where it’s not susceptible to your body’s aging process.

Preparation Tips For A Mother And Daughter Tattoo

Make sure to follow these helpful tips and sitting on that chair during your tattoo session will be very easy. The tips are all meant to guarantee your safety and allow your tattoo artist to build up a fantastic and beautiful piece of art on your body – Something you will love to look at each and every time.
Preparing and planning for an upcoming tattoo session – Especially if it’s your first, can be a rather excruciating task. And even if this is your fifth tattoo and you’ve been doing this for a while now, there are still a lot of things you have to remember to do to ensure that the entire experience is going as smoothly as possible as you get that tattoo done.
Here is a list of the things you should – And should not be doing while you ready yourself for an upcoming journey towards acquiring a new piece of ink on your body. A couple of the points are much more important compared to the rest as you get a new tattoo, but the more you obey some of them, the higher the possibility that your experience would turn out great.
You shouldn’t touch any tattoo equipment either while you’re in the shop. Only professional artist and the staff can touch it. Not only can you end up contaminating the equipment, but your that wont impress your artists either.
Don’t move around too much. Yes, it’s still acceptable to have a little bit of a chat with the artist during the session, as long as you don’t move around too much or even make simple gestures with your body or your hands. Doing so will end up disturbing the artist and can result in some nasty repercussions involving your tattoo. Be patient, relax, and stay still.
Stepping inside a tattoo shop and requesting to get a tattoo done on top of your freshly-sunburnt skin from a day at the beach is what you should not be doing. Sunburned skin – No matter where you got it from – Is already damaged in itself. Placing even more damage on top of it will not only be twice as painful here, but thanks to all of the extra blood that’s sitting below the surface, busy trying to fix the burnt skin and getting it back to normal will also create potential problems using ink dilution, as well as a visibility issue for the artist themselves – Due to the blood pooling around the area where they’ll be placing a tattoo on.

Are Mother And Daughter Tattoos Painful?

Bringing someone with you to your tattoo session can help you ease the pain. They can help you ease those nervous jitters beforehand, and provide you with words of comfort and encouragement whenever you experience unbearable pain while tattooing.
If this is your thing, try to make a social event out of your tattoo appointment. Plenty of tattoo shops out there will let smaller groups gather in the shop and hang out together at the lobby area, or even inside the room where you’re having the tattoo done – Just be sure that they won’t cause a ruckus and distract you and the artist too much. Getting a group of people to cheer and encourage you as you get a tattoo can make it an unforgettable experience.
Always remember that with tattoos, there will be a tiny amount of blood and needles involved. A modern tattoo machine feature a tiny set of needles instead of one, all of which go in and out of your skin as fast as possible, producing a tiny amount of ink each time. This is similar to the effect of producing plenty of tiny cuts in the same area where the tattoo will be. And nearly everybody who acquires a tattoo will bleed just a tiny bit from this process. And if the idea of needles pricking your skin or the sight of blood makes you feel nauseous or faint, then try not to look at the tattoo gun as it touches your skin.
Don’t be afraid to tell your artist about your worries. A professional tattoo artist will be more than willing to assuage you through the pain and make sure that you only experience a tiny bit of discomfort.
Keep yourself calm and relaxed while you get the tattoo. It’s quite difficult to relax before the artist begins to draw on your skin. But if you can do so, then the experience will be twice as easy. Try taking a couple of deep breaths. Talk to a family member, a friend, or even the artist while they do their work. These things are bound to help you calm down and take your focus away from what’s happening.
If you’re feeling very worried about your upcoming tattoo appointment, call the artist ahead of time and ask them if you can bring in some items that’ll help you stay calm. For example, you can bring something like an MP3 player or a tablet to help you listen to some relaxing tunes and watch a comedy movie while the appointment is happening. A lot of parlors will provide you with a good sense of freedom, as long as the items in question won’t interfere with the artist’s main task.
Make sure you feel very comfortable during the session. Depending on the amount of detail and the size of the tattoo, you could end up staying in the shop for at least half a day. Even though your artist will allow you to take breaks and move around the shop for a bit, a little bit of preparation will make the whole session feel very comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mother And Daughter Tattoos

1.) Is getting a tattoo completely safe?
If you end up going and booking an appointment in a professional tattoo shop that uses nothing but clean equipment and safe ingredients for their pigments and ink, then acquiring a tattoo there is completely safe. A couple of decades ago, there was a huge public concern regarding acquiring diseases like Hepatitis C and Tetanus from a tattoo, but nowadays, a lot of tattoo artists are very conscious about the materials that they use. If they use a brand new needle for all of their clients, there is a very low possibility of acquiring a blood-borne disease. A lot of tattoo artists out there will be happy to set your mind at ease by showing you the unopened pack of needles which they will use for the tattooing process, before it can start. And once your tattoo is over, they must throw away the needles in the garbage. Be sure to ask the artist about their shop’s safety policies before you can go and pick the shop of your choice.
2.) How can I get my tattoo removed permanently?
Laser removal is one of the most common ways to get rid of a tattoo. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration)’s main task is to keep those tattoo removal machines regulated. During a laser removal, a pulse of highly-concentrated light mandate is to break the pigment into little pieces. The body removes the ink through waste like pee and sweat. Tattoo removal through lasers is an effective and reliable method, but it can be very expensive and utilizes plenty of sessions which can take up to many months. There’s also a surgical method that ‘cuts out’ the small tattoo, then stitches the skin back together. But this method, along with dermabrasion (sanding off the tattoo) isn’t as popular as a laser removal because there’s a high chance of scarring. Never use an over-the-counter or purchase an online DIY tattoo removal kit. These products are shady and not regulated by the FDA, so there’s no quality control involved. And what’s more, the chemicals used in these products can contain a strong form of acid which can cause scars and nasty skin reactions or allergies.
3.) How old should I be to get a tattoo done?
Eighteen – Although this will depend on one place from another. There are several tattoo shops out there who are more diligent compared to others regarding asking for a valid ID, so some people will succeed in acquiring a tattoo even while they’re still underage. And this isn’t actually a great idea, though. The older you are when you decide that you want a tattoo, the less likely you’ll end up regretting this permanent choice of yours.
4.) How long does a tattoo take to complete?
Getting a tattoo is not an easy or swift process – And it you shouldn’t rush it either, since you will be living with this piece of body art permanently. A complex yet typical piece of artwork that’s around the size of your hand will take at least two or one and a half hours to finish. A more comprehensive, detailed, or colorful piece can take five hours, even more than that. This obviously means that you’re going to have to come back to the shop for a couple more times so the artist can finish the design. Oftentimes, an appointment is over in only a matter of hours. However, certain smaller pieces will only require an appointment time of over thirty minutes or so. A complete sleeve tattoo – Done by a professional artist – Can take up to fifty hours to finish, depending on the amount of details in the design.

The Average Cost And Standard Pricing For A Mother And Daughter Tattoo

In case you’re still wondering how much a tattoo can cost, there’s a huge chance that you’ll already start sacrificing the quality for the sake of the budget. And as the old saying goes, ‘in case you have to ask how much something costs, this means you can’t afford it’. You can also apply the same kind of thought process to anything that becomes permanent – This is a highly recommended decision.
For professional tattoo artists, they will usually charge you per tattoo – One for you, and one for your mom. And because the two of you will want a matching tattoo, this means you’re going to have to pay twice the regular cost of a tattoo. But there are still certain tattoo shops out there which will provide discounts to moms and daughters who get matching tattoos.

Mother And Daughter Tattoo Maintenance Tips

As you’re getting the tattoo done, be sure to do the following: Never touch your tattoo, or the affected area surrounding it, or allow anybody else apart from the artist to touch it. Your artist will be wearing a pair of clean and sterile gloves and using clean and new pieces of equipment so any form of contact can result in a possible infection and contamination.
Be sure to moisturize the skin until everything looks hydrated. Once the second or third week rolls by, the outer layers of your skin should have healed at this point. It could take over three to four months for the aforementioned lower layers to fully heal up. And it could take three to four months for the layers below it to heal up fully. And after the end of the third month, your new tattoo will look just as bright and as vivid as what your artist had planned.
For the aftercare products, always utilize a fragrance-free and mild soap, or any other formulated tattoo cleanser to completely wash the area. Your artist can suggest a tattoo-specific cleanser or moisturizer. For the first two days after you acquire that tattoo, you can utilize a petroleum-based ointment to help your tattoo heal up. A cosmetic-grade form of petroleum-jelly isn’t comedogenic, which means it won’t cause infection through clogging your pores. However, this doesn’t mean you can apply it on the tattoo as thick as you want – Only place in a thin layer, like usual. A thick layer of ointment isn’t going to allow your skin to breathe.
And after two days, you may now switch on over to the standard moisturizer. No matter what brand you choose, just check to see if it’s scent-free or perfume-free and doesn’t contain any coloring dyes or additives, since this can dry out your skin.
Back in the day, Polynesian people used coconut oil as an aftercare to moisturize their tattoos. They will rub it onto the skin to make their new tattoo look shiny. Should you do the same? Plenty of websites will claim that coconut oil will keep the skin beneath your skin looking moist, and also protects it from possible infections. However, there’s still no evidence that this method works. Be sure to check with your doctor first before you rub coconut oil or any other unsafe moisturizing product on the new tattoo.
For the first couple of days after you acquire that tattoo, your skin could turn itchy, red, and sore. Excess ink may seep out, alongside fluids, plasma, and blood. This is normal. But if you start experiencing any of the following symptoms, be sure to see the doctor right away:
Infections: A tattoo that isn’t well-cared for can obviously get an infection. The infected skin will look red, feel warm, and painful. It can also leak pus apart from the aforementioned blood, ink, and plasma. In case the equipment that your artist uses is dirty or contaminated, you can acquire a blood-borne infection such as HIV, tetanus or hepatitis B and C. There have been instances of other fatal infections such as nontubercolosis mycobacterial skin infections transmitted through infected tattoo equipment.
If you happen to be sensitive towards the pigments your artist used, you can end up growing an itchy and red skin reaction on the tattooed area. The most common dyes to cause infection: red, yellow, green, and blue.

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