225 Sweet Couple Tattoos This Season

Back in the day, tattoos were only reserved for those who lived in lower classes, or for seafarers. But as time went on, and tattoo artists started using advanced technology to perform and design body art, tattooing moved upwards to high society, all of which had enough cash to pay for the high prices demanded by professionals. Tattoo prices became cheaper again later on, and like last time, was now only worn by the lower classes. This stayed until the 1960s, moving on towards the 70s hippie culture. Later on, tattoos became mainstream, changing the public’s perception of it as something deviant, to an artistic form of self-expression. In fact, tattoos are now so mainstream that toy giants like Mattel began selling tattooed Barbie dolls. Nowadays, people from all walks of life – No matter what gender, economic class, orientation, age, or race – Will wear and show off their tattoos if they want to do so. A survey conducted in 2000 shows that over fifteen percent of Americans wore tattoos. Gregory Paul McLaren holds the world record for having the most tattoos done – 100% of this entire body is covered in ink.

Hepatitis was a huge concern during World War II, and a lot of tattoo shops closed down because of this. In fact, a handful of them didn’t even lift the ban until a few decades after the war was over. One of the best and most effective ways to get rid of tattoos is through the help of laser removal. Lasers have the ability to break down large pigment particles into tinier ones, allowing your body to absorb them and remove them through sweat.

Ancient Romans and Greeks also applied tattoos to their criminals and slaves, making them easy to identify in case they make an escape. The same thing happened during the ancient Chinese era. Ancient Egyptians also practiced a form of medical tattooing on each other, among other innovative methods of tattooing during that time. For example, they made tattoos specifically for treating chronic pelvic peritonitis, or the inflammation of the peritoneum. The earliest tattoo used by prehistoric cavemen were comprised of ash and carbon.

Tattoos have been practiced all over the world ever since the Neolithic period, as seen by preserved and mummified skin on cavemen, and additional evidence coming from archaeological records and ancient art. Both the archaeological finds and ancient artworks of possible tattoo art, as well as the tools used by them, have all come to suggest that tattooing was often practiced during the Upper Paleolithic period in Europe. But getting concrete evidence for tattoos on mummified remains only extended back to the fourth millennium, BC. Tattooed mummies have been unearthed from over fifty archaeological sites from across the globe, including places like Alaska, Greenland, Mongolia, Siberia, Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines, the Andes, and some parts of western China. Popular tattoo designs during that time included Amunet, an ancient priestess who worked for the Egyptian goddess Hathor, among many other designs.

Types Of Couple Tattoos

  • Heart couple tattoo – Couples who want to get matching tattoos will go for the classic design of a heart tattoo. These are tattoo designs which have continuously been favored by so many couples everywhere. It’s obvious that a heart tattoo is often associated with the heart symbol – Whether it’s an old-school heart design, an anatomical heart, a realistic-looking heart, a sacred heart, or a love heart. A good heart tattoo design can carry plenty of senses here. Hearts represent love, kindness, and assistance. Splatter heart symbols can represent a heart that’s filled with nothing but love. It’s also the very center of the human mind.
  • Pinky promise couple tattoo – This tattoo design aims to protect all of the promises you make as a couple. It makes you remember every single promise you made for each other. The two tiny fingers which you and your partner entangle to create a promise is similar to the pinky swears you and your BFF would make when you were little, and admittedly, it’s just way too cute. A pinky promise tattoo also reminds you about the strong love that completes the both of you.
  • Split couple tattoos – Split tattoos are meant to symbolize a one-of-a-kind design that is divided into two pieces. These two parts could be placed on two different parts of your own body, or shared between you and another individual. A split couple tattoo can either carry a funny goal (a hidden message or two-faced characters) or a serious and more artistic purpose. They represent a person and their partner’s ambivalence, their connection to one another, along with their own complexities. This tattoo design can be placed on symmetrical limbs, including the feet, the forearms, the legs, and the hands. But artists who work on optical illusion tattoos have oftentimes succeeded in using a person’s entire body to be able to showcase their emotions. This is the reason why a split tattoo is a highly risky move when it comes to being committed to a certain relationship – No matter if it’s for friends or family or a relationship.
  • Chess king and queen couple tattoo – Being the queen of his heart and the king of her smile is what really matters to a couple in love. This tattoo idea allows you to showcase your love for one another, to the entire world. You can get a queen chess piece on your own body, while your partner can get a king chess piece tattoo that matches yours. You can even pair it up with a gorgeous quote if you wish to do so. Some couples even go as far as to put their partner’s name with the accompanying chess pieces.
  • Matching heartbeat couple tattoos – Your two heartbeats run simultaneously and will stop and go at the exact same time. This is what a matching heartbeat couple tattoo is all about. You and your partner can get this tattoo done on your wrists, or shoulders, or waists, or ankles, giving it a sense of exclusivity. This includes multicolored and chic watery sparkle designs, making it more magical and attractive to one another.

Romantic Couple Tattoos Meaning

A couple tattoo can be downright adorable, plus it carries a whole assortment of symbolism between the two of you. And after you manage to get yourself into a relationship, you just want to shout out to the world how much you and your partner love one another and enjoy each other’s company. Through the years, there have been loads of trends that revolve around couples, and how they showcase their love for their partner. These include couple shirts, couple necklaces, couple bracelets, and couple charms. But what if you’ve decided to head towards marriage and want something that lasts forever? A couple tattoo is one of the best options. Tattoos can last for a lifetime and will stay on your skin no matter what. If you want to have permanent ink on your body, then one of the best ideas here would be to place a representation of your undying loyalty to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only does it feel like there’s a link existing between their heart and yours, but it also holds a deeper meaning between the two of you and makes a pretty great fashion statement as well.

Sporting matching couple tattoos with a partner are the best way for you to show off your love to everyone. You can declare your passion to the world by acquiring a tattoo with a deeper meaning for the both of you. Imagine how you’ll feel each time you see your partner’s tattoo, or your own tattoo – It’s just going to make your love grow even more.

Romantic Couple Tattoo Placement

Getting a matching couple tattoo is one of the best ways for you to show off your love towards one another. This allows you to display your passion and love to the world, by acquiring a tattoo that represents or symbolizes your devotion to one another.

Think about how you’re really feeling each time you or your partner sets their eyes upon your or their tattoo – It’s only going to make your love bloom even more.

Tattoos are gradually becoming more and more accepted in various parts of the world – And even preteens and teenagers are now looking forward to when they’re of legal age and can finally get their first tattoo done. Tattoos are amazing because it allows you to show off something that describes who you are as a person. There are plenty of different tattoo ideas out there, especially for romantic couples – These ideas range from the fun, to the sappy. Couple tattoos can connect the two of you, as a tiny form of commitment that bonds the two of you together forever. These pieces of beautiful body art can fully strengthen the love that you have for each other, as well as the bond that you both share. Each time you see that tattoo on your partner’s body, you are reminded of the love you have for one another.

A symmetrical couple tattoo is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing tattoo ideas out there. Sometimes the best kind of couple tattoos are the minimal ones. This means you don’t have to get something huge in order to show off your love. Make sure everything is simple yet subtle at the same time. Or better yet, pick a tattoo design that carries a deeper meaning for you.

Relationship tattoos are a fantastic option for couples. A couple tattoo just so happens to be the kind of tattoo that’s meant to be drawn on your own body, similar to the standard tattoo. But perhaps the only main difference here is that they always come off unfinished. Similar to any matching tattoo, these couple tattoos can look incomplete, or they’ll only come with a singular character. Your partner has to carry the other half of the tattoo, so the tattoo will be complete when the two of you are together.

As for placement, everything will probably depend on where the couple wants to put it, along with the kind of tattoo they want to get. A tinier tattoo is placed inside a smaller area, since they won’t carry plenty of details. And a great thing about these tattoos is that they do require loads of commitment, because of the fact that they’re permanent. So a couple who decides to get a romantic matching tattoo has to make sure that they stay loyal to each other, or at least be determined to stay together forever.

Romantic Couple Tattoo Preparation Tips

Yes, your tattoo will hurt – But contrary to popular belief, it won’t hurt as bad as you assume it will… Or unless you’re not really expecting it to hurt at all. Then you sit down on that chair and learn that it hurts really bad. The pain of getting a tattoo is similar as feeling like a heavy cat scratch, which is sharp yet tingly at the same time.

A tiny tattoo can only take as little as over ten minutes to finish up, depending on the artist’s skills. Obviously, the larger a tattoo is, the longer the entire process will take to complete – With the exception of a large tattoo, in which you and the artist are allowed to have several breaks, you’re mostly going to have to sit perfectly still during the whole time. You will want to prepare yourself for the pain ahead, and not have to move too much. Learn how to keep yourself calm during the whole session. You might want to practice relaxing and breathing exercises so you can be prepared. If you have taken meditation or yoga classes, then you will surely gain benefits from the amount of breathing exercises you have learned.

Never be afraid to tell your artist that you’re scared or nervous. This is normal sight for them – And oftentimes they will help you maintain a peaceful sense of mind by explaining how the process will go. And sometimes they will provide you with funny anecdotes regarding people who were more nervous or anxious than you.

You should also never be afraid to ask them for any assistance in case you’re feeling dizzy, nauseous, or confused regarding tattoos or tattooing in general. Sometimes you’ll feel a fainting spell as you get your tattoo done, especially during the first couple of minutes – Even if it’s not their first time to get a tattoo done. There’s no need to feel scared or embarrassed. Allow the artist to know if you’re feeling something unusual, apart from getting the tattoo itself.

These tattoo needles are quite different from the needles used for syringes in hospitals. They’re not hollow, and they don’t pierce through your skin entirely (just a couple of millimeters at best) and they won’t inject anything inside you. if everything makes you feel more comfortable, then go right ahead and tell your artist before they can start tattooing you, if they can show you the type of needles they’re about to use on you. This could help you feel less anxious about the whole thing.

You need to sit in the position that the artist asks you to sit, which can be difficult sometimes. Coming from your own perspective, it might seem a bit harder for the artists themselves to arrive at an area in between these positions. But at the same time, these artists are also highly concerned with having to stretch out your skin, and not just reach parts of it.

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Are Couple Tattoos Painful?

If you intend to get a big tattoo, this means you’re going to have to sit down on that chair for a while and naturally, you’re going to have to sit through the pain that comes with getting a tattoo. And the longer you sit on that chair, the more likely it is for your body to eventually run out of pain-reducing hormones. You can end up feeling more pain towards the tail end of your session, compared to the start.

Alongside a lower adrenaline level, you’re also going to have to struggle through possible swelling and bruises on your new tattoo, among other painful things. So this must be the part where you’re just going to have to dig in really deep into your consciousness and fight through all of that pain. Remember that the stage where the amount of pain starts to increase and becomes completely unbearable will all vary from one individual to another. So for instance, if you have a tattooed pal who told you they could only handle one hour of pain and had to stop for a while, then you can probably take over two hours or three hours of the same thing. Don’t enter the shop and sit on that chair feeling anxious and defeated.

As mentioned, if the pain you get while having a tattoo done starts becoming completely unbearable, then by all means tell your artist about what you’re feeling. Plenty of them will be more than happy to take a short break from tattooing, so you can recover a bit then get back into the zone later on.

Maybe you can ask your artist to let you out for some fresh air for a while and think about whether you still want to push through with the rest of your tattoo, or just book another appointment. Normally, just a couple of minutes away from your chair will already be enough for you to sit down and ready yourself for several more sessions under the tattoo gun.

The idea of acquiring a new tattoo can worry people in so many different ways. For some of them, it’s not exactly a common experience to get a tattoo, while others will be sitting on that tattoo chair for the first time. But of course, there’s always a first time when it comes to many things, and most of them will give you a sense of apprehension, fear, and anxiety. Tattooing isn’t any different.

One of the reasons why people are so worried about getting a tattoo done is because of the actual pain that comes with the needle striking your skin. People who get tattoos for the first time are so scared that they can jump or tense up a bit when the tip of the needle hits their skin, thanks to the sharp and imminent pain. This can alarm the artist too, and cause them to make a mistake.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Couple Tattoos

  • Can you tattoo minors?
  • If you don’t give in, then there’s a chance that your teen could end up rebelling and go for a tattoo all by themselves. A responsible tattoo shop will not give a tattoo to someone below eighteen. Plenty of states won’t allow minors to get a tattoo, which means that shops who are willing to grant a tattoo to someone underage, you have to wonder what kind of laws they could end up breaking (like sterilization). In case a tattoo shop is willing to give a tattoo to a minor, they will ask the client to bring a parent or a guardian with them and ask for proof of the status.
  • Why do you accept deposits, and what kind of rules are there regarding that thing?
  • Most tattoo shops will require a placement so you can easily book your tattooing appointment. A deposit can save you a spot in the artist’s busy schedule, and they can also cover up the time it takes to finish the tattoo which the two of you have discussed during the previous meeting. When you bring in your deposit during a consultation, it pretty much locks in your tattoo appointment. This deposit will be based off the price of your ink. If you’re still unsure whether you want to get a tattoo done or not, then please wait to book your appointment until you’re completely ready to get it done. If you plan to reschedule your appointment, meanwhile, then inform the artist at least two days before the appointment. If you end up rescheduling at least a couple of hours before it begins, you can end up losing your deposit and you have to make a new one instead.
  • I just got a tattoo done. Should I float?
  • Fresh tattoos and floating don’t mix! Floating with a fresh tattoo will not only be painful (the combination of salt and an open wound) but the water solution can cause discoloration and fading of your tattoo, possibly removing its own aesthetic appeal. The amount of time you should wait before you can get right back into the beach or pool will all depend on your tattoo’s healing time, and how fast it is. Wait at least six weeks.
  • Can I get tattooed if I’m nursing or pregnant?
  • Professional tattoo artists don’t recommend you getting a tattoo while you’re pregnant or nursing. That’s because everything that passes through your body will also be sent to your baby through the placenta and your milk. There’s a possibility of being introduced to an allergy while you get a tattoo done, and even though it’s pretty much insignificant for the mother, it can harm the baby. So you’re going to have to reschedule that appointment after you have given birth and are done with the nursing stage.

Average Cost Of Getting A Couple Tattoo

Exactly how much does a tattoo really cost? There’s actually a valid reason as to why two similar tattoos, crafted by the same artist, can carry different prices. A lot of them are completely obvious at a first glance, but there’s actually a lot of reasons as to why one tattoo is much more expensive than another, even though they use the same brand of pigments, have the same size, and bear the same design. You’ll definitely get scammed when you get charged with at least twenty bucks by an individual who manages to get themselves a tattoo machine coming from an online store, or hasn’t had enough experience in regards to drawing tattoos.

However, when you step inside a reputable tattoo shop and book an appointment with an artist who has had years of tattooing, don’t be shocked if they charge you with 100 bucks per hour. There are plenty of artists out there who have had only a few years of tattooing experience but can come up with amazing designs. Meanwhile, there are loads of artists who, on the other hand, have been creating tattoos for years but are still mediocre as when they first began their profession. So always take a good look at your artist’s portfolio, to see if the price tag is fully justified. But this doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to knock down on artists who ask for a lower price with their tattoos – They could be twice more talented but ask a lower price from their clients.

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Couple Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Remember that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment and will always require plenty of maintenance and extra care to keep them looking as sharp as possible for so many years to come. You yourself can take great care of a tattoo by utilizing hypoallergenic and fragrance-free soaps and moisturizer when caring for a tattoo. Plenty of scented and perfumed soaps can contain fragrances and harsh chemicals, which can damage and irritate freshly-tattooed skin.

Use a moisturizer which allows the skin to breathe. As mentioned, clogged pores can cause a skin infection and harm your tattoo. Also check to see if the area is fully dry before you place in some aftercare lotion or moisturizer, since trapping some extra moisture beneath your skin can result in a heat rash, or some irritation. Keep that tattoo clean and regularly moisturized, especially when you do a sweaty or dirty activity like sports, gardening, or exercise.

Be sure to drink loads of water to keep that skin hydrated and supple. And as your tattoo heals, covering it up with a bandage or clothing is a good idea when there’s a risk of exposing it to the harsh sunlight.

You can do your own part in helping your tattoo heal by avoiding any moisturizer and soap that uses harsh chemicals and fragrances. Even if these products don’t irritate skin that much, it can still irritate and destroy the tattooed area, especially since it’s technically an open wound. Do not pick on your tattoo’s scabs – Allow them to flake and fall off naturally. This can cause plenty of scar tissue to develop. As much as possible, try not to scratch your tattoo when it gets all itchy. Avoid using grade petroleum moisturizers or any non-cosmetic moisturizers, since this has the potential to clog your pores.

Even though sunblock is a good way to keep that tattoo moisturized and the colors intact, you mustn’t use it while it’s still healing up. Don’t swim in lakes or rivers or submerge your tattoo in water (yes, this also applies to bathtubs!) until it has fully healed up.

Caring for a tattoo is very simple, especially if you know how the process goes. But there are still instances where you might need the help of a doctor or a health care professional.

Getting an infection is perhaps one of the major reasons why you want to see a doctor after a tattoo session. If you don’t take care of your tattoo properly, it could get infected with bacteria. An infected tattoo can have some consequences.

Infected tattoos can feel warm to the touch, become inflamed, and painful. Your skin can also develop a rash, or worse, have pus come out of the tattoo itself. Another much worse situation which can happen is if the tattoo artist uses dirty ink or needles. You can develop a blood-borne disease from that, including hepatitis B and C, HIV, tetanus, and a mycobacterial skin infection. Call up your doctor right away at the first few signs of a skin infection

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