225 Coolest Lion Tattoo Ideas For Men This Year

Lion Tattoo History

Christian missionaries who travelled to remote islands in Polynesia from the West made an attempt to purge away tattooing from ancient tribes, since they considered tattooing as inhumane, not to mention very barbaric. A lot of these young Samoans refused to go to mission schools since they were forbidden to wear tattoos, which have become a part of Samoan culture. But as time went by, attitudes have since relaxed thanks to this kind of cultural tradition, and soon, people in Polynesia began accepting tattoos and practicing tattooing again.

In the 90s, tattooed mummies in Siberia dating back to 500 BC were discovered inside burial mounds on the Ukok plateau. The tattoos on their bodies included plenty of animal-inspired designs, all drawn in a unique and beautiful curvilinear style. A Scythian chieftain known as The Man of Pazyryk, is a mummy decorated with tattoos depicting monsters, fish, as well as a group of dots lined up along his spine, and near the right ankle.

Artifacts that go back to 3,000 years from the Solomon Islands might have also been used by ancient tribesmen as a way to create tattoos. These pieces, crafted from materials like Obsidian, were since duplicated, then used to draw tattoos on other materials like pig’s skin. They were then compared to the original artifacts. Experts who discovered these artifacts conducted these experiments to take a closer look at the wear, including the scratches and chipping, as well as the residues found on the stones as a result of tattooing. The wear was also compared to artifacts dating back to 3,000 years old. It was then discovered that the same Obsidian pieces, new and old, showcased the same patterns, suggesting that they haven’t been used for working hides – But instead for adorning pieces of human skin.

In places like Taiwan, facial tattoos from the Atayal tribesmen were known as ‘ptasan’. These markings were used to show off that an adult man can provide protection to his homeland, and that an adult woman is qualified enough to perform duties like housekeeping and weaving cloth.

Taiwan is also believed to be the place where Austronesian people originated from. This includes Polynesians, Indonesians, Filipinos, and Malagasy peoples, all of them bearing strong affinities with tattoos and tattooing. This, together with the connection between Austronesian languages as well as the usage of hand-tapping methods, have all suggested that Austronesians did inherit their own set of tattooing practices from their ancestors, all of whom came from Taiwan or near the southern coast of the Chinese mainlands.

Tattoos in Thailand, meanwhile, known as Yantra, were also practiced during the ancient periods. Similar to other cultures in southeast Asia, animal designs were also commonly found in Tai tribes from southern China. As time went on, this practice of tattooing for protection against evil spirits and for good luck started incorporating Buddhist and Hindu ideas.

lion tattoos lion tattoos

Types of Lion Tattoo

  • Lioness tattoo – If a lion is the ruler of the African safari, then the lioness is obviously his queen. A lioness is a female lion who is just as respected in the animal kingdom as her mate. A lioness is just as regal, working alongside her king. A lioness usually symbolizes family and a strong motherhood. Because a lioness’ job is to take care of her cubs and hunt down prey, this is often compared to a hardworking mom. Even though a lioness looks tough and fierce from the outside, she has a soft spot for her family, especially her cubs. A lioness also represents protection. This is why a lot of people believe that a lioness tattoo can help save them from any form of harm and danger.
  • Lion tattoo on shoulder – This tattoo design is a popular choice when it comes to animal-inspired tattoos. People enjoy getting lion tattoos since it carries a cool appearance, and also has a deep and symbolic meaning to it.
  • Ankle lion tattoo – Getting yourself a new tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to flaunt it on the most visible parts of the body. This ankle tattoo design includes lighter strokes without incorporating any definitive lines and can be well-hidden each time you put on some covered shoes.
  • Lion and crown tattoo – This was made popular by the fact that a lion has been declared as the king of the jungle for so many years now. In this case, a crown represents strength and power.
  • Tribal lion tattoo – If you want to see a unique depiction of your favorite animal, then you should get a tattoo that has thick lines filled in with dark ink. Gaze into the lion’s eyes and you will see a creature that is well-respected and filled with wisdom.
  • Dragon and lion tattoo – Men are sure to enjoy this tattoo design. Not much is known regarding this design, even though it is believed that people love the combination of the raw power that these two creatures hold. And not to mention, you can craft some amazing pieces of art by combining together the two beasts.

Meaning Of Lion Tattoos

Lions are known to be one of the most feared and respected creatures on Earth. These giant felines are powerful and proud animals that live in the plains of Africa, an untamed and wide land filled with hundreds of other wild animals.

A lion is often regarded as a symbol of strength. They do have certain qualities that suit a king. And with their loud roar and steely gaze, any animal will not stand in their way. One of the main reasons as to why a lion is called the king of the jungle is because they can hunt down any creature for their meal. They have bushy golden manes that both look regal and intimidating, and this makes them royalty in the entire African animal kingdom. It’s also the reason as to why a lion is known to be a popular choice among males who are willing to show off their masculine side to everyone.

One more significant meaning of a lion tattoo is dominion and authority. A lion is meant to be in charge of the animal kingdom and will also bring peace and justice in it as well. And humans, similar to how lions govern the entire world that they live in, will play as a steward or host of every thing available on the planet.

A lion is known to be brave, courageous, and most of all, proud. So in case you think that you have those same qualities as a lion does, then a lion tattoo is the best one for you. Similar to how a wolf tattoo works, a lion tattoo can also represent friendship and a bond between men. Compared to other members of the cat family, a lion will stick closer to groups, called ‘prides’. Plenty of royal houses and noble families will use the lion as a crest, with most of them wearing a crown.

Lion tattoos can also symbolize wisdom. Lions are very smart. They like to watch over the entire animal kingdom using a hawk-like gaze, similar to humans. When you get yourself a lion tattoo, people will most likely see you with respect. They’ll most likely think of you as someone who commands authority and is filled with wisdom. As mentioned, humans do have plenty of shared attributes with these cool cats. A human can be just as strong as a lion, especially if you’re a human with ambitions and goals in life. If you happen to have a goal to achieve, then you’ll pretty much do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality. And as a human, you’re going to have to defend yourself from the enemies as well as defend your loved ones from them.

Ideal Placement of Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo can either be large or small in size. The positioning will all depend on how large or small you really want it to be. For example, if you desire to get a lion tattoo that measures over fifteen inches in width and ten inches in length, you really have no other spot to place it on except on the chest or as a back piece. These two huge body parts are perhaps the only areas on your body which can handle this kind of detailed tattoo design.

And for those who only want a medium-sized or large lion tattoo, then you can put it below the ears or on the shoulders, arms, or leg. Placing a tiny lion tattoo right below your ears provides it with a rather sexy vibe. And aside from that, a lion tattoo on the wearer’s shoulder will make it more noticeable and eye-catching.

The thigh is another great spot to place a lion tattoo on. Like the ears, a lion tattoo on the thigh is also sensual, since not every person gets to see it. Only those who are closest to you will get the opportunity to see it in its full glory. Nobody else will see it without your permission, unless you decide to wear a bikini or a bathing suit at a beach or pool.

Lion tattoo designs themselves have turned into a hot favorite amongst men and women, and you can see them inscribed on the arm, chest, neck, finger, hip, back, ankles, wrists, legs, shoulders, thighs, or even on your sides. Lion tattoos themselves can be fully customizable, so you can decide if you want them to be small or large – Or be as minimalist or as detailed as possible. Because these tattoos are only a once-in-a-lifetime kind of choice, this means you have to pay closer attention to its placement. The placement will all depend on how large or small you want your tattoo to be. For example, if you choose to get a lion tattoo which has a measurement of ten to twelve inches in length, or five to six inches in width, then the back or the chest is the perfect spot for it.

But if you prefer a smaller tattoo, then you can put it on any other part of the body – For example, go for the ankle or the collarbone and give it a sexy yet cute vibe. Throw in some color to make it more noticeable, and worth posting on your social media sites.

There are many parts of the body for you to put a lion tattoo on. The sleeves, the arms, the chest, the hands, the fingers, and the thighs are just excellent. These placements are chosen thanks to their visibility. And because a lion tattoo carries a fierce and strong look, placing it on these areas makes it more noticeable, while the thighs, the shoulders, and the chest gives it limited exposure but builds a stronger impact when other people see it.


Lion Tattoo Preparation Tips

Several tattoo artists are kind enough to apply things like topical anesthetics to your skin, to remove or at least dull the pain while getting a tattoo, in case everything becomes too overwhelming for you. But there’s a downside – This anesthetic can cause the tattoo to look even more dull, therefore prolonging the healing process. Be sure to ask your tattoo artist about this issue. But you also have to keep in mind that not all tattoo artists out there are willing to apply anesthetics to your tattoo at all.

Be ready for the aftercare and maintenance process. This means staying away from bodies of water and keeping your tattoo away from the sun for a couple of weeks, after it gets applied to your body. This can also mean that you have to plan your schedule for getting the tattoo, so that you no longer have to rearrange your daily schedule to be able to accommodate the tattoo’s healing process. For instance, if you are about to go on vacation which includes plenty of swimming or lounging out in the sun, then getting a tattoo days before that is not a good idea.

A professional tattoo artist will give you some extra aftercare instructions. This can include instructions on how and when you should remove the bandage, how often should you clean it, how to clean your new tattoo, what materials should be used to clean it with, and what exactly should you be looking for to make sure that everything heals up nicely. If you have any extra queries, then don’t hesitate to ask your tattoo artist while you’re still at the shop, or call up the shop in case you have questions later on.

No matter if it’s your first tattoo or your fifth, there’s a chance that you could end up doing so much more to ready yourself for an upcoming tattoo session. Here are a couple of tips on how to prepare one’s self for an upcoming tattoo appointment, so the whole experience will be comfortable for everybody.

Get yourself hydrated. Staying as hydrated as possible while leading up to the session is a good idea. And even though it’s pretty much advisable to stay hydrated at all times so you can maintain proper bodily functions and good health overall, this is a particularly important step when you want to get a tattoo.

Keeping your body well-hydrated makes your skin feel twice as resilient and ready to take on anything. This also allows it to handle a lengthier tattoo session, and helps you heal up twice as fast following that.

Don’t forget to moisturize. Just as you need to keep your body well-hydrated on the inside by drinking plenty of water, you should do the same by hydrating the skin from outside using plenty of moisturizer. Apply lotion to your skin once or twice a day, especially leading up to the appointment.

Are Lion Tattoos Painful?

Even though getting a tattoo is not as extreme as getting wounded during a fight – And you definitely won’t look tough while doing it – But having something to bite and chew on while struggling through the pain of getting a tattoo can actually help you ease the pain for even a short while, especially when the tattoo gun’s needle is passing through a sensitive spot.

On the other hand, certain people who get tattoos claim to feel relief by sucking on a lollipop or by chewing on gum. So it might actually be worth it getting to try these strategies, in case you end up struggling.

Make sure that the skin where you’ll be putting your tattoo on is in excellent condition. You wouldn’t want to show up to an upcoming tattoo appointment sporting a large bruise or a nasty cut on the part of your skin that’s about to get tattooed on – This won’t feel too good, especially when a needle passes through the area several thousand times per minute. Be sure to look after yourself as the day of your appointment approaches.

And likewise, the skin surrounding the area must also be supple and nice. Always keep it moisturized by applying lotion for several weeks before the appointment. Drinking plenty of water also helps, because this ensures that your skin stays well-hydrated. The less dry and tight your skin will be, the lesser amount of pain you’ll end up feeling. The difference might still be minimal, but every little thing does help when it comes to situations like these.

While being tattooed, try to distract yourself by listening to an audiobook, some music, or by watching TV (if there is one in the shop). As much as possible, try to do some things that can draw your attention away from the pain at any length of time. Switching on your MP3 player and listening to a favorite album could just be the thing that lets you take your mind away from the pain for a short while, so you can get a much-needed break from the pain brought about by the needle.

If your artist doesn’t mind, strike up a conversation with them. Yes, there are still several artists out there who prefer to focus on what they’re doing than to engage in small talk as they apply your tattoo (concentration is important, after all). But there are still some friendly ones who are more than happy to talk to you during the session, as a means of distraction.

This is a method that a lot of professional tattoo artists use for their clients, if they want to remove the pain. It seems like time really does fly if the two of you find something interesting to discuss with the artist, no matter what it is.

For certain people, meditation and  breathing exercises also work nicely – But for others, it doesn’t do anything. If you have been doing this type of exercise for a while now, then it might work wonders for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lion Tattoos

  • How long will it take for a tattoo to heal up?
  • A couple of days after you leave the shop with your brand new ink, the skin surrounding it will start to peel off, just like what happens to a sunburn. Picking at the skin has to be avoided at all costs, since doing just that can damage the final look of the tattoo and even increase the risk of an infection. For seven to ten days after acquiring a tattoo the skin should have peeled off by now, leaving your new skin looking shiny, and a bit wrinkly. The tattoo should be fully healed up by two weeks.
  • Will you want your tattoo design forever?
  • When you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, remember that the design you pick will stay with you forever, unless you choose to go through a removal process. This can be both pricey and utterly time-consuming. Be sure to take plenty of time in picking which artwork you plan to have on your body. A great example of a regrettable tattoo choice would be the name of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, unless you’re certain that you’ll be staying with them forever.
  • How long should I wait to go back to the beach or swim after I get my new tattoo?
  • Until your new ink has one hundred percent healed up, the entire area is completely vulnerable to all sorts of bacteria found in beaches and pools. Waiting for at least three weeks before you can go swimming will lessen the risk of infection and irritation. However, if the tattoo hasn’t healed up yet, it’s very important to clean up the area thoroughly after you take a swim.
  • What should I do if my tattoo gets infected?
  • Be sure to check your tattoo for even the smallest hint of an infection as it heals up. If your tattoo is placed on a part of the body where you can’t see, get someone to check for any signs of redness, tenderness, swelling, or pus stemming from the tattoo. If spotted, please contact your health care provider immediately. Do not call up the tattoo artist – You could possibly have an infection and may need to take some medicine. Follow your health care provider’s instructions carefully. If the infection isn’t treated right away, it could spread to other parts of the body and cause possible blood poisoning and other forms of complications.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price For Getting A Lion Tattoo

If you visit a local tattoo shop near your home, they will often charge you with a minimum amount. So it doesn’t matter whether that little flower tattoo is found on your fingers or wrist, it’ll carry the same price. The shop’s minimum price will all depend on the location. For example, a shop found in Chicago will give you top quality art for over $60. Meanwhile, tattoo shops in areas like the UK will give their clients a minimum of $50 to over $90. In areas like Paris or Amsterdam, you could get charged for at least $200 per hour.

And in regards to the pricing, everything will all depend on where you decide to get that tattoo done. it could be more, it could be less. You might get an hourly rate or the artist could set a price for each individual piece. When it comes to money, keep in mind that you’ll essentially get whatever it is that you paid for. The saying is indeed true – A good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap tattoo isn’t always good. A tattoo is often priced according to piece. The final price will all depend on how long the artist thinks it’ll take to finish off the tattoo. A bigger tattoo including the back pieces and sleeves are usually priced with every sitting. Keep in mind that each artist is different, so take a look at their portfolios first before requesting for a price quote.

lion tattoo

Lion Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Do not soak your tattoo in open water, as it may alter your tattoo’s appearance for the worst. And at the same time, the water you soak it in could be carrying all sorts of bacteria, dirt, and other kinds of chemicals which can give it an infection.

You can put it back into the water and resume your swimming activities after your tattoo has healed up, but for now, you have to stick to rinsing your tattoo while you take a shower, or under the sink.

Wear loose and clean clothes while your tattoo heals, to prevent it from getting irritated. Don’t wear any form of restrictive or tight clothes on the same spot where your new tattoo is placed, especially during the first couple of weeks. And as your tattoo heals up, it’ll seep out excess ink and plasma, causing the fabric of your clothes to stick to the tattoo. And when it dries up, removing the fabric from the tattoo could hurt, and prematurely rip off some freshly-formed scabs.

In case you aren’t careful and your clothes do end up sticking to your new ink – Do not pull. The first step to remove it is to wet the area using water. This can loosen up the clothing where you can slowly pull it off without sustaining any damage to your tattoo’s look. Wearing tight clothes can also prevent oxygen from getting into the tattoo. Oxygen is an important step for healing the tattoo.

Wait until your tattoo is all healed up before you can start performing strenuous workouts and exercises. In case the tattoo occupies a huge surface area or is found near the joints (like the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles) it can take a while for it to heal up, especially if the skin surrounding that area will be forced to move around while doing physical activities. The constant movement can cause the skin to crack up and get all irritated, thus prolonging the healing.

If you happen to work in a career which deals with plenty of physical activity, like dancing or construction, then you might want to think about getting it one on a long vacation period, so there’s enough time for your new ink to heal up before you come back for work.

So you finally did it. You went right ahead and got the tattoo of your dreams – It’s looking beautiful, bright, and colorful. But here comes the next important step – Having to take care of it, so you won’t sustain a nasty skin infection. But if you’re new to this, how do you even know what the right steps are for caring for a new tattoo? Should you rely on your dermatologist? How about your tattoo artist?

It really does depend on where you live. In the US, there are a couple of guidelines meant for tattooing, and even fewer when it comes to maintenance.

As of this year, seven states actually have no regulations when it comes to applying tattoos. Thirty states, meanwhile, give licenses to artists who work in the area and require them to provide you with verbal or written instructions on how to care for your new ink.

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