101 Coolest Sister Tattoos This Year (with Meanings)

Sister Tattoo History

In the ancient tribes of Samoa, the tradition of applying a tattoo to a person’s body, known locally as ‘tatau’, hasn’t changed for 2000 years. This is a process completely done by hand. Even the techniques and tools used for this process haven’t changed either. This skill is often passed from the father to the son, and each tattoo artist, also known as the ‘tufuga’, has learned the craft thanks to dozens of years of having to serve as their father’s apprentice. A young tufuga-in-training will often spend days just crafting tattoo designs into tree bark or sand, using the help of a special tattooing comb, known as an ‘au’. By honoring this sacred tradition, tattoo artists from Samoa will create this tool using sharpened boar’s teeth, which have been tied up together with a small part of a turtle shell along with a wooden handle.

Traditional Samoan tattooing, also known as ‘pe’a’, isn’t an easy kind of ordeal. In fact, it takes a couple of weeks to finish even just one design. The entire process is very painful, and some individuals have to go through it as a necessary prerequisite to obtaining a ‘matai’ title. But thankfully, this is no longer applied nowadays. Tattooing back in the day costed a lot of money as well.

Samoan society is mostly defined by their title and rank, with the chiefs and their assistants. These chiefs are known as ‘tulafale’. There are tattooing ceremonies held for younger chiefs, which are sometimes held during the time that they reach puberty. This serves as a part of their ascendance into leadership. The marks left behind by these tattoo artists are all meant to celebrate their dedication and endurance to following cultures. The pain that these young men endured was extreme, and they could also risk death by catching an infection. But they weren’t allowed to back down either, unless they want to be referred to as a ‘pala’ai’, or a coward. Those who could not handle the pain involved and quit halfway through the process would be forced to don this incomplete mark of shame all throughout their life. And not only that – It’ll only deliver shame upon the boy’s family, so this was avoided at all costs.

In Samoa, the tattooing process utilized plenty of tools, all of which haven’t changed since the beginning. For example, ‘autapulu’ is a wide-toothed tattooing comb which was meant to fill in the darker spots of the tattoo. Another comb, called the ‘ausogi’aso tele’, is used to make thicker lines. And then there’s the ‘ausogi’aso laititi’ for thinner tattoo lines. A tiny comb called the ‘aumogo’ is utilized to build smaller marks. For striking the combs onto the skin, tattoo artists used a mallet called the ‘sausau’. It measured over two feet in length and was crafted from the central rib of a coconut palm leaf.

Types Of Sister Tattoos

  • Sisters name tattoos – There are a couple of tattoo designs out there which will be drawn with the name ‘sisters’. You can write this name in a simple text or through a gorgeous form of calligraphy. The designs will be different, no doubt, but the meaning is still the same. This tattoo represents the bond between you and your sister (or sisters) and nothing can tear it apart. You can get this tattoo design done on your foot. This is actually an unusual spot to place a tattoo on, since there’s so much bone in it and it can get very painful.
  • Celtic knots sister tattoo – Just the look and feel of a Celtic knot with its tightly-woven and interlaced patterns does sum up a bond between two or more female siblings. You can try to get a Celtic knot tattoo in a band design. And right in the center of these two Celtic bands, a tiny north star will show up every three to four inches which can help you keep in touch with your sisters when you’re busy or if you live someplace far.
  • Childhood cartoon sister tattoo – You can also place this under the category of sister tattoos. These tattoos basically mean that you and your sister grew up together and have shared many things and experiences in life, which includes a favorite TV show or cartoon. This tattoo design can be used to show that you and your sisters are inseparable. It can also serve as a reminder of the childhood you two shared, which cannot be deleted.
  • Pawprint sister tattoos – This is an adorable tattoo idea. The pawprints are obviously the center of attention in this design – It incorporates large cursive writing and the heart accompanying it will make you appreciate its cuteness even more. You can place it on your wrist for a more attractive look.
  • Sisterhood quote tattoo – There are a couple of quote tattoos which will be written by the ladies and carry a very obvious meaning. This is a quote that contains words which appreciate each other, while some of them will be used as an inspiration. The main idea of the words will all depend from a group of ladies to another.
  • Birds and keys sister tattoos – This tattoo design shows off an amazing image of three sisters with keys and birds. Each bird carries a certain detail. The artist behind this tattoo did such a fantastic job so that each tattoo design looks exactly the same, without any variation whatsoever. Notice all of the tiny attention to detail that the artist has done by connecting the keys together.

Meaning Of Sister Tattoos

Sisters will always carry a special bond, and a tattoo is a way to fully cement that bond. Two or more sisters, or siblings in general have an unbreakable bond, one which you want to share with the world. Sisters can be so much more than just a member of the family. They can also be your best friend, a soulmate, or one true confidant.

A sister tattoo is one of the best ways for you to show off your love, as well as the joy and hope that you both share. The bond between two siblings can be very strong. Some sisters have said they can communicate with one another without even uttering a single word. A sister tattoo can carry plenty of meanings too – Some of them come with the typical meaning like a heart which sends out a message of love. But then there are other designs like butterflies which make you think a bit more about its true meaning. Much like any other tattoo design out there, a sister tattoo will require plenty of exploration to be able to find all of the right designs or items to be tattooed, which will forever, no matter how complex or weird life is, will remind you of your long-lasting bond.

Some sister tattoos are also designed for best friends. These sister tattoos are applied as a strong bond between you and a close pal, to show that there is indeed a powerful connection between these two people who have a tattoo. One of the common things about this tattoo is that they will often resemble the other half – Like the same color combo, the same size, placed on the same spot by the two wearers.

Placement Ideas for Sister Tattoos

The whole placement when it comes to sister tattoos is a flexible thing, and you can place them pretty much anywhere. But nonetheless, you can put them in a same position by whoever wears it. For example, if one lady puts it on the left side of their leg, then the other needs to put it on the exact same position.

All in all, sister tattoos can be placed on the wrist, the arms, the back of the shoulder, on the thighs, near your collarbone, and your legs. Meanwhile, others will get the tattoo placed on the backside of their neck, and even by their lower back. Similar to any other tattoo out there, there are whole bunch of design ideas for sister tattoos. These tattoos come with its own meaning as well. A couple of the best tattoo ideas involve objects and basic signs that resemble each other, but have a deeper meaning between you and your sibling (or siblings).

Sister tattoos are only applied to two individuals, to show that you and your siblings have a big, unbreakable bond, and nothing can be done to cut that bond off. No matter what the aim of the bearer is, or the ultimate motive of getting a tattoo, these designs will be used to connect the two wearers, and tell individuals that they cannot be separated at all costs.

There are still some ladies out there who will get a sister tattoo with another meaning: It doesn’t have to showcase a bond between you and your blood sibling – It could also be used to link two pals together. A tattoo is proof that their souls are connected to one another.

With sister tattoos, you’ll sometimes notice that the tattoo is only complete when the person who wears the other half is around. So the designs for these tattoos are usually put on areas which can be connected with the other individual. For instance, hands, feet, forearms, and fingers are a popular area. Sometimes unconventional places are chosen, such as the back of the ear or even the back of your shoulder or ear.

Obviously, sisters will get sister tattoos. But just like any other couple tattoo out there, it isn’t really limited to blood relatives. There are friends who feel like they’re very close to one another and can easily call each other as ‘family’. So if you don’t have a sister, these tattoos will still entertain you – Think about a close friend you may have and maybe the two of you can get a similar design, but refer to it as a best friend tattoo instead.

These tattoos have to be placed on the best part of your body. In short, the two of you have to agree on the same body part where you intend to put the tattoo on, so you can truly feel its essence.

Preparation Tips in Getting Sister Tattoos

Keep your skin ready before the appointment. You don’t have to do an entire body scrub session at the spa before you get a tattoo done. All you have to do is to moisturize it you’re your normal moisturizer for at least one week before the appointment, especially if you have dry skin. This ensures that your skin is in fantastic shape. Don’t get any sunburn especially on the spots where the tattoo will be placed on. Wear as much sunscreen as possible when you must leave the house.

And while you’re in the shop, the artist might end up shaving the hair to make sure that it’s all smooth. Even though it might seem like a good idea to do it beforehand, your artist does not recommend this. They themselves will do it before the session begins. This guarantees that any form of irritation won’t interfere with the overall process.

You should have already thought of the design for your tattoo even before you first step into the shop and meet your artist for the first time. Think about your design carefully. A tattoo is meant to reflect a part of your image and you’re going to have to show that to the world everyday. And by keeping this in mind, allow your imagination to go wild and come up with an innovative design that’s uniquely you and will tell the entire world about you without you having to open your mouth. For instance, you can have a type of design which incorporates a symbol that carries a special meaning to you or reminds you of something important. It could be an animal that you love, or a tattoo that utilizes colors which represent a significant time in your life.

Before booking an appointment, you must already have a design in mind, which merits both you and your artist’s approval. And when the two of you come up with a brilliant design, you have to consider the size first. For instance, if it’s your first tattoo, then a small one might be a great idea. This allows you to get fully acquainted with the pain, and how you will react to it over time, without having to commit to several hours of sitting down on top of that tattoo chair.

Another tip is to think of a design that you can be happy with in the future. And even though you can always choose to get it removed at any time you wish, tattoo removal is also a painful process (with some even claiming that it’s more painful than getting a tattoo done) that is not only time-consuming, but very expensive. And because of this, just think about the fact that your future tattoo will be permanent right from the very start. Get a design that you can be satisfied with and not have any regrets at all.

You can either get another tattoo design planned out or depend on your artist to build up a custom tattoo design that fits you perfectly. It’s all up to you.

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Are Sister Tattoos Painful?

If you enter the tattoo shop of your choice with an outright positive attitude and tell yourself that, yes, you can actually push through with this short amount of pain, then most likely you will preserve and get right through it – Because you conditioned your mind to do that. Mind over matter is important.

And even though it’s inevitable that you’re going to experience even just a tiny bit of discomfort and pain as your artist creates your tattoo, you can do plenty of things to relieve the pain and create a tattooing experience that’s much better for the two of you.

Keep in mind that practically everybody goes through pain to get a tattoo done. Yes – Everybody. And always remember that there has never been a single person in history who has managed to get a tattoo done without feeling even the tiniest bit of discomfort or pain.

Many people will experience less or more pain compared to the rest – It all depends on a bunch of different factors that were mentioned above. However, every person who wants a tattoo will hop on to that chair with a feeling of anxiety and nervousness, since they have an idea that this process is going to hurt them even just for a short while.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about the whole thing, you need to remember the main reason why you want to get a tattoo in the first place. Plenty of people will get a tattoo with a deeper or personal meaning to them. If you end up struggling with the pain as your artist creates your tattoo, don’t forget the reason why you intend to get a tattoo, and how much it’ll mean to you once it’s finished.

With a couple of hours involving discomfort and pain, one questions remains: Is everything really worth it in the end? Perhaps many individuals will agree that it is worth the pain.

Teach yourself about the basics of getting a tattoo. It’s always very helpful when you know the stuff you’re about to get into before you head on over to your shop of choice, so you won’t get any unwelcome surprises or shocks that’ll cause you to back out.

Do as much research as you can regarding the entire tattooing process. With the internet right at your fingertips, this task should be very easy to do. With this, you’ll end up feeling very educated about each step of the whole thing, especially with what to do after you get your tattoo. Researching about tattoos can also help ease away any anxiety you may experience, and help yourself relax, even before and during the session itself.

If you’re feeling slightly worried about acquiring that first tattoo of yours, then ask the artist or the shop’s staff about what a day is really like in their shop – So you’ll know exactly what happens throughout the day.

Eat a big meal an hour before you arrive for your appointment. Sugary snacks and drinks can also increase your blood sugar and keep you alert for the next few hours. Eating also helps you feel energized and relaxed, so you won’t feel tired an hour after the session begins.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sister Tattoos

  • Do tattoo shops have an autoclave or any other form of sterilization?
  • Sterilization is a very important aspect of running a tattoo shop. It’s highly preferred that a shop owns their own autoclave and is familiar with the basics of sterilization. However, if they are able to show their clients that the needles they use all come pre-packaged in a sterile pack, then they don’t have to worry too much about a possible infection. Keep in mind that the shop’s cleanliness is absolutely important before you decide to get a tattoo.
  • Does it hurt to get a tattoo? Are there areas on the body that’ll hurt more?
  • As the tattoo process happens, the ink is injected right inside the dermal layer (the second top layer of your skin) using a needle bar which punctures the skin over 3000 times per minute. A single needle, or a group of needles are connected to the needle bar, which rapidly moves upwards and downwards similar to the ones used by sewing machines. These needles quickly inject the ink and pigmentation into your skin. Then, more needles are utilized to insert the color. And as you can imagine, this is definitely not a painless process. The amount of pain you’ll feel will depend on your threshold, as well as the area where you decide to get a tattoo on. There are people out there who have a high tolerance for pain, and can handle the discomfort. If you plan on getting a tattoo on a part of your body which doesn’t have enough fat or muscle in it, like a collarbone or ankle, then you have to be aware that this will be more sensitive compared to other parts of the body that have twice the amount of fat or tissue – Like the legs or arms.
  • Do you have to cover up your tattoos for work?
  • Before you can get yourself a tattoo, you need to think about your job first. There are still some companies out there which might not allow visible tattoos for their employees. This is the reason why it’s very important to consider your future career before getting a tattoo. You could be a student working part-time in a restaurant in which tattoos are generally accepted, but if you have huge aspirations of becoming a CEO in a top business, then getting a visible tattoo might not be the best idea out there. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not allowed to get a tattoo. It just means you have to carefully consider the tattoo’s placement, so you can cover it up with professional outfits if required by your employer.
  • What if you’re not happy with how your tattoo looks?
  • There are still a few options out there to consider, if you don’t like your tattoo. You can definitely choose to get it removed, but this is very expensive, not to mention painful as well. Covering it up with makeup is another great option. But this won’t solve the problem either. There’s also the option of returning to the shop where you got it from and asking the artist to fix it up or change the image into something else. Some artists will charge you for a tattoo touch-up, while others will offer it for free. It’s very important that you like what you and your artist have come up with for the tattoo design before they start drawing it onto your skin, since this tattoo will stay with you for the rest of your life.

How Much Do Sister Tattoos Cost?

Apart from picking a good design for a sister tattoo, the price of acquiring one is a large factor which you have to consider. If you want to get yourself a tattoo, you better ask yourself how much one costs. The two ways for your artist to use a tattoo as a method for charging the services include the time it takes to complete a task, as well as the standard set of prices included. If you have chosen a design which is too large, then it’s going to take a couple of visits to complete the process – In comparison to a medium-sized or a small tattoo.

The price that comes with acquiring a permanent tattoo isn’t exactly the cheapest, unless you go for a temporary henna tattoo. If you plan on getting a bigger tattoo, be prepared to save up plenty of cash, since the cost can go up to a thousand dollars. The average tattoo normally has a minimal cost of up to 100 dollars per hour of service.

Sister Tattoos Maintenance Tips

Your artist will give you instructions for tattoo aftercare. They will write down the instructions on a piece of paper, or type them down on your phone, or hand you a brochure so you won’t forget. Strictly follow these rules so your tattoo will heal correctly.

Leave the bandage or gauze on for two to three hours. Once your artist finishes working on your tattoo, they will clean up the area, apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment on your new ink, and cover it up with plastic or bandage. After you leave the tattoo shop, don’t be tempted to open up the bandage and see how your tattoo is doing. The bandage is there to protect your tattoo and keep it safe from bacteria and dirt. You have to leave it on for up to five hours (sometimes even a day) before taking it off.

Because different tattoo artists all have their own set of rules regarding bandaging a new tattoo, be sure to ask them when it’s okay to peel off the bandage. There are artists out there who might not even cover up your tattoo, depending on the technique and products that they use. And if you forget their instructions and end up leaving the bandage on for a longer period than suggested, your tattoo could end up bleeding and you’ll risk getting an infection.

Wash your hands before you take off the bandage. Keeping your hands clean will also prevent your tattoo from gaining an infection, especially when you touch it. To take off the bandage easily, you can apply warm water to it to stop the bandage from sticking onto your skin. Gently and slowly pull off the bandage so you won’t damage your new tattoo. Throw away the used bandage in the trash.

The next step is to wash your tattoo using an antibacterial unscented liquid soap, and lukewarm water. Instead of soaking your new ink in a basin filled with water, cup your hands together and pour lukewarm water over it. Then use an unscented mild liquid antibacterial soap, or an antimicrobial soap to gently scrub your tattoo using your fingertips. Rinse away the excess leaked ink, plasma, and blood. This stops the tattoo from scabbing way too soon. Never use a sponge, loofah, or a washcloth to clean your new tattoo, since these can carry bacteria. Don’t resume using these items until the tattoo has fully healed up. Do not hold the tattoo directly under water. The stream of water coming from the faucet could be too harsh for your tattoo to handle.

Allow your tattoo to air-dry for a bit, then pat it dry gently using a clean paper towel. And even though it’s still the best option to allow your skin to air dry after you wash away your tattoo’s excess gunk, you can use a dry and clean paper towel to blot the tattoo until it’s all dried up. Do not rub the tattoo using the paper towel, because this irritates your skin.

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