155+ Most Meaningful Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf Tattoo History

Perhaps one of the most popular animal-inspired tattoo designs out there are wolf tattoos, and humans are utilizing these designs, not just as a piece of adornment on their bodies, but also to serve as a way of showing off one’s own attitude and personal beliefs towards something. For centuries, wolves and other wild dogs have been occupying a particular part in human history. A wolf is an animal who prefers to live in groups. However, it has also popular when it comes to  seeking  freedom, and is just as happy and content when it lives all by itself. A wolf’s defining character traits – Loyalty and intelligence – Are one of the reasons why this animal is revered, and is well-liked enough to serve as an inspiration for dozens upon dozens of tattoo art.

In plenty of fairy tales and myths, the wolf represents a warrior. In ancient history, Genghis Khan was a very  fearsome warrior, managing to create one of the largest empires in the entire world. And what’s really interesting about this is that one of the most common myths and legends told about Genghis Khan was that he came from a blue wolf. Any history buff will tell you that Genghis Khan,used the most brutal methods to build up his Mongol empire, but it’s really fascinating to see the similarities that he shared with his supposed wolf-ancestor, which were 1.) Building a community and 2.) Having the intellect and strength of a warrior. Genghis Khan wisely put in practice his own skills as a warrior, and gather all of the good tribes together to create one massive group – His own pack of wolves.

The wolf has also played important roles in literature, mythology, legends, movies, and fairy tales such as ‘The three little pigs’ and ‘Little red riding hood’. Mythical creatures known as werewolves have become a part of the public’s collective consciousness, ever since they were depicted in popular young adult novels (namely JK Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series and Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’), as well as in TV shows like MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’. Werewolves were also part of Greek and Roman mythology, namely the story of Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome. No matter if they have been portrayed as heroes or villains, the wolf is always a powerful being, so the same can be said about someone who owns a wolf tattoo.

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Types Of Wolf Tattoo

  • Celtic wolf tattoo – A wolf plays a vital role in Celtic myths and traditions. According to them, the wolf should protect and guard forest spirits,  ensuring that the Faerie Realm was kept safe from evil forces. The wolf was regarded as a symbol of the moon, as well as femininity. Scottish folklore has spoken about the Green Wolf, whose main goal is to provide food for the fairies. Wolves were said to bring in the night. And without their presence, nobody would eat the Sun at twilight, and cause the Moon to rise up every night. If you have a Celtic wolf tattoo, this will symbolize not just a strong bond with the Celtic people’s traditional ways, it can also serve as an acknowledgement to the wolf for her protection and providing nourishment to the people.
  • Howling wolf tattoo – A singular howling wolf tattoo is a common piece of artwork. This particular design incorporated two common tattoo themes: A wolf howling at the moon. Tons of people associate howling wolves with werewolves, in which a man transforms into a wolf or a wolf-man hybrid during a full moon. A lot of popular tattoo designs do feature wolves as an angry or evil creature. Tribal wolf designs, meanwhile, feature as a main subject of a tattoo by plenty of creative artists out there. In regards to these tribal wolf tattoo designs, incorporating other elements such as dreamcatchers, all of which hold an important spot in Native American art, are oftentimes attached to wolf designs so they can build something that’s purely new and innovative.
  • Wolf and moon tattoo – Even though the image of a lone wolf, or a pack of wolves already results in an amazing tattoo, there’s just no denying that it’ll look twice as lovely when you pair it up with yet another popular tattoo design such as the moon. Many at times wolf  howls at the moon when it’s big and bright in the sky, so there is no way for your artist to create a horrible tattoo with this idea.
  • Wolf paw tattoo – Instead of only using the wolf’s face for this tattoo idea, you can also add in some pawprints to the design. This is actually a complex design, no matter how simple it may sound – It showcases the expertise of the artist, and allows them to flex their creative muscles. For this tattoo design, you’ll only get to see the wolf’s paws from afar – But when you take a closer look at it, you’ll notice that you can picture the wolf’s head inside the paw. This tattoo idea is truly a masterpiece that is both classic and innovative at the same time. It is a tattoo design that represents progress. Every person who gets this kind of tattoo design, along with other similar tattoo designs, means that they want to go forward in life and never look back at their past.
  • Tribal wolf tattoo – Throughout history, it’s not really uncommon for people to decorate their bodies with tribal markings, which mandate was to honor the ancient spirits and deities. When they do this, it means that the wearer is willing to associate themselves with the strength and power of their ancient ancestors, as well as the gods that they worship. Acquiring the power of the gods means that they will be able to achieve things that even the most ordinary individuals cannot do. In Native American tribes, wolves are a common tribal tattoo pattern since they view wolves to have a fierce fighting spirit. Not only will these designs identify people as a part of a strong tribe, but bearing a wolf tattoo can also help infuse themselves with the wolf’s energy and spiritual power. A wolf warrior, according to legend, is fearless, strong, powerful, and never backs down in the face of imminent danger.

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Wolf Tattoo Meaning

There are actually plenty of reasons why you need to get a tattoo, and wolves are a fairly common choice when it comes to design. And why is that? This is because a wolf tattoo – No matter if it deals with a pack of wolves or a lone wolf design, does represent traits like family, strength, power, and fearlessness. A ‘lone wolf’ tattoo idea can also be quite appealing for some individuals who like to spend a lot of time to themselves. A wolf can survive on its own, and that is actually an admirable thing for certain individuals.

Wolves carry lots of symbolism. They are a creature that carries a much bigger meaning, especially for various cultures. Native American tribes, in particular, have regarded wolves as very important and powerful. They have seen this creature as a spirit or as a totem animal that helps them navigate through life’s obstacles, representing both perseverance and loyalty. In Native American legends, wolves were given powers thanks to the Great Spirit. They also had the power to inspire change in certain people.

The wolf also symbolizes life, and light. This arises from the wolf’s own ability to be able see things even in a pitch-black environment. In dozens of philosophies out there, the wolf links up with the sun, specifically, Apollo, the Greek sun god. The wolf served as Apollo’s own totem, and carries the themes of renewal, life, and light.

Wolves , in some communities are  a symbol of protection. In Japanese folklore, the wolf purpose was to keep humans safe from evil spirits. Same goes for Siberia, where wolves are thought to protect children, and their innocence. Wolves are called upon to ensure that women delivers a healthy baby. In old Eurasia, wolves duties were to protect secrets – And it has been said that if you tell a wolf your deepest secret, you’ll end up getting rid of the burden of carrying it with you, while the wolf keeps it safe with them forever.

A lot of the themes associated with wolves – Such as unity, family, strength, protection, and light – Are all connected to each other. Perhaps these tattoos purpose is to help you face the biggest forms of hardship. And when you take a good look at a wolf tattoo, it can serve as a reminder that you have conquered these obstacles.

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Ideal Placement of a Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos in itself are the best kind of design that people are always ready to show off to anyone who wants to see it. This is the reason why you must pick a spot in which you can easily see iyour wolf tattoo or other people can see it. If you want a bigger wolf tattoo, get it  on your back or on the chest, since both of these parts are pretty much the biggest and widest part of your own body. If you want, you can decide if you want to fill up your entire back with a singular wolf tattoo design, or go for a minimalistic look on one part of your back, starting from right below your shoulders.

You must carefully consider the placement first, since one horrible decision regarding the placement and the design can spoil the entire look. Traditional wolf tattoos in small or medium sizes work nicely on the forearms, the biceps, and the sleeves. Bigger tattoos, meanwhile, are great on the chest, the stomach, and the back.

Thighs and legs are also a fairly common placement to put wolf tattoos on. Putting a tattoo in these areas can give your body a more sensual vibe, and can attract anyone who sees it. The two placement spots are the best areas for those who only want to reveal their tattoos on informal occasions.

For tinier wolf tattoos, it’s also a good idea to put them at the back of your neck, or on the wrists. These will look truly amazing whenever you show them off by tying your hair or when you don a sleeveless top.

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Preparation Tips For Wolf Tattoo Session

Readying yourself for your tattoo session can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. And even if it isn’t, you still need to remember plenty of things here, so you can be sure that the entire process goes as smoothly as you and your artist want it to be. Some of these points are actually much more important than others, especially when you’re about to get your very first tattoo. But the more you prepare for it, the better the experience will turn out in the end.

Stepping inside a tattoo shop and booking an appointment after  a same day  long beach tour is not an excellent thing to do. Sunburns and  skin tanning damages your skin. And giving your skin even more damage thanks to tattooing will not only make the process twice as painful, but all of the additional blood and plasma sitting near the sunburnt skin attempting to repair it can also cause loads of potential issues with visibility and ink dilution. Also, blood will begin to gather around over the spots where your artist is attempting to draw on.

Before booking an appointment, make sure that your skin does not have any significant markings on them. This means scratches, deep cuts, or any unhealed or thick scars, which create uneven pigmentation or bumps on the skin. Like sunburn, this can make the whole tattooing process hard for your artist. As a helpful tip, make sure your skin is in excellent condition especially on the days leading up to the appointment. Keeping it moisturized for at least a week or two will help keep your skin looking very smooth and vibrant, and easy to maintain and work with.

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Are Wolf Tattoos Painful?

Having freshly-shaved or ex foliated skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be experiencing too much pain as you get your tattoo. However, there’s still one advantage of doing this step – Minimal soreness after the tattoo is completed. Before the artist can start drawing your tattoo, you must clean up your skin appropiately, to get rid of oil, bacteria, and additional dirt. Your artist will apply alcohol or any surgical-grade cleaner to your skin first before they can begin.

The arms and the shoulders are just some of the parts which aren’t sensitive to pain, and will be much easier to access for the artist. The same goes for any part of the body with plenty of muscle and fat in it. An upper arm or bicep tattoo doesn’t hurt that much either, in comparison to tattoos drawn on the back, the inner arms, the wrists, and the back of your ears. Basically any body part with some padding results in a less painful tattoo experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wolf Tattoos

  • How much does the average tattoo cost?
  • For tattoos, you will get whatever it is that you paid for. Of course there will be loads of tattoo artists out there who will give you some new body ink at a lower price, but most of the time, a cheap tattoo can often result in either regret, or a trip to the doctor because of an infection. When it comes to tattoos, always pick quality. Be sure to save up lots of cash for it, too. Never ever haggle over how much a tattoo can cost – It’s just downright rude and disrespectful, especially for the artist.
  • Where should I place my new tattoo?
  • As far as the placement is concern, just remember one important thing: The type of social circles you belong in, as well as the type of job you currently have. If a tattoo you get is unacceptable, then this means you need to place it at a spot where you can easily cover it up with regular clothes.
  • When is the best time of the year to get a tattoo?
  • Even though tattoo shops are pretty much open at least 365 days a year, your skin does sustain plenty of abuse during the summer season, thanks to its exposure to the harsh sunlight through swimming and tanning. This is why colder months are the best time to get a tattoo
  • , especially during fall or winter.
  • Can you get a tattoo when you’re sick?
  • Acquiring a tattoo when your immune system isn’t working properly is never a good idea. Your white blood cells will all work together to start healing the skin damaged by your tattoo, and this is something that your body cannot do while it’s very busy fighting off bacteria and viruses from your body. And there’s also the risk of transferring your illness to other people inside the shop, including the artist, the staff, and other clients. So if you have booked an appointment and fell sick a couple of days before it happens, be sure to call your artist right away and reschedule it until you’re feeling much better.

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How Much Does A Wolf Tattoo Cost?

The price of a wolf tattoo will all depend on several factors at hand, including the placement, the geography, the colors used, the size, the complexity of the design, how good (or bad) the artist is, etc. Acquiring a top-notch tattoo all depends on the shop that you end up going to, especially if this just so happens to be your very first tattoo. Sometimes you could choose to go to an unknown tattoo shop just because you heard from other people that the tattoos there come at an affordable price. But before you can visit or book an appointment there, you must educate yourself regarding the health risks  that getting a bad tattoo from a sloppy artist could bring. They are much more expensive as to getting a tattoo at a reputable tattoo shop.

A wolf tattoo can come in many designs and sizes. These two factors, along with a heap of other factors as well, can truly affect the entire service cost of acquiring a tattoo itself. In case you prefer a bigger wolf tattoo on your body, then you should prepare to shell out at least $250 to $500. The entire price range as a whole is applicable to famous tattoo shops surrounding your area.


Wolf Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Clean your tattoo using lukewarm water. After getting a tattoo, your skin can feel extremely sensitive as it heals up. Running scalding hot, or even warm water on top of the fresh tattoo can cause it to feel irritated, in comparison to cleaning a tattoo that has almost healed up properly.

Hot water can also cause your pores to open up, and can cause the ink and pigmentation to leak out, since it hasn’t fully settled into your skin yet.

Do not use any steam rooms or saunas as your tattoo heals. As mentioned, heat rising from these rooms, coupled with the hot and humid atmosphere can also cause the pores in your body to open up. Not only will this increase the possibility of ink loss or the ink on your new tattoo to fade away, but it also makes it twice as easy for germs and bacteria to slip inside your body.

Never ever touch your tattoo using dirty hands. Sometimes people will get a brand new tattoo and start prodding, rubbing, or poking their new ink using unclean hands or fingers. This is an absolute no-no, since this increases the risk of an infection, especially during the first few stages of the healing process when everything is still so fragile.

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