125 Best Wings Tattoo Designs For This Year

The wing is a sign of freedom. Animals who have wings and people who get wing tattoos all have one thing in common – They have a strong belief in themselves, a faith in the unknown, and love freedom. This is an article that can help you choose the perfect wings tattoo and make the right decision about the design. You can also learn more about the various wings tattoo styles, most of them containing some very elaborate details as to their origins and true meanings. Get to know the best body placements for wings tattoo, as well as the areas that make you shout “Ow!” as you get them.wings-tattoos


Origin Of Wings Tattoo

There is plenty of historical evidence out there, which has proved that there is a powerful connection between Christianity and wing tattoos, with a bigger emphasis on Catholicism. The Catholic Faithful utilizes symbols, which represent some of the most important figures in this religion. For centuries, crosses are a popular iconography, along with images and carvings as a sign of the person’s faith.

Catholics have this belief that angels are a winged mystical creature who serves as a messenger between humankind and God. This is a great representation of angels as ethereal winged beings, which eventually lead to the development and popularity of the wings tattoo.


Types Of Wings Tattoo Designs

  • Angel wings tattoo – Oftentimes, the easiest and most basic designs are the ones that look the best. You can still customize the basic angel wings tattoo to match your personality, your struggles, your personal tales, or losses. You can also decide if you want to make your angel wings tattoo a statement piece by getting the whole design to cover your back. This tattoo design means that you will eventually be up and reside alongside the angels one day. Meanwhile, a tinier set of angel wing tattoos placed on a discreet area of your body can serve as a reminder that your angel is constantly watching over you.
  • Tribal-style wings tattoo – One more popular wings tattoo design is to draw the shape of the wings in a black tribal style, and fill it in with symbols stemming from legends, myths, or local folklore. When you show the design this way, a wing tattoo can represent warriors in either reality, or myth.
  • Cross with wings tattoo – A cross is a highly popular design with so many tattoo enthusiasts. And acquiring a wing tattoo with a cross accompanying it is a great way to make sure that your design will stand out from the rest of the crowd. These winged cross tattoos can become a standard statement of your own religious freedom, as a way to pay tribute to a lost loved one, or something to remind you of your mortality. A great way to personalize this look is to place the name of someone you love on the cross, or their birthdate and death date. Further adding a crown of thorns to the cross can showcase the suffering that you have gone through in life, or as a reminder of Jesus’ own suffering on the cross – Another important Christian iconography.
  • Butterfly wings tattoo – This tattoo is versatile and can take on so many designs, shapes, and colors. Ladies will often get this tattoo because butterflies have a more feminine look to them. Butterflies themselves are very beautiful and interesting in so many ways, and so this tattoo is a great way of showing this off. You can get a tattoo of the butterfly itself, or just the wings.


Meaning Of Wings Tattoo

A wing tattoo design often contains some sort of spiritual or inspirational symbolism that means a lot to the wearer. In a lot of myths and legends, for instance, a character has to strive hard in order to earn their wings. Meanwhile, in nature, wings allow insects and birds to fly high. They can represent things like elevation, speed, aspiration, and freedom. These tattoos will often feature at the back, because this is where the wings are on those who have them. The most traditional feathered wings can take up the width of their shoulders.

The style of your preferred wings tattoo can contain so many different winged beings, like angels, or real-life animals like birds or insects. This makes the perfect tattoo choice for those who want to show their fondness or affinity for one of these creatures, or both. The best winged animal tattoos you can get are butterflies, eagles, dragonflies, and birds. For fictional creatures, there’s the majestic phoenix. Even though all of these tattoos do contain various meanings in general, as well as to whoever wears them on their bodies, the main thread here is that they all seem to represent things like freedom, uniqueness, liberty, and the ability to soar high above the rest of the crowd. When it comes to the phoenix tattoo, the idea of resurrection or moving on from something tragic, or living a new life are the most common meanings. And as such, wings tattoo make the best choice for those who love the beauty of nature and what it has created, so they can give you a much more unique design rather than just getting a tattoo of a winged animal.

Ideal Placement Of Wings Tattoo

If you’re planning to add in your tattoo to somewhere discreet, then you can consider adding in some customized features into these hidden tattoos to give it a more personal touch.

When you want a tattoo design that’ll accentuate the female features, then lower back tattoos are also a good spot. These tattoos tend to highlight your body’s curves in a beautiful way.

Tattoos that are the most painful to get are in bony spots such as the lower back, the fingers, the wrists, the face, the neck, and the ribs. Meanwhile, muscular, fatty, or meaty areas like the neck, the back, the hips, and the biceps hurt less. Many tattoo artists  suggest these places to those who are only getting tattoos for the very first time. The lower back, meanwhile, is a painful spot for tattoos. However, this is the most admirable place for ladies to wear tattoos on, since they enjoy wearing angel tattoos, butterfly tattoos, or flower tattoos in that spot. They can easily flaunt their new ink while wearing those sexy low-waist jeans.

Necks are a great spot for wearing tattoos. No matter when you want to wear a design which you can hide away easily, or one that highlights your body’s features, then the neck area should feature into consideration.

Wings Tattoo Preparation Tips

Focus on your breathing to help ease the pain and nervousness of an upcoming tattoo session. Those who have tried it found themselves slipping into a slight nap every now and then, which means it really does work.

If you are sitting in a position that lets you hold something during the session, or if you’re lying down, then go right ahead and do it. A chatty artist, or you initiating the conversation also helps, but you need to see first if they’re fine with that, or if they like to work in silence so they can focus more on the design.

Take a short break in between sessions, but not to many or too long. During a session that takes two to three hours, your artist might need to take breaks as well, to gather up energy – They need this especially after sitting down hunched over your body for a long period of time. But after each break, you will sometimes notice that hearing the buzz of a tattooing machine might cause you to feel phantom pain. That initial rush of pain-reducing endorphins won’t last forever, and the faster your artist will work by lessening the interruptions involved, the better your tattoo will look. Therefore, you won’t be experiencing too much pain here, either.

If  the drawing of your tattoo  featured several artists, you might already be aware that each artist’s opinion regarding tattoo maintenance and care is different. They will hand you different instructions on how to do tattoo aftercare, and it’s really up to your common sense to choose which design works nicely for you.

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Are Wing Tattoos Painful?

A lot of factors will go into this. First off, it depends on the wearer’s tolerance for pain, as well as how detailed and colorful the design is. Basically, the more colorful and bigger the tattoo is, the more it’ll hurt.

Another factor will all depend on how many sessions it’ll take before your tattoo is over. When you have a larger tattoo, your artist will stop the session at a particular segment, so this won’t compromise the design too much. And your tattooed skin will also take time to heal up, like the body that it holds.

The placement of your tattoo is the next factor. A tattoo found on the side of your chest, or the ribs, will be more painful in comparison to a thigh tattoo.

All in all, an anchor tattoo measuring three inches looks pretty simple when placed on the outer forearm with a rope tied around the wrists, while its other half, which contains a nautical-themed quote, looks great on the right wrist and measuring two inches. The one on the right wrist will be more painful thanks to the sensitivity. Both of them will hurt. Your body will only be able to handle the pain for at least an hour.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wings Tattoo

1.) When you get your very first tattoo, what are some of the important questions you need to ask?

  • One of the biggest issues that artists will discuss with their clients – Especially first-timers or young folk – Are what kind of career they want to have for the rest of their lives. If you are a teenager who wants a tattoo on their neck, wrists, or hands for the rest of their life, your employment future will determine if its a good idea to place these tattoos. Plenty of young people will usually close the door on these kinds of opportunities by going straight to a tattoo design that they know they want, without even considering how it could possibly take away their career goals and dreams. If you are having second thoughts about wanting to get it done, remember that tattoo removal isn’t exactly the most pleasant thing in the world. It’ll take a while to achieve full removal and it’ll cost twice as much than what you paid for your tattoo.

2.) Does the artist work inside a tattoo establishment?

  • You would want to go for an artist who works inside a reputable and licensed tattoo shop. Do not go to an artist who only works in their home or backyard – These people are also known as ‘scratchers’. There are states which do not allow tattoo artists to work inside their home. Tattoo artists who do their job at their house will mean that they don’t support licensing. Meanwhile, those artists who have done tattooing inside a shop are fully supportive and acknowledge licensing, as well as the hygienic standards of practice.

3.) When all is Over, should you leave a tip to your artist?

  • A lot of people do. Tattooing is a service that is being provided, and a lot of satisfied clients will often leave out a tip after their tattooing session is over. To say whether somebody should or should not leave a tip will all depend on the client, if they’re happy with the outcome of the design or not. There are loads of varying opinions about who to leave the tip, and who not to. Some do, and some don’t. Tattooing is a pricey kind of service, so artists and staff won’t take it personally if someone leaves a tip. This isn’t out of place or uncommon, however.

How Much Do Wing Tattoos Cost?

A tattoo shop or an artist with a pretty huge following can also charge their clients for a much higher rating. When the appointments for all artists in the shop are completely booked, the expenses will also go upwards as well.

The supplies and tools that the artists will use to create your tattoo are yet another expense that the artist has incurred, and will the client will have to meet them, who is a consumer. These items include the pigments, the inks, the sterilization units, the needles, the lotions, inkwells, sprays, and wipes.

Once again, everything will all depend on a host of factors considered earlier. A tinier tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll come at a cheaper price. If you acquire something that has plenty of complex details, a smaller tattoo will make it more difficult to draw in the details in the design.

That aside, a small and simple tattoo will cost at an average price of over $80 at the maximum, and will take over 45 minutes to finish.


Wings Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After your tattooing session is over, your artist will start wiping off and disinfecting the entire area, before covering it up with a thin layer of cloth or plastic wrap. Some of them will rub a little bit of Bepanthen. This is a cream used in most European tattoo shops as an aftercare product. The reason why some artists will use a plastic wrap instead of a gauze is because this will keep your skin moist, making sure that the tattoo isn’t going to wrinkle and crust out soon. This will also stop the skin from blistering and bleeding out, because if that happens, some of the ink from your tattoo will start oozing out of your skin as well. Another advantage of a plastic wrap is that it keeps your fresh tattoo well-protected. Tattoos are technically open wounds, so a bandage helps prevent them from coming into contact with dirty surfaces, germs, other people, and clothes.

Artists’ opinions will usually differ regarding how long these plastic wraps have to be  on – With a tiny tattoo, for example, you’ll get the advice to leave it on for only up to five hours or so, until you arrive home. After that, you should clean your tattoo with a mild non-scented antibacterial soap, apply a thin layer of aftercare cream on it, and allow your tattoo to dry out and heal naturally without placing a new bandage on top of it. When rubbing on that cream, only place on a thin layer and don’t forget to wash your hands before doing so.

But when it comes to larger pieces, the aftercare advice from artists can get pretty varied. Some will tell you to leave on the plastic overnight even after the session is over, to the usual washing and cleaning of the tattoo as soon as you get home and even rebandaging with a fresh layer of plastic for over a week.

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