155+ Cutest Sunflower Tattoo Designs This Year

Sunflower Tattoo History

As you can tell, the word associated with ‘sunflower’ takes on a rather literal meaning, because sunflowers symbolizes brightness and joyful appearance. Meanwhile, its scientific name, Helianthus, is pretty much the same thing since it puts together two ancient Greek terms – The word for ‘sun’ and the word for ‘flower’.

Going far back to ancient Greek period, sunflowers were often associated with Clytie, a mythical water fairy, who, after the death of the Greek god Apollo, transformed herself into a sunflower. This is a symbolic gesture, which means that Clytie would always be facing towards the sun, as she waits for Apollo, the sun god, to come back to her. The Chinese, meanwhile, have frequently associated the sunflower with happiness and good luck, with the color yellow representing vitality and intelligence. During the early years of Christianity, sunflowers purpose was to represent a strong kind of unshakeable faith, which lead souls towards the path to atonement. Perhaps one of the reasons why sunflowers were significant in so many cultures was because many people associate it many things, not just faith, but also having a bright and positive personality – A person constantly in search for the light.

Mexicans were the first people to grow sunflowers, a couple of centuries ago during the Inca period, when the ancient empire was still active in pre-Columbian America. The Incans worshipped this flower due to the fact that they had this strong belief that is was a good representation of the sun god whom they worshipped. And by the turn of the 16th century, sunflowers were eventually delivered in to the continent of Europe, as well as other parts of the globe.

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Types Of Sunflower Tattoo Designs

  • Sunflower cluster tattoo – This is a highly popular idea for a sunflower tattoo, which involves gathering together a cluster or bouquet of sunflowers in one design. This design does make plenty of sense when you think about it, since sunflowers grow in huge fields. So instead of getting a singular sunflower tattoo, why not just do a whole group of them together? You could even throw in other types of flowers into the mix, such as cherry blossoms, or lilies.
  • Remarkable sunflower tattoos – Acquiring three sunflowers in a singular design does look like a nice idea, but it may still look weird when you don’t connect them to each other. So if you want, you could utilize several symbols to group these sunflowers together, such as musical notes, arrows, or something much more fitting – Vines. In tattoo symbolism you will have to pull backwards before you can fire it, so it’ll reach its peak. An arrow and a sunflower have often shown up together in most tattoo designs.
  • Mandala sunflower tattoo – A mandala, just like the sunflower, can conjure a positive image for the wearer and for anyone who sees it. They also match each other in appearance, since sunflowers can sometimes look like mandalas, and vice-versa.
  • Sunflower tattoos with citations – Since sunflowers are popular practically everyone, you may throw some in to a bigger picture. Add in some special characters, or even include a citation. These tattoos look amazing when worn by women – It’s pretty much a side piece thanks to the rounded flowers flowing inside the female’s body.
  • Tiny sunflower tattoo with triangle – A triangle symbolizes fertility, like what a sunflower does. Many people still consider them as feminine images. So a combination of the two will compliment each other very well.
  • Sunflower with butterflies tattoo – One more tattoo design that is popular with the ladies, although this doesn’t mean that men cannot get this tattoo as well – And some can even give it a masculine touch by adding moths instead of butterflies. This tattoo is also popular with music lovers, or musicians.
  • Shoulder sunflower tattoo – A sunflower, as its name suggests, links up to the sun. So it can symbolize any of the following things: Life, vitality, warmth, light, and provision. You should not take a couple of these aforementioned meanings on a literal level, but metaphorically instead.
  • ‘You are my sunshine’ sunflower tattoo – It’s hard to think of sunflowers as being completely invaluable for humans. A sunflower is something that is radiant and full of life, and the seeds found in the center of the flower is proof of that. Sunflower seeds have so many purposes. You can also use them to feed cattle, and even make paper. And thanks to its strong significance, a sunflower tattoo could actually symbolize a special person in your own life. And when you decide to include a quote with this tattoo design, then it’ll be stunning and look amazing as well.
  • Sunflower and rose tattoo – Never limit yourself to getting a bunch of sunflowers for your tattoo’s design. Feel free to include a bunch of other types of flowers inside this lovely bouquet as well. You can include this in the design’s overall aesthetic. You can connect the two or more flower types together by using vines, or notes. Perhaps the only thing required here is the artist’s own creativity, along with the approval and recommendation of the client. The pain is worth it in the end.

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Sunflower Tattoo Meaning

A flower is pretty much nature’s prettiest creation. They have the ability to both inspire and bring joy to people. Sunflowers are a good example of these flowers, thanks to its long stem and giant bright yellow petals. It’s a flower with a purely distinct look to it. The sunflower is popular for its sun-like appearance, bringing in plenty of positive emotions and sunshine to everyone. Sunflower tattoos are one of the dozens of art forms in which they carry plenty of new meanings.

Sunflowers are also known as a happy flower. Its purpose is to symbolize the sun, an image associated with happiness, warmth, and hope. It’s actually harder to find a much more positive symbol among other flower species compared to the sunflower. It is a thing that has left a prominent marking on several cultures. In Eastern cultures, the sunflower symbolizes happiness, long life, good health, and good luck. Many people consider it to be an auspicious symbol. Meanwhile, Native Americans consider the sunflower as a sign of good harvest and bounty. It’s also a representation of fertility and positive energy.

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Chinese culture regards yellow as a color for happiness, intelligence, vitality, and joy.

The sunflower does play a very important role in regards to symbolism. Bigger sunflowers can represent fidelity, while a tiny chain of sunflowers can symbolize worship. Two sunflowers in one tattoo can serve as a form of art for two individuals who are a couple or love each other. Sunflower tattoos can represent the pure dedication for both men and women, along with their respective partners.

Sunflowers are a beautiful and bright type of flower which is popular by so many people who use it in plenty of different ways such as a form of decoration for your home, as an inspiration for art, etc. As its name implies, the sunflower is long associated with the sun, and thus became the reason why sunflower tattoos exist. A sunflower tattoo can look very realistic, depending on the artist who does it. Many people often place it on certain parts of the body such as the arms, the shoulders, the ankles, and the legs.

In Christianity, the sunflower represents a person with a strong faith in God, and this is the reason why many sunflower tattoo wearers are so religious and devout people. The sunflower can also be a symbol of someone who is a cheerful person with a bright personality.

Each year, a brand new crop of sunflowers are reborn, and it becomes a symbol of the start of a new life which should hopefully be on the positive side of the wearer. A sunflower tattoo means that the wearer wants nothing but success in their life and prefers to reach new goals.

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Ideal Placement Of A Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo, along with the designs that come with it, are highly versatile and can you can place them pretty much anywhere you want on the body. Even though these pieces of art are often chosen by women in comparison to men, plenty of men will still acquire a sunflower-themed tattoo on their bodies, usually as a part of a much bigger piece, or as a sleeve tattoo. The top side of the foot, the lower back, as well as the stomach area are highly popular spots for the ladies to acquire a tattoo. The neck is also an ideal spot, together with the ankles or the hips. You have to take into account how big or small the tattoo will be instead of the other factors, since these factors could end up directing the proper placement for the tattoo.

The thighs are also one of the best places to put a sunflower tattoo on. This area is mostly applicable for girls who are tattoo fans. Because summer is a good time for women to put on some shorts and skirts, then this area would most likely be perfect for them. If you’re too scared or anxious about feeling the prick of a needle on your skin during a tattoo session, then thigh watercolor tattoos are a good idea for you. However, if you really feel like you can handle the pain, or simply have a high threshold for it, then then why not place an elaborate sunflower tattoo on your legs?

Sunflower Tattoo Preparation Tips

Never be afraid to tell your artist if you’re feeling nervous or anxious about the session. They will do whatever they can to make your experience feel as comfortable as you possibly can. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions regarding their entire process. For sure, they’ll be able to give you a good answer.

Although some artists out there are sociable and friendly, as mentioned, there are still some who would rather focus on their work and stay quiet. If you feel like your artist is one of those people, then try not to bother them during the session and allow them to do their job.

Even the strongest and toughest of people will get to a breaking point in which the pain becomes a bit too overwhelming, even for them. Acquiring a new tattoo might feel too stressful and unbearable, which could actually increase the pain. If you’re starting to feel a bit of struggle here, then inform your artist right away so they can arrange a quick break for you and allow you to pull yourself together before continuing with the remainder of the session.


Are Sunflower Tattoos Painful?

Drinking water is actually a good idea if you want to handle the pain of getting a tattoo. This is because skin that is well-hydrated and will take in the ink much more easier, so drink as much water as you can, especially on the day before the appointment. Taking a short break will also help you ease the pain, but only take them when it’s really necessary, because your tattooed skin will begin to swell up during breaks and the continuous stopping and starting in between breaks will interrupt the buildup as well as the formation of adrenaline into your body. Your artist might also get annoyed with the amount of breaks you’ll take.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sunflower Tattoos

1.) Is tattoo ink completely safe?

  • It depends on where you get the tattoo done. You can find dozens of inks and pigments on the market today, which is readily available for use. Most of these is pretty much high-quality brands of tattoo ink,tried and tested for so many years now and not have any harmful side effects on the wearer’s body. At present, companies that manufacture tattoo inks must conform to obey certain standards regarding safety and health, but this is in certain countries, such as the US and most European countries. Selling tattoo pigments on eCommerce sites like Amazon or eBay eventually paved the way for certain shady manufacturers to sell their own line of fake pigments as well, along with untrustworthy brands made in places like China. These inks can be downright dangerous. Many reports about counterfeits ink came to the conclusion that majority of them feature harmful as well as banned substances. This is why most reliable tattoo shops and artists have opted to get not just a trustworthy brand, but they must also purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s store or any approved store that sells their chosen brand of tattoo ink.

2.) Apart from an infection, what else can you catch from getting a bad tattoo?

  • Sometimes you might hear people claim that they got a new tattoo (or piercing) from a certain tattoo shop, but gained an infection afterwards. They will then blame this on the shop’s artist, or the tools that they used. This is completely false. Aside from the aforementioned infection, as mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to catch any of those from the shop itself – This is because a tattoo infection usually comes from bacteria. And this bacteria isn’t ‘caught’ instead, it gradually builds up inside your body. Oftentimes the source for this is poor maintenance or aftercare techniques, since the wearer did not follow the artist’s own instructions. This can also apply to piercings too, and even for lasers in tattoo removal. Perhaps the only way for bacteria to give you an infection through a tattoo is to keeping the new ink dirty. Technically, a tattoo is an  wound that is open.


3.) Do most people ever regret getting their tattoos?

  • For the most part, no. There is a huge chance that the person who got this certain tattoo had done the wise thing and spent a good amount of their time just thinking about the placement, the design that they want, and whether they wanted a detailed artwork tattoo, a portrait tattoo, a quote tattoo, or even a huge tribal-pattern armband. The tattoo that they got will surely mean something to them, one way or another. Over time, a tattoo can go beyond what it originally meant for the wearer, and could commemorate or pay tribute to certain milestones in the wearer’s life and what kind of person they were when they originally got the tattoo. For instance, this could apply to someone who chose to get a matching tattoo with a sibling, when they got a quote tattoo on their wrist, when they were still young and didn’t know what they wanted yet in their lives. These can all be valid aspects of who the wearer was, and can serve as a reminder of their past.

4.) Will it be painful?

  • Anytime someone pokes you with a pointy or sharp object, it’s obviously going to hurt. Tattoos are technically puncture wounds which are eventually filled with pigments. And if you have gotten something literally foreign inside your skin, then yes, it’ll surely hurt. However, some body parts aren’t that painful to get tattoos on, and some individuals have a high tolerance for pain compared to the rest. When you have gotten a tattoo done a couple of times, then the pain won’t be as nerve-wracking, since you already know what to expect. Afterwards, your new ink could feel a bit prickly and may even sting a little, but when you take good care of it, then everything will surely turn out fine.

How Much Does A Sunflower Tattoo Cost?

In places like the US, the standard cost for a tattoo could go up to a hundred bucks per hour. But there are still loads of shops out there that won’t give extra charges to their clients per hour – Instead, they assign a price to a certain piece, which could both be an advantage and a disadvantage to the client at the same time. These professional tattoo shops will always give its own set of minimum prices, and despite the fact that the prices may vary according to the shop, only a couple of them will provide you with a tattoo that only costs less than forty bucks.

If you intend to put a small tattoo on your finger, then a final price of forty bucks may seem a bit too much. But a lot of these shops do have a legitimate reason as to why they refuse to charge you with only the minimum amount – Depending on the location, and where exactly you plan to get the tattoo, the artist can give you the final price during the appointment day.

Sunflower Tattoo Maintenance Tips

It’s important to find out exactly what kind of tattoo covering your artist uses for their tattoos. Different artists will use all sorts of materials to cover up your new ink. And the material that they end up using will actually determine just how long you have to keep it on. If they use plastic wrap or a dri-loc pad, perhaps it’s fine to leave it on for only a couple of hours, or even a full day, which is the standard amount of time for a bandage or gauze. But if your artist uses something like Tegaderm, which is a much more industrial form of tattoo bandage, then this means you have to keep your tattoo bandaged for at least a week. Instead of just assuming, don’t hesitate to ask your artist what they plan on using as a gauze, how long should you bandage your tatoo, and if you have to keep it covered up no matter what, or only during several instances, such as bathing or showering.

Make sure your tattoo is moist. Keeping a tattoo looking as fresh as the day you got it is always a good thing. Tattoos take an average of up to six weeks to fully heal up. One of the biggest mistakes you can commit here is to simply let it dry up.

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