Tattoo Pain Chart – Just How Painful Is Your Tattoo?

“Pain” is an uncomfortable feeling inside your nervous system. The pain you feel during a tattoo session can be a dull one, or a sharp, stabbing pain. Pain comes and goes, or it could stay constant. Several nerve fibers inside your body handles pain in different fashions, all of which carry the pain impulses produced towards the brain. This is then acknowledged by the conscious appreciator, dealt with by dozens of factors.
A pain chart is a helpful tool which assesses the level of physical pain a person is feeling. The same chart will be able to help you learn more about a particular aspect about a person’s pain. These include the type of pain, how severe the pain is, as well as the length of pain.
Acquiring a tattoo from a professional shop will feel different depending on the body part where you get it. Some of these areas are much harder to put tattoos on, in comparison to the rest. Meanwhile, areas such as the ribcage are a bit bony, while getting a tattoo on your butt will hurt less because of the amount of fat and muscle in it. So to sum things up, some parts of your body will contain plenty of cushioning, while the rest won’t. And, as you might have already guessed, this can definitely affect the pain level you will feel when getting a tattoo. One more thing to remember here is that this is the area where all of the major nerves run across your body.

How To Prepare For A Less Painful Tattoo Session

Small tattoos, or tattoos with simple designs, will only take around thirty minutes (sometimes less) to finish up. Some of them will take either longer or shorter than this one, depending on the size. With the exception of large designs, or a sleeve tattoo (in which you will get breaks between every session), you’re going to have to lie down or sit perfectly still during the entire session. Of course you want to ready yourself to handle pain for a long time, without flinching or fidgeting when it becomes too much to handle. If you are practicing yoga or use meditation techniques in your daily life, you will surely benefit from it when it comes to tattoos.
• Think about the right placement of your tattoo. We now know that each person has their own threshold for pain. Normally, most people will be able to handle the pain that comes with getting a tattoo. But there are still some areas out there which can be difficult to get a tattoo on due to the pain involved. If this tattoo just so happens to be your first one, don’t choose a painful area and take risks. Instead, go for a spot that’s not as painful – Including the legs, the shoulders, the outer thighs, the butt, and the arms. Meanwhile, spots like the ribcage, the neck, the head, the knees, the hands, and the feet are much more sensitive compared to the rest.
• If you can handle it, see how much pain you can deal with before booking an appointment for a tattoo. For people who have a low threshold for pain, getting a tattoo could be one of the worst and most painful things in the world. Meanwhile, others will feel relaxed when getting a tattoo. Try out your tolerance for pain by lightly poking yourself with the tip of a needle. Can you handle that? If not, then you might want to think twice about getting your tattoo.
• Don’t get sunburn or a tan. Stepping inside a tattoo shop with a sunburn and asking your artist to give you a tattoo is just asking for problems. Sunburnt skin by itself has already sustained so much damage. And when you get a tattoo, you’re just placing in even more damage on your skin, not only causing unbearable and stinging pain, but all of the blood that’s sitting on top of the sunburnt area can also create problems when the ink dilutes. It’ll also create loads of visibility issues for whoever makes it, since there’s going to be plenty of blood pooling on top of the areas where the artist is busy drawing on.
• Do not take any painkillers, drugs, or alcohol. Even though this might seem like a good way to numb the pain, this will actually cause your tattoo to feel twice as painful. Alcohol and painkillers are common blood thinners, which means you’ll bleed more than usual, and the ink won’t stick to your skin. And this, together with rowdy, drunken behavior, will cause the entire tattooing session to feel twice as long. The final design of your tattoo could not look as gorgeous as you would have imagined, or there might be several noticeable bald patches in your tattoo. And keep in mind that over-the-counter medicines and caffeinated drinks will also thin your blood, so try to avoid taking aspirin, coffee, or sodas at least a day before the session begins.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Painful To Get A Tattoo On?

After you get a tattoo, pretty much everyone’s first question is almost always ‘… Did it hurt?’. And even though acquiring a tattoo is definitely no walk in the park and won’t feel like a slight tickle, there’s a couple of spots on the body in which placing a tattoo there will surely hurt the most. You need to seriously consider this if pain isn’t your thing, but you really want a lovely full-sleeve arm or leg tattoo. It’s not excruciatingly painful as described by those who have gotten tattoos, or those who want to experience a bit of pain. But it would be a big fat lie if these thrill-seekers didn’t say that the sensation of several needles piercing through their skin to inject ink and the sound of a vibrating tattoo gun doesn’t send a jolt of adrenaline coursing through their bodies. However, there are still some tattoos out there that’ll definitely hurt, depending on which body part you choose to put them in.
For those individuals who are brave and tough enough to handle tattoo pain, when you decide to push through with your appointment to get the tattoo of your dreams, sitting or lying down on a tattoo chair for hours won’t seem like a bad idea after all, since you will benefit in the end with a stunning tattoo. And tattoos are definitely a cool thing to have.
If you have previously gotten a tattoo and have decided that it’s time to get a new one, you will, no doubt, start thinking about how painful the process will be again, as well as the correct placement for your new tattoo. Sometimes people will ask their fellow tattoo enthusiasts about their most painful tattoo, so they can determine which area of the body to not get a tattoo on. When this happens… Will everyone say the same answer? And if it isn’t, why can some people handle the pain of getting a rib tattoo, while others will find it unbearable? Does it have anything to do with the tattoo’s placement, or the amount of colors and shading involved?
Everything is all circumstantial. Each person has their own threshold for pain, and sometimes you won’t believe just how vast the assortment of places with the most painful tattoos can be. But one thing’s for sure is that all of the pain is worth it since you’ll be getting a stunning piece of art in the end.
If you have decided to get a tattoo, or are simply making plans about where to get it, then most likely you have already considered about which part of the body to place it in. The placement of your tattoo could sometimes be for the sake of design or aesthetics, but is getting it done on that specific area really worth it, especially when you have to go through so much pain? This is something to think about, especially when you’ve got a low tolerance for pain and will feel anxious at the slightest prick of a needle.
There’s actually a bit of a difference when it comes to the pain level of your tattoo, and where you intend on placing it. And despite the fact that a tattoo looks amazing on your body, it is not exactly pain-free either. There isn’t any area on your body in which you won’t feel the prick of a needle, but that aside, some spots will still hurt a bit compared to the rest.
• Ribcage – One of the most painful areas to get a tattoo on, simply because it lacks muscle, fat, and skin. This means you’ll readily feel the sensation of a needle scratching against your bones. The intense scratching pain could also depend to your body’ s central nervous system, since the nerves that are surrounding the ribs are close to your dermis, where the injection of the tattoo pigment occurs. There’s also a second reason: Each time you breathe, your ribs will move, and this makes the whole tattooing process feel painful. The pain isn’t going to let up either. Even after you have long left the shop and your session is over, the pain on your ribs could stay for up to six hours.
• The head – Those who are courageous enough to get a tattoo done here will tell you that it feels really sore in the end. It’ll feel painful not just because of the nerves and lack of fat or muscle there, but the sensation of the tattoo gun vibrating on the top of your skull, along with its accompanying noise, can make anyone feel nervous. It’ll feel as if they’re drilling a hole in your head. For this certain area, there’s certainly a physical and psychological pain barrier that you have to overcome when you want a tattoo there.
• The inner thighsTechnically this should be one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo on, because it’s located far away from your bones, not to mention the abundance of muscle and flesh involved. But the truth here is that it could actually be one of the most painful areas for a tattoo, since this is an area which isn’t exposed too much, and is therefore more sensitive. Getting a tattoo here will also be quite painful in comparison to other places especially during the healing stage, since your thighs will rub against each other very often.
• Inner wrists and elbows – Despite the fact that this is a popular area for placing tattoos on (especially with women), getting one done here will surely hurt. There’s a good reason for that – Out of the three main nerves found inside your arm, two of them will run beneath your elbows, and this makes it feel very sensitive. So each time your nerves get pinched, the pain will jolt through your arms, and not just the spot where the needle is placed on.

How To Handle Tattoo Pain

If you have ever considered getting a tattoo done, chances are that you have thought twice about actually pushing through with the appointment thanks to the pain you’ll be experiencing. So how do you exactly deal with tattoo pain? After all, tattooing is a rather painful thing to go through (but not THAT painful). And not only that, tattooing involves getting poked repeatedly with several stinging needles for hours. For those first-timers, it could be quite overwhelming and nerve-wracking because you’re not exactly sure what to expect here. And there’s also the fact that a couple of popular areas of the body to get a tattoo on are also the most painful. This will surely give people a bit of a conundrum.
Not to worry though. There’s still a bit of hope – You can find plenty of different ways on how to deal with the pain of tattooing. This could go from doing a bit of research, to finding the best kind of numbing cream possible. These remedies can go quite a long way when it comes to making the entire tattooing session as pain-free as you possibly could. If you are desperately searching for tips on how to handle tattoo pain before you get your very first tattoo, then this article can help you. It’ll teach you and make you realize that getting a tattoo isn’t exactly as scary as what you may imagine it to be.
If the thought of experiencing pain during a tattoo session stresses you out, then it might just be a great idea to ask anyone you know who has gotten a tattoo, or knows about tattoo pain to prepare yourself mentally. No matter how big or small it is, a tattoo will hurt. However, if you talk about tattoo pain with tattoo artists or a friend or relative who has gotten a tattoo regarding the pain, they could help you keep a relaxed and calm mindset before you step into the shop for your appointment. Chatting with a tattoo artist can also help with the situation.
Consider the placement of your tattoo. Some parts of the body will hurt just a tiny bit more in comparison to the others. If you want to feel at ease regarding the pain of getting a tattoo, then as much as possible, try to avoid the worst spots to get a tattoo on – Such as the forearms, the ribs, the elbows, or even the head.
Think about how big or small your dream tattoo’s design will be. If this happens to be your first tattoo, perhaps getting a full sleeve on your arm might not be the best idea – Go for something a bit more simple. The same goes for tattoo designs with huge blocks or patches of color. These will take much longer to finish, therefore prolonging the pain. Go for a simple line tattoo art or something with black ink, if you mind about it being too painful.
Remember: Mind over matter. You can use techniques like relaxing, listening to good music, reading a book, watching a movie, or doing breathing exercises to help distract you or keep your mind off the pain. If your artist is chatty, then feel free to talk to them about the process and how to deal with the pain of getting a tattoo – Just make sure not to let them be too distracted.
Although some tattoo shops and artists might not suggest it, rubbing numbing cream on the spot where you’ll get a tattoo on can also help. If this is a part of your plan, then be sure to talk to your artist first and see if they’ll allow you to do so. Another thing connected with this issue is taking painkillers – Drinking one pill of Tylenol – Or two – Before or while the session is undergoing can actually relieve the pain, even for a short while. Just be sure you have the approval or knowledge of your artist before you can do so, similar to numbing creams. However, you need to be careful when taking specific painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, since these two are common blood thinners, and will cause you to bleed out twice as much during your session, damaging the final look and healing of your tattoo.
Do not drink. Not even a few days before your tattoo. Similar to painkillers, alcohol is also a known blood thinner. It might seem like a good idea to go to your tattoo appointment after having taken several shots of vodka to help you deal with tattoo pain, but it’s the opposite of that. Apart from not making the right choice in tattoo designs thanks to your drunken state, alcohol can make you bleed heavily than necessary, and nobody enjoys a tattoo session with too much blood in it.
It’s okay to take breaks during your session – Just keep them short, and only ask for one if the pain becomes too much to handle for you. Bringing snacks is also an important tip. Even if you’re just sitting or lying down on a tattoo chair throughout the session, your body’s sugar level can drop and will cause you to feel lethargic and exhausted. Bring a nice little treat like some candy, or a bite-sized chocolate bar. This can help a lot.
Don’t forget to follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare and maintenance tips after the session is complete. When you strictly obey their aftercare instructions, your tattoo will surely heal properly. It’s important to listen to what your artist is telling you, since they know what they’re talking about.
There are times when people will end up with an unfinished tattoo, or a drab-looking on. This is because the artist is unavailable for work, or is too occupied with other clients. Or maybe the pain is just too much to bear. But if you plan right ahead, then you can end up with a glorious tattoo and your pain will be worth it.

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