155 Moon Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The Origin Of Moon Tattoos

Ever since the dawn of history, the moon has been a popular to humans. Many people associate the rising and falling tides to the moon, and thus it was closely observed by so many people. They hold to the idea that the moon was an emblem of a strong deity, or held special powers. The full moon oftentimes connects to supernatural beings like werewolves and witches, who would cast their spells upon a helpless victim. According to several folktales, whenever the moon is full, the time would come in which boundaries between our world and another dimension would be very fluid.

To many people the moon is to be a sign of fertility and feminine energy. In several myths and legends, they associate the moon with goddesses who use it to show off their hidden powers, their subtle influences, as well as their own secret wisdom and knowledge about things. Men have their own stories too regarding the moon, so it’s not just limited to the ladies. Despite the fact that the moon commonly resonates with women and the archetypal identification of females, many people believe that the moon tells alot of stories about men as well. In fact, Japanese, African, Native American, and New Zealand Maori tribes have always linked the moon to masculinity and the male gender. The moon is also an important factor in most hunting cultures, and people would ask lunar gods to guide them while they hunt.


It doesn’t really matter which part of the world you live in – You can still appreciate the moon’s glow and beauty when you see it at night. The moon has the ability to both enlighten and capture people’s attention. Greeks worshipped Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, because she was symbolized by the moon. Artemis was also known to be the protector of children and mothers.

Meanwhile, Wiccans associated the moon with Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest, growth, and agriculture. Many people knew Demeter by other nicknames like ‘The Mother’, ‘The Maiden’ and ‘Crone’. All of them come to represent a person’s life cycle from their birth to death, similar to a moon’s changing phase.


Types Of Moon Tattoo Designs


  • Full moon tattoos – You can find hundreds upon hundreds of superstitions and folklore connected with the full moon. During a full moon, witches and warlocks supposedly go out of their caves to hunt for victims and cast spells, while werewolves transform into wolves when the moonlight shines upon them. A full moon tattoo can actually mean more than that – It is often associated with clarity, tranquility, and fulfillment, since the full moon is one of the brightest things you can spot in the night sky.
  • Half-moon tattoos – Also known as, a crescent moon tattoo, many people consider a half-moon tattoo to be a lovely tattoo design, especially for those who have an interest in the phases of the moon, or those who cherish anything associated with it. This tattoo can also pay homage to planets, the sun, and stars, or any other heavenly body.

  • Blue moon tattoo – You can bring this tattoo to life in so many different ways – No matter if you simply want a crescent moon or half moon tattoo, or just go straight ahead to a full moon tattoo. A great idea would be to have a literal blue moon, picking a gorgeous shade such as cobalt blue, or royal blue. The second design option here is to get your artist to draw a traditional moon which bears a glowing white or yellow hue. This design should have a blue mist or aura surrounding it. You can throw in all sorts of mystical symbols in it too, in order to give it a personalized touch or further enhance its true meaning. If you like gothic-inspired tattoos, for instance, the image or silhouette of a black cat should look wonderful with this tattoo. A cluster of stars looks amazing with this design too.
  • Dragon and moon tattoo – The dragon is another mythical creature that is frequently associated with the moon. In East Asian folklore, the Chinese dragon is a symbol of strength and good fortune. When you place them together with the image of a full moon, it makes your tattoo have a supernatural and magical vibe. A dragon accompanied with a waxing moon could show off a growing sense of personal strength for the wearer. And because the moon is at its most powerful when it’s fully exposed, a dragon paired up with a full moon can increase the good fortune and strength of whoever wears it.
  • Moon and fairy tattoo – Depending on the types of traits you want the moon and your fairy to represent in the design, your artist can come up with dozens of ideas to make your upcoming tattoo look amazing. A highly popular design which you can also easily personalize is the image of a fairy sitting on top of the crescent moon. If you decide to include a face on the moon, then you can depict the moon and the fairy staring at each other, or talking to nature or spirits, or get the fairy to look away from the moon’s face – Perhaps she managed to get herself into trouble after making mischief.

  • Wolf and moon tattoo – A wolf is one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. They can work by themselves or hunt together in a community. In Native American culture, wolves are frequently associated with spirits, or the afterlife. When you pair up a wolf with a moon for your tattoo, it brings a deeper association with death and the afterlife. The tattoo can show off a pack of wolves, which means that you are a born leader, or you think that you’re great at making new friends and talking to people. A wolf is also frequently used by people who have a connection to the environment, or are simply nature-lovers.
  • Moon and stars tattoo – Surrounding your moon tattoo with several stars will create a lovely image of the night sky. It’s also a personal moon and stars tattoo design. If you enjoy tribal tattoo designs, feel free to collaborate with your artist to transform your moon tattoo into the classic black and block shapes frequently associated with tribal-style tattoos. You can surround your tribal moon tattoo with either regular stars, or tribal-style stars as well. This is a gorgeous moon and stars tattoo design which can change into a Celtic design, especially when you link the two elements together.


Moon Tattoo Meaning

A moon tattoo – Any moon tattoo, no matter if it’s a half-moon, a crescent moon, or a full moon is an amazing design in general especially for those who enjoy looking at it when they gaze up at the night sky. They also symbolize gods and goddesses, all the while giving tribute to the millions of stars in the galaxy. It is also a recurring character in astrological themes.

For tattoos, the moon frequently marries with either the stars and the sun in a celestial design. The latter symbolizes night and day, or the unity between alpha and omega. The moon by itself also makes for a stunning tattoo. There is plenty of meaning and association when it comes to a moon tattoo, design and everything depends according to whoever wears it. The moon is an object that contains plenty of energy. It has the ability to ground you, in case you are familiar or follow its monthly shifting phases, even affecting your daily life or your mood. In folklore, the moon has the ability to drive a person crazy (hence the word ‘lunatic’), or even bring comfort. Back in the day, there was a belief that a woman’s ovulation cycle and monthly periods depended on the moon’s phases. A crescent moon can symbolize fertility and birth cycles, so women get moon tattoos as a representation of their femininity.

If you prefer a gothic-style tattoo, then a moon tattoo design also makes an excellent choice. The moon is both mysterious and dark, and if you prefer fancy tattoos involving something dark and magical like werewolves, then a full moon tattoo might right be up your alley.


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Placement Suggestions For A Moon Tattoo

The shoulder blades and the back are often the best spots for you to put a moon tattoo, since this creates an even and flat surface for a tattoo with bigger size. A tinier moon tattoo looks great on your upper arm, your inner wrists, the side of your arm, or even the legs. For women, they like getting moon tattoos done on the nape of their necks, and cover them up with their hair. Since moon tattoos often come in smaller sizes, the moon tattoo will look great on either the wrists, the fingers, or even the face, if you’re daring enough. A tiny moon tattoo on any part of your body means that you can hide it easily and people won’t get to notice and appreciate its look. So if you’re having a bit of trouble in choosing the right placement suggestion, make sure to talk about it with a seasoned tattoo artist. Sometimes people will incorporate a half-moon or full moon tattoo into a bigger sleeve tattoo or back tattoo, pairing it up with either a sun, a planet, or a cluster of stars. If you want a bit of enchantment involved, make sure to put it in a spot where you and other people can completely enjoy its magical force.

Moon Tattoo Preparation Tips

Get a full night’s rest, especially on the day before your appointment. Naturally, you would want to feel as comfy as possible when you’re sitting in the artist’s chair. This won’t happen when you’re exhausted or feeling groggy. Get some rest on the night before your session. Allow yourself to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, especially if it’s your first time to get a tattoo and you’re feeling even just a tiny bit anxious about acquiring a tattoo. Sometimes, the sheer nervousness will make you stay up later than usual.

Feeling exhausted makes the session feel twice as long than it normally is, even if it’s running at the correct time. Don’t spend too much time yawning or stretching your muscles.

Never come to your tattooing session on an empty stomach. Once again, you have to sit on a tattoo chair for several hours. Like lack of sleep, this can completely exhaust you. Eat a full meal before you arrive for your appointment – But not to the point when you’ll feel uncomfortable because you ate too much food. The point here is to get enough energy so that your stomach won’t start rumbling in the middle of a session.


Are Moon Tattoos Painful?

You can Your tattoo will definitely hurt, no doubt about that. But the intensity of the pain will all depend on your own threshold for pain, as well as where you want to put the tattoo on. Bring a pal or a family member with you for support if you’re feeling anxious. This will help further if it’s a person whose company you enjoy having. Bringing in somebody who cares a lot of you can help you endure the tattooing experience more. You’ll have someone to chat with about your jitters (apart from your artist – If they like holding conversations, that is). They can also shower you with words of encouragement and good vibes when the pain of tattooing becomes a bit too much to handle.

Some of the more outgoing folks out there will even try to create a social event out of their tattooing session. A couple of bigger tattoo shops will allow groups of people inside their premises, as long as they stay inside the lobby area and don’t make too much of a fuss.


Frequently Asked Questions About Moon Tattoos

1.) What’s the purpose of applying aftercare and maintenance products on a new tattoo?

  • Rubbing a thin layer of aftercare product (like a moisturizer or non-scented lotion) helps keep your tattoo from fading too fast or drying out while it’s healing.

2.) Are tattoo shops and tattoos supposed to be sanitary?

  • Even though many people categorize tattooing as a cosmetic practice for the sake of beauty or artistic expression, it also falls under the category of medical procedures. A tattoo gun contains needles, which puncture your skin, and injects ink and pigmentation inside your dermis, or the second layer of skin. And because of this, each artist must be able to finish training and receive a certificate which proves their knowledge and expertise about bloodborne pathogens. A tattoo shop must also have their own medical waste disposal, and utilize only the best and cleanest tools and machines for their clients. You can find so many rules when it comes to running a tattoo shop, most of them even a professional tattoo artist might not be aware of – For instance, did you know that its important to construct the floor of your shop out of porous materials, or that you must place the sink used to wash equipment and machines near the tattooing area? Routine inspections ensures that your shop will maintain a clean and safe, not to mention hygienic environment. The certifications shown in a tattoo shop must also be visible to the public. In will be an instrumental matter if they place it by the shop window or in front of the counter where everyone can see. If you don’t see any of these when you step in for consultation, ask your artist or the staff where the certificate is. If they won’t show it to you, go and choose another shop instead.

3.) How clean should tattoo equipment be?

  • In regards to the machines used for tattooing, everything has to be continuously clean. Anything that touches or gets into your skin must be disposable, and is already pre-sterilized and pre-packaged. Regular cleaning is a paramount for each tattoo station before and after each customer. Putting ink caps on the tattoo will allow tiny amounts of ink right inside a clean container, and this will make sure they use it as you wish without contaminating the bottle itself. A clip cord utilized for the same purpose should be with a disposable plastic wrap that covers it up. Before they can start working on a client, an artist must thoroughly wash their hands (including the arms) and put on a pair of sterilized gloves before they can touch your skin.

4.) Do I have to stop taking medicines before getting a tattoo?

  • Yet another question that’s difficult to answer. Each medicine or vitamin works differently, destroying all kinds of viruses and germs in your body. All of these little pills contain different side effects on your body. Talk about your condition first with your artist, and tell them right away about the medicines that you are taking so you can get the best result for your tattooing experience.


How Much Does A Moon Tattoo Cost?

The typical standard cost and average charge for a moon design tattoo will all depend on your chosen artist, a tattoo shop, as well as how detailed or simple the design is. It’ll also depend on the tattoo’s size and the colors that you pick. When you combine these factors together, it’ll ultimately determine the amount of cash that you have to shell out for your tattoo’s final price.

There are instances in which your artist can end up assigning the price for an entire moon tattoo piece, especially when you step inside the shop with your own customized design. Thanks to their own experience with past clients, an artist can figure out a correct estimate regarding the number of hours it’ll take for them to finish the design. The average tattoo shop will ask you for a deposit of up to $100 right before you can book an appointment with them.


Moon Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Never hesitate to get some help from the staff or your artist when you need it. They’ll always be happy to answer your queries or assist you in your problems. Never hesitate to step into the shop, send them an email or give them a call in case you want to ask them a question or show some changes to your tattoo.

Always wash up your new ink. This step is very important if you want your tattoo to stay as clean as much as possible. Clean tattoos will further promote the correct healing, and keep harmful bacteria and germs away from your tattoo, which is an open wound.

Clean your tattoo with lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial non-scented soap at least twice a day, and whenever you feel like your healing tattoo has come into contact with anything that’s dirty. This should help keep your tattoo looking very hygienic and nice. Wash the tattooed area until scabs have started forming.

Make sure you keep your tattoo far away from the sun. Nothing harms a healing tattoo as much as direct contact with the sun’s rays. Your skin’s exposure to UV rays while you’re out in the sun – Or if you’re using a tanning bed – Can be harmful to new tattoos. It can cause blisters, rashes, and premature ink fading, if you’re not careful.


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