225 Sexiest Thigh Tattoos For Ladies This Year

Tattooing is actually a form of body art which has been thoroughly practiced across the world, ever since the Neolithic period. This has been proven thanks to evidence of preserved pieces of skin, ancient pieces of artwork, as well as having plenty of archaeological records. Both of these archaeological and discovered ancient artifacts, most of which contain tools used for tattooing, have come to suggest that this art from was practiced during Europe’s upper Paleolithic period. But finding the correct evidence for tattoos on preserved human skin actually extended only up to the 4th millennium BC. So far, the oldest piece of tattooed human skin to be discovered belonged to the body of a caveman known as ‘Otzi the Iceman’. His preserved body dated back to 3370 and 3100 BC. Since Otzi, there have been several other tattooed mummies discovered in various parts of the world (at least 50 location), including places like Siberia, Alaska, Greenland, Mongolia, Egypt, western China, Sudan, the Andes, and the Philippines. Another famous preserved mummy with tattoos on their bodies included Amunet, who served as a priestess for the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. There have also been different tattooed mummies discovered in areas like Siberia, such as the Russian Pazyryk culture, along with several other cultures all across South America.

In China, several cemeteries scattered across the ancient Tarim Basin (modern-day Xinjiang) which included areas like Yanghai, Qawrighul, Shengjindian, Zaghunluq, and Qizilchoqa have unearthed tattooed mummies, all of them bearing Indo-European and Western-Asian cultural materials and physical traits. The mummies were dated from 550 BC up to 2100 BC.

Ancient Chinese have considered tattoos to be a barbaric practice, and were often associated with crooks, bandits, criminals, and thugs, especially in popular literature. And during the Qing Dynasty, it was actually quite common to write Chinese characters such as ‘prisoner’ on the convicted criminal’s face. And even though this was relatively rare during certain periods of Chinese history, slave-owners would mark their slaves to show off their ownership.

The practice of tattooing, however, didn’t fade away in China’s southern culture. During his travels to the province of Quanzhou, the famed explorer, Marco Polo, write that plenty of individuals have travelled all the way from Upper India, just so they could get their bodies painted on using a needle in the same practice done in other regions of China. He also mentioned that a lot of people practiced tattooing in the same region. In the classic Chinese novel ‘Water Margin’, at least three of the main characters – Yan Qing, Shi Jin, and Lu Zhi-shen all wore tattoos that covered a major part of their bodies. In the same novel, the character Wu Song was given a facial tattoo, as a punishment for killing Xi Men-qing to avenge the death of his brother. Tattoos have made appearances in several Chinese legends as well.

thigh tattoos

Types Of Thigh Tattoos

  • Doe head thigh tattoo – A doe head placed on your legs represents kindness, motherly love, and gentleness. These attributes are often associated with the doe, along with peacefulness and innocence. Each time you see a doe in the wild, you are unable to resist their charms – Doe have a particular aura which makes humans look twice and in awe whenever they’re around. So placing a tattoo of the head of a doe on a person’s thigh can mean that you have a personality that’s very similar to the doe’s. Plus a lot of people will be able to see what your tattoo looks like, and immediately assume that you’re a kind person with a docile nature.
  • High-heeled tattoo on the legs – This is a tattoo that definitely suits the ladies, using a pair of high heels drawn nicely on their thighs. This type of tattoo is nicely designed for one shoe standing, while the other half is lying on the ground, as if it fell on the floor. This is yet another amazing thigh tattoo design that will make your legs look stunning.
  • Anchor thigh tattoo – An anchor tattoo design looks pretty great on a person’s legs or thighs, since they can be drawn on such a huge canvas. You can also include plenty of other interesting aquatic symbols which can make this tattoo design twice as unique – For instance, go with a pair of koi fish or even an octopus. People always acquire this tattoo for the same reason that it holds a very lively meaning. An anchor tattoo means that no matter what kind of stuff destiny brings you, you’ll always end up deeming it in any kind of vocation.
  • Peacock thigh tattoos – People who get this certain tattoo design were mostly inspired by the look of a peacock, which is a gorgeous specie of bird. In the animal kingdom, the peacock is considered to be one of the most majestic and attractive creatures around. It sports multi-colored feathers which give it a vibrant and naturally fun look. And apart from that, these birds have also come to represent happiness, or something joyful and exciting. Whenever you look at a peacock, you’re awed by its beauty and won’t feel lonely or sad. The only thing you’ll ever think about are happy moments and great times in your life.
  • Eagle thigh tattoo – Eagles are a regal and spiritual bird which was once considered to possess magical powers. You can get this tattoo done with large wings, spreading them with pure confidence as it rises up above the clouds. A tattoo of eagle wings, combined together with some gorgeous fonts, is a brand new trend in eagle tattoos. People enjoy combining eagle tattoos with anchor tattoos, as well as an eagle flying on top of the Earth as if to show off its status as a powerful bird.
  • Beautiful flower thigh tattoo – This tattoo carries two different meanings: Being young, and being beautiful. A tattoo flower permanently looks beautiful and youthful, and perhaps serves as a better way for you to tell people something about yourself. In this tattoo design, you can see the flower blooming all the way up. The artist has also decided to include an image of an animated person in the flower, perhaps as a way to build up curiosity and plenty of reactions from people who see it.

thigh tattoos

Meaning Of Thigh Tattoos For Ladies

Both ladies and gentlemen of different ages and background can acquire a tattoo that is set to reflect their tastes, style, and preferences. Certain body parts out there might seem like they’re the best for showing off a gorgeous tattoo design, since they look amazing on a specific body part. These are all revealed when you get dressed for an occasion. A thigh tattoo makes a woman look twice as gorgeous and attractive than usual. Placing a tattoo on your legs can also look amazing on the ladies, both young and old alike. This can further add to the gorgeousness of the wearer’s legs and thighs. But perhaps the most important thing about all of this is to pick the correct type of design which is sure to fit your personality and body.

Thigh tattoos have been getting lots and lots of popularity through the years, especially among men and women throughout the globe. However, there are still some individuals out there who decide to get a tattoo on their legs and thighs, all because of the fact that it’s so much easier to hide them there. Always remember that there will be times when you have to hide a tattoo you own, especially when you have to attend a conservative gathering or a formal one, like a gala. This definitely answers the question as to why tattoos like these are often considered to be the top choice of so many professional artists.

Sexiest Thigh Tattoo Placement

… So you have finally chosen your favorite tattoo design and can’t wait to have it on you forever. No matter if it’s from a professional tattoo shop with over 1000 ideas to pick from or a customized tattoo, or even something temporary like a henna tattoo, the final design of your tattoo is not only the most important factor here – You have to think of its placement as well.

The exact same design of a tattoo can take on different meanings, especially when you put it on your chest versus the forearms. Or maybe it can have a different kind of impact when you put it on your calf or at the back. How big or small your tattoo is could also be a determining factor here: If you have a small tattoo and want it to stand out, then don’t put it on your lower back where it’s mostly covered up. And if you want an inspirational quote tattoo, then don’t place it on a small space where all of the letters will be smushed together.

Some areas of your body are actually much easier to be tattooed on compared to others. A highly recommended spot is a hard-flat area on your body, like the upper leg, upper thigh, or the forearms. These two locations are easy to be tattooed on, so you can apply all of the necessary pressure. And in case you prefer to place a tattoo somewhere on your back, then it’s probably a great idea to get someone to do it for you.

If you want people to focus on your thigh tattoo, then let it peek out very discreetly beneath a skirt or a pair of shorts. Or when you’re lounging by the pool or the beach, you can wear a bikini and show it in its full glory. Thighs and legs are a huge canvas to work along with, which makes them excellent for larger designs. The upper thigh is also a great place to apply firm pressure on, so tattoos in this area have a much better chance of looking crisp and darker.

No matter if you’re deciding on your first or fifth tattoo, you could still be thinking about its placement. There are plenty of things to consider out there before you get a tattoo, and because of this, you must also have at least a very clear understanding about where your design looks the best, because this makes the decision much more easier. Specific places on your body are also quite painful to get a tattoo on, and this could be a cause for concern for some people.  The perfect spot on your body will make the art look its very best, and all the while enhances your body in the most attractive way. For instance, a tattoo with movement and plenty of curvy designs on it – Like a pair of koi fish – May look great on a prominent area of your body.

Thigh Tattoo Preparation Tips

Always be careful in case you end up finding yourself straining or struggling to hold a position, because your body could end up involuntary shaking or twitching as a warning. This means you’re going to have to try your very best to stay perfectly still in the position your artist wants you to do. If your arm or leg falls asleep or if you have this feeling that you can’t hold on to that position much longer, then tell the artist before you end up struggling. There are often various positions that an artist will have you do, so it can be easy for you both.

Needless to say, if you frequently request for breaks or if you think you have to continuously change your position to look at your tattoo’s progress and see how it’s doing, then the entire process will take a while to finish up. Artists will work as fast as they possibly could, but you must also be aware of the fact that these regular stops have the tendency to break their rhythm and can take a while to finish making your tattoo as a result. It’s basically similar to a little kid who keeps asking you, ‘are we there yet?’

If you have familiarized yourself with other artists, then you might not be surprised to know that several tattoo artists have an introverted personality. This means they’d rather focus on their job instead of hold a conversation with their client. For your part, of course it wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they’re up for some small talk. But if they don’t, and you feel like you need to talk to somebody to help you cope with the pain, bring a friend or a partner with you. Listening to music or audio books can also help you relax a bit.

As the whole procedure goes on, you’re going to have to pay particular attention to all of the instructions that the artist gives you. They might have to ask you to take off your belt, lower or remove your socks, turn up an elbow, take a deep breath, sit up straight, slouch, or any other thing. But the most important thing here is that you have to pay closer attention to their instructions, and whatever else they ask you to do. And if you feel uncomfortable, then don’t hesitate to let them know.

When you’re currently in a longer tattoo session, ask your artist if you can take a break in between – But only do it if it’s really necessary. Oftentimes, a tattoo artist will give you a break after every hour or so. But if you take too many frequent breaks, or take a very long one in between sessions, you can potentially interrupt the progress. And when your artist does allow you to have a break, be sure to use it wisely. Use the bathroom, drink some water, eat your snacks. Sometimes you will notice that after a break, your tattoo will start to hurt a bit. Consider this as another reason why you have to limit the number of breaks you want.

thigh tattoos

Are Thigh Tattoos Painful?

In reality, even though you already feel like the entire process of tattooing is going to be downright painful – Especially if it happens to be your first time, this won’t pose too much of a problem all in all.

The pain you’ll feel once the needle pricks through your skin isn’t painful or sharp enough for you to move the body part or experience a sudden jolt or jump. The pain will mostly feel like a sharp scratch, but it won’t be too painful to the point where it’ll be unbearable.

Once again, plenty of people who are about to get a tattoo will feel slightly worried that they’ll come across as scaredy-cats or wimps halfway through the session, either by making squirming noises and pained or nervous expressions on their face throughout, as if they’re forced to suck on an entire lemon.

However, you have to realize here that there’s absolutely no shame at all in feeling pain during the session. Tattoos can hurt everybody, even the toughest people out there – And whoever says that they didn’t feel even just a tiny amount of pain while getting one are straight-up lying.

If you’re a bit expressive and make all sorts of tiny noises and wince a lot when you’re feeling uncomfortable during the session, it’s a good thing to remember that your artist might have already been with clients who have had a worse reaction way before you came in.

Another common fear when getting a tattoo is that they’ll end up getting so scared that they’ll ask the artist to stop the session halfway through and come back at a much later date, all because they can’t deal with the pain anymore. You have to realize that this is a much more common occurrence than what you may think, especially on tender parts of the skin.

In case you have a low threshold for pain and are fully aware that you won’t be able to last too long on that tattoo chair, it is suggested that you and your artist make certain arrangements to break down one lengthy session into shorter, yet multiple ones. A lot of artists are actually willing to split one long session into smaller time chunks, especially if the design is large and will take lots of time to complete.

Perhaps one of the things that stops people from getting a tattoo done – Even though they really want to – Is a crippling fear of needles. Maybe your dream is to get an elaborate back piece or a sleeve tattoo, but can’t get over the aspect of a needle passing through your skin. This fear is a big one for most people, and a difficult one to get past through.

To assuage this fear, all you have to remember is that tattoo gun needles aren’t similar to those hypodermic needles that you see and get scared of when you have to go to the doctor’s for a checkup. Tattoo gun needles are shorter in length, and only go at least one or two millimeters beneath your skin. Take a look at your wrists and see the veins on the underside – Tattoo needles won’t even get anywhere near those veins. This is proof that they’re very shallow and will only pass through the thin, top layer of your skin and not go deeper.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Tattoos For Ladies

  • Can I get a tattoo without the permission from a parent or a guardian?
  • This will all depend on where you live. As of this year, there are no federal laws implemented in the US, which sets the legal age of when an individual can get a tattoo done. And despite the fact that each state does have their own set of rules, in other states, when a minor turns eighteen, they’re now considered an adult and can decide for themselves if they want a tattoo or not. A couple of states will usually require a note coming from the guardian or parent, especially if the teen is eighteen years old. In several states, the guardian or parent has to sign a consent form and be around while their child gets the tattoo.
  • How do you decide which healing method is better for you or a particular tattoo?
  • It doesn’t really matter how many or few your tattoos are, there are still loads of variables you have to consider here: Your skin condition, if your immune system is working properly, your age, the amount of melanin you have in your skin, and the location of your new tattoo. You also have to think about your daily routines and activity.
  • How long does it take for the ink to settle in a tattoo?
  • The average time it takes for the pigment to settle into your skin is around two to three weeks before you can go for a swim in the pool or beach, take a bath, or relax in a jacuzzi. The healing time for a tattoo will all depend on how well you take good care of it, as well as the skin surrounding it.
  • Can you shave your tattoo area?
  • Shaving a tattooed area might seem like a cheap and easier method to get rid of body hair and further show off your ink to the world. According to expert tattoo artists, you can skip shaving in case your tattoo is still healing up and brand new. And as it heals, your skin is completely sensitive, and is technically an open wound. Having to shave over a tattooed area will not only be very painful, it can also harm the tattoo itself. Be sure to give your skin at least two weeks up to a month for it to heal up. This means no peeling, no scabbing, and no shininess surrounding the tattooed area. These are all the signs that your skin is slowly healing up, and that it’s not safe to shave it off. But after your tattoo has completely settled into your skin, then shaving is completely okay. Because shaving only gets rid of the hair coming from the outer layer of your skin, the tattoo, found inside the secondary layer of your skin, will not be damaged or harmed.

How Much Do Thigh Tattoos Cost?

A quality tattoo crafted by a professional artist is never cheap. The final cost of a tattoo will all depend on the size, the color, the location, the fanciness and detail of the design, as well as the artist’s reputation and skills. But an individual tattoo can still have its own price. A tiny tattoo can be priced anywhere from eighty to one hundred dollars. A bigger tattoo, meanwhile, could end up costing hundreds, or even a thousand dollars. There are studios out there which charge their clients by the hour. If you choose to get a large tattoo, then you have to know exactly how much it costs, even before you get it done.

Another thing to consider are the other costs that come with a tattoo, like giving your artist a courtesy tip, the moisturizers or aftercare products that an artist will recommend, or performing touch-ups (in case something happens to your tattoo that won’t cause it to heal up properly) and the removal (when you decide that the design doesn’t appeal to you anymore). You will most likely be requested to place down a deposit for your tattoo, so think about that cost as well.

Thigh Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Probably the most important factor here when it comes to tattoo care is being able to work together with a highly professional tattoo artist. This can help you avoid even the slightest complications, and will make the entire healing process much quicker and easier.

Strictly following your artist’s set of instructions on how to take care of a new tattoo is always your best line of defense in regards catching a potential infection, as well as improper healing. And regularly applying these maintenance tips to your body ink can prevent any infection, and keep your tattoo looking as good as the day you got it, for many years to come.

Indeed, having to care for a brand new tattoo is a pretty straightforward task as a whole, and each artist out there will have their own set of tips on how to keep your tattoo looking well-maintained. In most of these cases, the goal is actually quite simple – To quicken up the healing and stop infections from happening.

Leave your bandage on for at least an hour. The maximum time is four to five hours, or an entire day, depending on what your artist tells you. Artists will tell you to leave on that bandage for much longer, as opposed to taking it off and washing your tattoo in a gritty public bathroom. Never apply a fresh bandage to it after you have gotten rid of the first one, unless, once again, your artist tells you to do it.

So after you have taken off that bandage, you may now rinse it with warm or lukewarm water. Clean your new tattoo with the help of a mild, unscented and hypoallergenic liquid soap.

Pat your tattoo dry gently using a paper towel. Then, allow it to air-dry for one more hour before you start the entire aftercare process.

The fourth step would be to apply even just a thin layer of aftercare product onto the tattoo. If you can’t afford products, then use any of the following: Any unscented moisturizer, or scent-free hand lotion. Massage the product lightly onto the skin, up to the point where the tattoo just barely looks moist. Never ever apply a thick layer of product onto the tattoo. If you opt to go with the unscented lotion, just check to see if the product’s bottle contains the words ‘fragrance free’ or ‘scent free’. If not, then you might just get even the tiniest amount of additives or chemicals into your tattoo, and it’ll surely irritate your skin – Or worse, cause an infection.


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