225 Coolest Phoenix Tattoo Designs This Year

Phoenix Tattoo History

According to Greek lore, a phoenix is a magical bird hailing from Ethiopia. Back then, Phoenixes were giant, beautiful birds with fiery plumage. In fact, the word ‘phoenix’ originates from the ancient Greek culture, and stands for a very vibrant red color with flashes of purple. And it is in the same culture that the phoenix became connected to the sun. Similar to how the sun sets and rises daily like a ball of fire, the phoenix burns itself only to be reborn as a new chick.

It has been said that the phoenix liked to create its nests from cypress branches. And its main goal in life was not to lay eggs and reproduce. Instead it waited for the sun to set so it could die again and be reborn. Whenever a phoenix sits in their nest, it built a pretty huge deal of healing and set itself on fire beginning from its own head. The cypress branches it sat main purpose were to serve as a pyre. Three days later, a new phoenix chick would emerge from its own ashes. The reason why this amazing mythical bird had the ability to rebirth itself after dying repeatedly was because it had the skill to live forever.

In Egyptian myths and legends, meanwhile, the phoenix went by the name ‘Bennu’. Bennu was meant to be a bird who emerged from a holy tree. The bird was thought to resemble a heron, and was therefore considered to be a reincarnation of Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

In ancient India, there was also a legendary bird known as Garuda, which is also based after the tale of the phoenix. The Garuda was an immortal bird, coming from the epic Hindu poem of the Ramayana. The Garuda was thought to have a man’s body, which bore wings on its back, and the face and beak of an eagle.

The phoenix was also considered as a sign of virtue and grace, according to plenty of Chinese myths. It was considered to be the second most important animal in ancient Chinese folklore, after the dragon. The phoenix represented a balance between yin and yang, a beautiful bird associated with the empress. Chinese artwork depicted the phoenix as having black, red, green, white and yellow feathers – The five primary colors in Chinese culture.

And similar to other cultures and tales out there, Christians also considered the phoenix to be a sign of rebirth and resurrection, departing the old world for a brand new one, rising then dying again, and being reborn. It was also a good representation over the triumph of life over death, Christ’s resurrection, and immortality.

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Types Of Phoenix Tattoo Designs

  • Egg and phoenix tattoo – This is a classy tattoo design which you can get done on your body. A design like this can symbolize rebirth, like any other phoenix-themed tattoo. Those who will wear this design are individuals who strongly believe in new beginnings right after something terrible happens. If you happen to be an optimistic type of person, then this design is the best one for you.
  • Blue phoenix landing tattoo – This design is a pretty good tattoo to have on the side of your body. The drawing of the bird’s feet is  similarly to landing gears.
  • Abstract phoenix tattoo – A great tattoo to have if you’re a fan of abstract art. This tattoo is comprises of nothing but curved lines. The wings and the tail amalgamate into a singular feather. This tattoo is both attractive and subtle at the same time. And in most cases, its only  a professional tattoo artist that can ink it better.
  • Phoenix on fire tattoo – Yet another amazing tattoo design. This kind of tattoo design will show off the whole idea of rebirth where the phoenix is meant to destroy itself and burn its body to ashes. And coming from this burning flame, a new phoenix egg will rise up, completing the process of rebirth and a brand new start. To be able to show off the whole idea of rebirth, this particular tattoo design would need a bigger amount of space on your body. This is the reason why you should pick a good placement for this tattoo.
  • Phoenix heart tattoo – This design shows off some blood-red roses coupled with a heart in the middle. The heart symbolizes the phoenix. The additional flowers surrounding it are just as good, providing the wearer with a stunning look right at the center of their chest. You will surely want this amazing phoenix tattoo to grow on you since the design goes from the chest right down to the stomach.
  • Phoenix in flight tattoo – This stunning tattoo shows off a phoenix in flight. It’s a nice tattoo meant to be fits on the midriff. It gives your body a particular brand of sensuality especially around the waist area. Take note of the nice amount of details given to the tail and see how it goes right around the back. Focus on the design as well as the concept shown in this tattoo. If you want this tattoo, then make sure to hire the services of an expert to copy the design or base something after it.
  • Tribal phoenix tattoo – This phoenix tattoo is based after several tribal art forms. It’s truly a feast for the eyes. Take a closer look at how this tattoo sports a series of curved lines that show off the image of a phoenix. The wings and tail all show off plenty of amazing details, and you’ll definitely want to place this tattoo on the skin. But it’s always a good idea to have this either replicated or used as an inspiration for another tattoo design by another tattoo artist.

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Meaning of Phoenix Tattoo

Tattoos have turned themselves into something of a form of expressing one’s own personality and beliefs without having to say just one word. A tattoo can include several objects in its designs, such as fish, flowers, anchors, feathers, stars, religious iconography, as well as words or texts, all bearing significant meanings. Perhaps one of the best and most popular designs for tattoos is the phoenix. As everyone knows, the phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes. This is why it is a subject of both awe and fascination for many. And apart from their stunning looks and the general aesthetic of their own design, this is the reason why a lot of tattoo fans are willing to get this design on their bodies.

Placing a tattoo on your body makes it look twice as magical, and what more if it’s a phoenix tattoo? This is despite the obvious fact that a lot of people still look down upon the concept of getting tattoos, even until now. These people are just conservative individuals who do not see the importance of acquiring a type of body modification. But the fact is, a tattoo can have plenty of uses aside from just changing the look of your body. You can use them as a way to express yourself, without having to tell everybody else who you really are as a person. And when people take a closer look at your tattoos, they will have a slight idea of what you are as a person.

Phoenixes do occupy an important spot in all cultures, no matter what location. The meanings for this mythical bird are all taken from their own mythology. And what all of them have in common is that the bird is signifies rebirth and resurrection.

In regards to amazing tattoo designs, the phoenix is a symbol that looks amazing through and through. What’s not to love about this majestic mythical bird? The phoenix deals with growth, rebirth, longevity, life, and plenty of other amazing attributes.

There have been loads and loads of tales and myths surrounding the phoenix, and they usually vary according to the culture or history where it originated. However, there are still some central themes that binds all of these stories together. The phoenix is a bird that recycles its own life. Once it senses that it’s in grave danger, the phoenix can change itself into a burning flame. A new bird then rises from the ashes, thus completing the rebirth.

The phoenix tattoo represents healing, cleansing, creativity, and inspiration. In Chinese cultures, it also symbolizes abundance, wealth, and good fortune.

Ideal Placement Of A Phoenix Tattoo

A phoenix tattoo often represents prosperity, prestige wisdom and honor. Among all of the other bird tattoo designs, a phoenix is the one that looks the best. If you want a large-sized phoenix tattoo, then feel free to place it at the back or on the chest area. You can pair up a phoenix tattoo with other looks, especially ones popular with birds, such as fire, feathers, dragons, wings, and so much more. You can also apply the same tattoo design in a whole host of colors.

Whenever you chat with your artist about your new phoenix tattoo, don’t be distracted by the choice, especially in regards of other elements when it comes to their phoenix tattoos. This means you must have a plain and clear assortment of lines added to the drawing, so that the bird itself is shown in  full glory. You may, however, have to give plenty of consideration in regards to the tattoo’s placement since this can also greatly affect the size of your tattoo, not to mention your career and personal life.

When considering the placement, a phoenix tattoo fits on the wearer’s back, in stunning and colorful shades. Several phoenix tattoos are drawn together with flames or fire (which is appropriate considering the subject) while the rest prefer a tribal-style phoenix tattoo. Men who acquire phoenix tattoos enjoy wearing them on their arms, while the ladies will want to get them on the lower back.phoenix tattoo

There are also loads of tribal art designs, which are a perfect-fit from the arms, the legs, the sleeves, the ribs, the thighs and the shoulders. Acquiring a phoenix tattoo will actually gain loads of respect because a phoenix is a highly-respected bird. A phoenix tattoo is also  favorite piece for both  men and women . A popular design when it comes to phoenix tattoos is the rising phoenix. For this certain style, the neck, the lower back, the ankles and the wrists are the best. The same spots also work well for a smaller or medium-sized tattoo.

Phoenix Tattoo Preparation Tips

Getting yourself ready for an upcoming tattoo session can be downright nerve-racking, especially when you have to travel to a faraway location. If you are, then be sure to pack all of the necessary stuff so you won’t forget anything important. The first one is a valid ID – If you’re below eighteen or simply look underage, make sure to bring any proper identification on you so the artist and staff at your shop can confirm your age when you arrive. Keep in mind that some artists will not allow underaged children to get a tattoo.

Do not attend your appointment if you’re feeling under the weather. Not only will you feel terrible as you go through your tattooing session, but you can also spread your sickness around the shop. Everyone in the same room as you can catch an infection.

Are Phoenix Tattoos Painful?

Remember that a tattoo is definitely going to be painful, and unfortunately there’s just no other way to go through that. However, there are still some areas in which there’s much more sensitivity to pain involved in comparison to the rest. And as an unspoken rule, if you happen to be ticklish in a certain spot, then getting a tattoo there is going to be horrible. Although you have to remember that every person has their own threshold for pain, there are still parts of the body that are just downright sensitive for every person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix Tattoo

  • What happens when I take aspirin for my tattoo?
  • Several brands of painkillers and anesthetic creams can actually pose a problem when getting a tattoo. Among them, aspirin is the biggest problem since it’s a known blood-thinner that lessens clotting. This causes too much bleeding while getting your tattoo, which can affect its quality. Apart from that, aspirin also prolongs the healing time that your tattoo will need. So don’t take it hours or days before your appointment. Meanwhile, other painkillers such as paracetamol won’t have too much effect (either a negative or positive) aside from working as a placebo. Ibuprofen only provides a little amount of relief during the whole tattooing process, by reducing the amount of swelling, and won’t affect your tattoo in any way possible.
  • What happens when you remove a tattoo through laser removal?
  • Laser removal can actually be effective in regards to getting rid of tattoos – But like cover-ups, this will all depend on the color and age of your tattoo. Laser removal for tattoos can also be lengthy and time-consuming for certain people. There’s another option that involves both laser tattoo removal and cover-ups: A combination of the two. The laser removal purpose is to lessen the amount of density for the old tattoo, so much so that a tinier and newer tattoo can  feature on top of the old one without it being too large or dark. This only takes a lesser amount of treatment compared to other tattoo removal options, and provides much better results when you get a cover-up.
  • How do I pick a design for my tattoo?
  • Back in the day, you would pick your preferred tattoo design from the walls of your chosen shop, or from a book of past designs created by the artist. These were ‘Flash tattoos’, made by another artist, purchased from a supplier of flash art. But now, things are much different – Even though there are still plenty of artists out there who will create a tattoo based on flash art, there is now a growing amount of artists who will create a customized piece of art for you, according to your own specifications. Obviously this will require a much bigger degree of artistic skills, so you really shouldn’t expect to pay more cash for a piece of bespoke work, especially in comparison to a flash art tattoo. But at least you will still be wearing a customized and original piece, and not a piece of art that ten other people will be wearing. Apart from this, your artist can work together with you to build up a much more personal tattoo design, contains more meaning, and (hopefully) won’t fall out of favor with you in a few years’ time. This will all add up to a better value in the long run.
  • How do I pick a tattoo shop?

Go pay a visit to as many tattoo shops as you possibly can. Chat with professional artists from these shops and get an overall feel from them. Acquiring a tattoo can be a personal experience for some, so you and your artist need to have some sort of rapport, and feel comfortable staying in their shop for a while.

How Much Does A Phoenix Tattoo Cost?

Instead of having to pay for an hourly rate, there are some tattoo artists out there who will charge you with each tattoo project. However, with this kind of pricing, they will base their designs after popular stock or flash tattoo art. Even the tiniest tattoos can cost over thirty bucks. That’s practically as low as you can get from the artist. This also happens to be the minimum rate in most tattoo studios. So in case you’re wondering exactly how much does a small or medium-sized tattoo really cost, then you can answer this by applying minimum charges coming from the shop, which normally starts at thirty bucks. But oftentimes, even the veterans tattoo artists who come from a reputable shop will not be able to quote you on a final price until you select the design you want to place on the body. So one of the best ways to do this is to learn about the exact final price of your chosen design, as well as the placement for the tattoo. Then the next step would be to show it to the artist and request for a price quotation.

Phoenix Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Be sure to keep your tattoo well-moisturized until the scabs have all gone away. Keep washing the tattoo up to twice or thrice a day using mild antibacterial soap and some lukewarm water until the tattoo has fully dried up. This could go for up to six weeks, depending on how large or small the tattoo is, alongside its placement.

And even though moisturizing is always an important step, do not smother your new ink in ointment or lotion – Just a thin layer will do. Keep washing your tattoo using mild liquid antibacterial soap.

Never ever scratch or pick on your tattoo while it heals. As it does that, scabs will begin to form on your tattoo. This is normal. Allow the scabs to fall off by themselves and dry out. Never hasten the process by scratching or picking on the tattoo, since this will cause the scabs to fall out prematurely, leaving holes and blank spots on the new tattoo. Apply more moisturizing ointment to fight any itchy spots in case that becomes a problem.

Always keep your tattoo away from direct sunlight. The sun’s harsh rays could cause your tattooed skin to develop blisters and remove the colors away from the tattoo. This is why it’s always great to cover up your tattoo and not expose it to direct sunlight for up to four weeks until the healing process is complete.

And even if your tattoo okay, continue wearing plenty of sunscreen to stop your tattoo from fading too quickly.


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