What You Should Know About White Ink Tattoos ? [125 Design Ideas]

Throughout history, tattoos many tattoos feature in blank ink. And even until now, black is the most common pigment for tattooing  when you compare it to other shades. And what’s so interesting about all of this is that white ink tattoos have been steadily increasing in popularity lately.
For those who prefer to bend tradition and care less to purist beliefs regarding how tattoos should appear, a tattoo crafted in white ink might seem like another flash-in-the-pan tattoo trend that’ll go away after a while. But white ink tattoos are definitely interesting, with more and more artists willing to create gorgeous designs while taking advantage of white ink. This is perhaps the best kind of tattoo art for those who aren’t too fond of having tattoos which are easily noticed or visible.
Just like any other tattoo out there, if you are considering getting a white ink tattoo, then you need to think carefully first before talking to a professional tattoo artist. This is because unlike black ink tattoos, white ink tattoos will require plenty of planning so the entire process can go by as smoothly as you possibly can. Another important thing to remember is that your natural skin tone will ultimately dictate how effective or visible the design would turn out.
But if you are in dire need to get a white ink tattoo, then by all means talk to your artist and ask them to give you an example of white ink tattoos, for reference. For creating white ink tattoos, the artist must only use a thick white ink made from the purest quality. Be sure that the artist you have chosen is an expert or at least familiar with the concept of white ink tattoos, so your upcoming design will be in safe hands. The white ink that is normally used to dilute stronger colored pigments when mixed together is not suitable for white ink tattoos.
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  • Love heart finger white tattoos – Placing a tiny love heart white ink tattoo design on your ring finger is becoming more and more trendy nowadays, especially for those young couples who have gotten married, and want to cement their love without purchasing a pair of expensive engagement or wedding rings. Since you can place them on the finger, these tattoos are tiny and you can only see them if you look at it carefully. But for you and your significant other, it’s probably enough to serve as a reminder that you love each other.
  • Paper airplanes white ink tattoos – As a child, you probably loved flying or making paper airplanes. This white ink tattoo design will remind you of your younger years, or maybe if you just want something that’s both creative and fun for your tattoo. This tattoo may be a small one, but it’ll surely make you smile each time you see it.
  • Moon white ink tattoos – It’s not really surprising that the moon is one of the most popular white ink tattoo designs out there. The reason why this is so is because when the UV light hits your tattoo, it’ll give off a lovely silver glow similar to how the moon lights up the sky. Crescent moons are perhaps the best design to get when it comes to white ink tattoos. And even though this design isn’t as bright when compared to a full moon white ink tattoo, it makes up for it with its great shape. Plus crescent moons do have a lovely aesthetic appeal to them. Like most discreet white ink tattoo designs, this will fit your finger quite nicely.
  • Gems on white ink tattoos – You can barely see this tattoo thanks to how light the shading is. if you’re not yet ready for the commitment that comes with maintaining a black ink tattoo, then white ink is the best option for you. In fact, most white ink tattoo designs are so subtle, you’ll barely notice that they’re there. Some people will accentuate their white ink tattoos with a bit of bling – By adding some sparkly gems.
  • Lace white ink tattoos – This design is popular with females, and it’s not hard to see why. This involves drawing a tattoo with a gorgeous lace effect, which takes advantage of the white ink’s shade. After this tattoo’s design is over, not only will it look stunning, but fashionable as well.


White Tattoos Meaning

If the concept of white tattoos don’t seem familiar to you, then there’s one basic thing you need to know: A white ink tattoo isn’t just your traditional body art. And learning more about what the difference is between white ink tattoos and the standard black ink tattoos will definitely place you in the right position, so you can decide which ink suits you the best or fits your own taste.
But before you can head right over to your nearest tattoo shop and ask your artist to give you a white ink tattoo, this info requires you to explore the various set of skills that you will need if you want to build or wear the best white ink tattoo designs, know what skin type is the one that fits this design the most, as well as the negative issues that come with owning a white ink tattoo.
Perhaps one of the biggest differences between owning a black ink tattoo and a white ink tattoo is that there is no outlining or stenciling involved, especially when the first step in tattooing usually requires creating a layout of the design in black ink.
White ink tattoos are obviously emancipates from the help of white ink. This leaves an almost invisible imprint on top of the skin, which you can see as something very different.
Sometimes these white ink tattoos are often mistaken for branding or scarification, since you can only see them if you take a look at them carefully. However, this is, in fact, a great alternative for those individuals who want to get a tattoo, but at the same time not let it grab too much attention from others. The type of white ink which your artist will utilize during this entire process isn’t similar to the ink used in standard tattoos. It’s got a thicker consistency, and also has a top-notch quality so it’ll stand out on its own.
Because tattooing using white ink is vastly different in comparison to black ink, as well as a specific process that the artist must follow to create a good white ink tattoo, they may require some special training so they can pull of this tattoo style.
Even though they can still use a stencil or choose to work freehand instead, the artist must never dilute the white ink or mix it together with other shades (such as the white tattoo ink used for coloring) because it’ll dull the ink’s brightness. White tattoo ink does require a couple of passes over the wearer’s own skin before the dermis can absorb it. Unlike colored inks or black tattoo ink, white ink isn’t absorbed easily through the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Ink Tattoos

1.) How will I know if the tattoo shop of my choice is a clean one?
  • For a professional tattoo artist, it’s very important that they keep their shop clean. Take a good look at the shop when you first step in. Do your surroundings make you feel comfortable as a customer? It’s important to always rely on your instincts and sight. If you are having second thoughts about the sanitation of this place and the way the staff or artists treat their clients, then don’t hesitate to look for a second option. Remember: It’s always better to be safe, than sorry. Ask the artist or staff if their shop has an autoclave for sanitizing things. If they do happen to have an autoclave, do they regularly perform the spore test on their equipment? If they answer yes to both questions, then the next step should be to show you proof that they do these things. All tattoo shops must use only single-use disposable items, with each artist changing and disposing their dirtied gloves to a new one after each client. They should not allow Pets, smoking, and eating inside the shop.
2.) How does an artist determine your tattoo’s price?
  • The average tattoo costs up to 150 bucks per hour, with a minimum of seventy dollars. You can also pay  the staff or artist through direct cash. Some prefer and appreciate the payment method to credit cards. – Although most shops will also accept credit cards. Some shops even have an ATM outside so you can withdraw some cash and pay them. After the artist is over crafting your tattoo, estimating the size and knowing the placement on your body, they are now free to give you a price quote. Price quotes will dictate the price range of your tattoo, depending on the amount of effort and time it took for your artist to draw your new ink. Most tattoo artists will do these quotes inside the shop, face to face with the client, and not through text, phone, or email. An estimate price quote can arise over those three; however, tattoo artists prefer to do the last quotes inside the shop for the sake of accuracy. When you’re still figuring out which reliable shop you want to get your tattoo done in, the price must be one of the last things you think about. Remember: A cheap tattoo is rarely good, while a good tattoo rarely comes cheap.
3.) Can I leave a tip for my artist?
  • Tipping your artist or even the staff is an appreciative gesture, but not expected. This is because people who work in a tattoo shop are a service industry standard which comes at a percentage of up to 25%.

Ideal Placement Of White Ink Tattoos

Plenty of tattoo artists have this belief that each part of the body does work as the perfect canvas to draw tattoos on. However, everything might actually be so much better if you end up placing the correct tattoo on the body part that fits it well. The perfect positioning of a white ink tattoo all depends on your chosen design. So if you want a white ink tattoo design that involves geometric shapes and patterns, then you must place it on your chest or back. A medium-sized tattoo of the same design looks good on the arms or legs, depending on your chosen design.
For tiny star and heart tattoos, perhaps the ideal spot would be the hands or the back of the neck. Like large designs, feel free to put it at the back or just right below the shoulders, further accentuating the design. Some people who get white ink tattoos will decide to place it on the side of the neck, right below the ears. This positioning gives your tattoo a bit of a sensual and elegant vibe, which is the reason why this area is very popular with women.
But one more issue when it comes to white ink tattoos is that they’re not exactly the best option if you go out into the sun a lot, or if your skin is continuously exposed to the harsh elements. Using harsh household chemicals can also pose harm to your white ink tattoo. If your expose your white tattoo to the sunlight, it could fade away faster than expected. Choose a part of the body which you can cover up easily when you go outdoors, such as the back, the chest, or even the underside of your arms. Simply, put, white ink is never a good option for wrists, hands, or any other parts of the body which you cannot hide them. 

White Ink Tattoo Preparation Tips

Wear a comfy outfit when you’re about to get a tattoo. There are two reasons for this. First off, you will be spending plenty of time sitting or lying down on the tattoo artist’s chair, while getting drawn on by a tattoo gun. You wouldn’t want to put on something that is either too itchy, too tight, or a piece of clothing that you need to continuously readjust.
Next up, be sure that your tattoo artist can access the are the area your artist will be placing a tattoo right away. For instance, if you plan to get that tattoo on your leg or calf, then come to the appointment wearing a skirt or shorts, instead of jeans or leggings. Keep in mind that when you appear at the shop for your appointment and you’re dressed up in a way which doesn’t give your artist easy access to the area where you’re about to put the tattoo on, then there’s a high chance that you might have to take off your clothes. A tattoo artist is pretty much used to seeing nearly every part of their client’s bodies. However, obviously some people might feel okay with taking off more clothes than necessary in front of them.

Are White Ink Tattoos Painful?

A highly common misconception regarding getting white ink tattoos is that white is one of the most painful inks or pigments to place in the body. Perhaps the main reason for this is because in standard tattoos, the application of white ink usually arrives at the last part. During a tattooing sessions, the endorphins in your body will assist you in dealing with the pain. But when you get to the final parts of the session, your body is running low on endorphins, letting you feel more pain while the artist draws in the white ink.
An important thing to remember here is that you can get permanent scars on your body as a result of applying white ink. This can happen when the artist works too much on the skin using the needle, inserting in more than the necessary amount of white ink needed. This happens a lot with white tattoo ink, since the ink is difficult to see depending on your skin tone, causing the artist to add in too much work on the design. And if you don’t maintain your tattoo properly, it could end up fading into a yellow color.

How Much Do White Ink Tattoos Cost?

If you have this inkling that white ink tattoos can be twice as expensive than black ink tattoos or even colored tattoos, then you’re not the only one who does. But you can get that that the average white ink tattoo actually costs the same as black ink and colored ink tattoos.
A tattoo is rarely priced depending on the design, the shading, the pigments used, as well as the obscurity of the design. But at the same time, they obtain their appropriate price according to the artist’s own experience, the time it took for them to complete the tattoo, as well as the details of the design.
But in regards to white ink tattoos, you need to keep in mind that most of their designs are quite small and simple, compared to bold and large tattoos that come in black ink or colored ink. That is because shading, layers, and textures which are all added to the standard tattoo design isn’t used as much as white ink. So technically speaking, using these techniques won’t have a purpose, since they won’t achieve the wanted effect without using black ink or at least two different shades of colors.
Because of this, white tattoos actually cost less than their darker, colorful, and more detailed versions. But for colored tattoos, the final price could be costly in comparison to a grey ink tattoo or even a black ink tattoo, all thanks to the higher costs that come with colored pigments and inks. Many tattoo artists will sell the inks directly to the shop from the manufacturers. However, for white ink tattoos, this will cost no more than a blue, red, green, or yellow ink tattoo.

White Ink Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Keep your bandage on for the amount of recommended hours that your artist tells you. Even though a couple of them might ask you to leave on the bandage for at least an hour or so, some of them may recommend keeping it for an entire day. Only your artist knows the exact amount of time you need to leave the bandage on, so be sure to listen to their advice carefully.
After your tattoo artist takes of the bandage, you may now wash your tattoo. Rinse it thoroughly yet carefully using a combination of mild non-scented antibacterial soap, and some warm water. This gets rid of all the dry  blood and plasma from the session. The next step is to gently pat your tattoo dry after you clean it. Do not rub.
Place in a thin layer of aftercare product or non-scented lotion on the tattoo. Once you’re over with cleaning your new ink, make sure that the entire tattoo has dried up completely before rubbing the layer of product in. The product can help you nourish the area and keep it moisturized. During the next few weeks, it’s important to keep washing your tattoo regularly. Keep using the same liquid soap and water at least two times a day.

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